Plastic earrings: juicy lemons
Plastic earrings: juicy lemons

Earrings selected in the store do not always meet all our requirements. Therefore, today many needlewomen are interested in how to make beautiful plastic earrings. Hand made earrings are a win-win option, because you will make them yourself, to your taste. This clay jewelry suits your style and highlights your personality.

plastic earrings

Earrings in the form of fruits, vegetables and various berries look very unusual.

These decorations are especially popular on sunny summer days. They will add lightness, airiness and charm to your look.

Polymer clay is of two types: one that hardens and dries just in the air and one that needs to be baked in the oven. Today we will work with material that will need to be dried in the oven.

To make plastic earrings in the form of juicy ripe yellow lemons, we need the following:

plastic earrings
  • multi-colored polymer clay (white, transparent, yellow, green);
  • sandpaper;
  • blade;
  • rolling pin;
  • pins and toothpicks;
  • colorless varnish;
  • special fittings for earrings.

We make plastic earrings: mix two clays - transparent and white until smooth, then gradually add yellow clay to this mixture until the color becomes as close as possible to lemon. We roll the resulting mass into a ball and divide it with a blade into ten equal parts, five in each half. Now we roll out the white plastic with a rolling pin into a strip. Its width should be equal to the height of the balloon.

clay jewelry

Cut the white clay into slices and insert them into the cut of the ball. Gently push the middle of the ball with a toothpick and insert a lace twisted from clay there. This is the core of our lemon. We combine both halves of the lemon and wrap them outside with a thin layer of white plastic. This should be done very carefully and carefully so that no air bubbles remain between the layers, otherwise they will burst or move away from each other when heated in the oven.

Now it's time to make the polymer clay skin. To do this, we need to mix yellow and transparent colors in the following proportion: for two-thirds of yellow, we take one-third of transparent and quite a bit of green. If you do not have green, you can easily get it by mixing blue plastic with yellow in a ratio of seven to one. Roll out the clay into a strip and wrap it around the lemon.

Then squeeze the lemon until you get a roll about half a centimeter wide.

Plastic earrings are almost ready.We cut the resulting roll into small segments about 0.4 centimeters wide. We tighten each side of the lemon with a yellow skin.


Using toothpicks and sandpaper, give the lemon the necessary roughness and uneven surface.

Carefully cut the lemon in half with a blade.

Use a pin or needle to form a hole for fittings.

Pass the pins into the holes. Plastic earrings are baked in an oven on a glass surface at a temperature of 100-130 degrees. Let the earrings cool and thread the purchased accessories into the holes. We cover them with colorless varnish.

By the way, these wonderful lemons can also be used to decorate bracelets or as a pendant around the neck. They look fresh and bright.

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