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How to make a fancy dress for a child with your own hands?
How to make a fancy dress for a child with your own hands?

Preparing for the holidays is always a pleasant experience. It is especially interesting to prepare children for the New Year tree. It doesn't matter if it will take place in a kindergarten, school or somewhere in a specialized theater and entertainment organization, parents will certainly try to prepare a fancy dress for a child. This is what creates an atmosphere of mystery and a feeling of a real holiday. Making a baby costume can be easily turned into a family activity.

fancy dress for a child

Masquerade costumes for children for the New Year

Of course, the easiest option is to choose a suitable idea and buy a ready-made outfit. The range of such products is sufficient to satisfy the needs of even the most fastidious baby. It is worth noting that you can buy an outfit for both a teenager and a baby.

masquerade costumes for children photo

Materials from which fancy dress costumes for children are made for the New Year can also be selected according to the air temperature in the room where the event will take place. Satin, silk, guipure, mesh are suitable for hot rooms, and fleece, plush or faux fur will be just right wherechilly. You can order a costume both online and purchased directly in stores. There are two downsides to this option:

  1. High cost, especially considering that this is a one-time outfit.
  2. It is highly likely that the model will not fit perfectly, and it will have to be sutured, modified, "brought to mind" so that the child is comfortable, comfortable, and it looks beautiful.

The advantage, of course, is that you can buy something that is very difficult to make with your own hands, or it will take a lot of time. So measure all types of costs.

masquerade costumes for children for the new year

Masquerade costumes for children with their own hands

This option is supported by the fact that you can create an outfit from what the child already has in the wardrobe, only by decorating things. Another way is to sew according to the pattern, which will be built according to the proportions of the child. In addition, you can create an outfit together with the baby, who will be happy to keep you company and will not miss the opportunity to show his creative abilities. New Year's masquerade costumes for children, made with their participation, are especially dear to both kids and their parents.

masquerade costumes for children with their own hands

What you need to create a costume

If you decide to make a fancy dress for a child yourself, prepare the following materials and tools:

  • swatches, patterns, patterns;
  • pattern paper;
  • pencil, eraser,ruler;
  • scissors;
  • fabric;
  • pins;
  • tailor's chalk;
  • thread with a needle;
  • sewing machine;
  • decoration elements.

Everything is available or already in your home.

What you need to create a headdress

To make a mask or hat, you will need materials from the following list:

  • Paper.
  • Cardboard.
  • Wire for frame.
  • Paints.
  • Brushes.
  • Glue.
  • Fabric for covering the warp and all fabric tools.
  • Plastic eyes, nose.
  • Artificial hair or its imitation, such as thread.

Nothing complicated or special either.

Bunny costume: easy way

Various masquerade costumes for children (photos clearly show this) are made using several methods. A hare costume (one of the simplest and most traditional) can be made like this:

  1. Compose from ready-made baby items, matching in color and style, using additional decoration.
  2. Sew according to the finished pattern.
  3. Make it completely with your own hands, starting with the construction of a pattern, according to the specific measurements of the child.

The first way is the easiest, fastest and cheapest. If you need to make a suit, for example, for tomorrow or the next few days, choose this option. Think about what elements of your child's wardrobe can make such an outfit.

Work sequence

If you want to make a fancy dress for a child with your own hands, you can choosebunny image. Such an outfit is made like this:

1. Take a white turtleneck and pants.

New Year's masquerade costumes for children

2. Cut out a circle or an oval from pattern paper and then from fabric such as pink satin or white fur.

masquerade costumes for children and adults

3. Sew the prepared part onto the turtleneck (T-shirt).

masquerade costumes for children with their own hands

4. On white pants, shorts or a skirt, attach a tail in the form of a fur or cotton pom-pom.

New Year's masquerade costumes for children

As a result, you will get a finished outfit. It remains to make a headdress and decor details.

masquerade costumes for children and adults
  1. Cut out ears from white paper or fabric.
  2. Paint the front side pink.
  3. Fix the pieces to the headband with wire or glue.
  4. Sew mittens out of fur or guipure.
  5. Prepare white shoes and stockings for the girl.

This fancy dress for a child can also be made for a boy - based on a white shirt and trousers. In this case, pink, of course, will not work, so it is better to use either white fabric or blue decor. Ears are easy to decorate with tinsel along the contour.

Making a bunny costume from a pattern

This method will require you to find a ready-made template. It can be downloaded, printed in the desired size and used to cut out details from fabric. In thatIn this case, basic knowledge and experience in the field of sewing is sufficient. You can work as follows:

1. Use the pattern from the following illustration.

fancy dress for a child

2. Print the blanks and, according to the given sample, build your own pattern in the size you need.

3. Cut out the elements.

4. Prepare a white fabric, such as fleece. Lay out the details on the fabric and pin with pins.

5. Trace the outlines with chalk, add seam allowances and cut out the details.

6. Fold the paired pieces right sides in, baste, and then machine stitch, leaving a distance equal to the seam allowances from the edge.

7. On elements where there are rounded details (everything except for a T-shirt), you can carefully make cuts along the allowances so that the fabric does not tighten after turning.

8. Turn items inside out (mittens, slippers, ears and base).

9. Sew the ears into the seam of the details of the headdress. Turn out the resulting "hat".

10. Decorate the resulting product with eyes, spout (sew plastic or embroider).

The third method, when you build a pattern yourself, is suitable for more experienced, and also in the case when you have enough time to work. The unequivocal advantage is that the outfit will be made perfectly according to the figure of the child. In the process of work, you will be able to try on and refine.

Fairy costume

Every girl will surely have an elegant fluffy dress and matching shoes. Work as follows:

  1. Buy fabric to match the dress and cut out elements to make a vest, cape, bolero or just a spectacular collar.
  2. Sew the selected part. Decorate it around the contour with a decorative cord, tinsel, brocade ribbon or other decor.
  3. Make a paper crown.
  4. For strength, fix the part on the wire. Use a headband as a base.
  5. Decorate the crown with beads, sequins, sequins.
  6. To make a magic wand, take a rod, a kebab skewer or any other element suitable for the role of a frame.
  7. Wrap the blank with satin ribbon, decorative tape or crepe paper. To prevent the decor from moving out, glue it with a thermal gun as you wrap the rod.
  8. Decorate the top with a butterfly, star, balloon or other suitable detail.

A spectacular outfit is ready.

masquerade costumes for children with their own hands

If there is a white dress, it is easy to make a snowflake outfit.

Masquerade costumes for children and adults are different. Choose the right one. Use ready-made ideas or create your own based on the samples you see.

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