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How to make DIY tassel earrings?
How to make DIY tassel earrings?

In stores it is not always possible to find jewelry suitable for an evening dress or everyday dress. In this case, we suggest you create jewelry with your own hands. Thread tassels are considered one of the interesting options for making earrings. Crafts made from thin shiny fibers look interesting, although simple cotton and even thick ones from yarn intended for knitting are often used.

In the article, we will consider in detail how to make tassel earrings, options for making such jewelry, how to place them and strengthen them on metal rings. You will learn how to make the brush itself out of threads, what devices are used for such purposes. The presented photos and videos will help you complete the task quickly and easily. Additional fittings can always be found in specialized stores.

Required materials for work

Let's start the description of the instructions on how to make tassel earrings by choosingthreads and shapes of future earrings. Before buying material, you need to think in advance with what outfit you will wear them. You can choose threads to match the fabric of your clothes or combine them with the color of accessories or shoes. If the jewelry will be worn in the summer, it is recommended to use delicate flowing threads, such as silk. They are thin, so you will need a large number of them. It is better to immediately buy a lot of skeins, so that later you do not look for material of the same shade.

You can connect the details of the brush with each other both with the same threads and with contrasting threads. Gold or silver look elegant. One skein is enough for a pair of earrings.

how to strengthen tassels on fasteners

For winter decoration, yarn threads are suitable, just choose the option without fluffy pile so that the fibers of the brush do not get tangled with each other. The threads should be dense and hold their shape well. These earrings can be worn with a sweater, knitted dress or jumper.

The easiest way to make earrings in the form of tassels is to strengthen the finished craft immediately on the ring of the clasp. But the intermediate strengthening of a bead or a pebble in a frame will be more effective.

Pliers are useful for small jobs. You will also have to prepare a template for winding the threads so that the brush is even. Most often, either a sheet of cardboard folded in half or an old bank plastic card is used.

Making a tassel

After cutting and preparing the template of the selected length, start winding the threads around it. Make rotational movements tightly, withtension so that the coils do not hang down at the edges, but lean tightly against the edges of the template. How to make DIY tassel earrings from threads can be clearly seen in the photo below.

thread winding template

When the required thickness of the brush is reached, the end is pushed under the bundle from above and all the threads are tied into a strong knot. Leave long ends so that later it will be convenient to strengthen the craft on the clasp.

When the threads are securely connected, the template is removed. The tip of the scissors is inserted into the middle of the bundle, pulled down to the stop and cut all the threads. If they are slightly different lengths, it's okay, at the end of the work they can always be trimmed with scissors.

The last step is to tie all the threads under the knot. Here you can already use other shades to highlight the accent point. All knots are tied tightly and the ends are cut close to them. It is advisable to hide them inside the brush so that it looks neat. You already know how to make tassels for earrings. Now let's look at how they are attached to the rings of the clasp and how you can diversify this type of jewelry.

How to strengthen the ring

To attach the earring itself to the tassel, you need to use pliers. The metal ring is slightly opened and one end is inserted inside the second short part of the craft, between two knots.

how to put on a ring

You need to act carefully to cover all the threads of the bundle. Then the ends are connected again with the help of pliers by squeezing. It remains to insert the ring into the arc of the earrings and you can try oncrafts in front of a mirror.

Lightweight version

How to make tassel earrings with your own hands, you already understood. Sometimes, instead of a metal ring, a contrasting dense thread is used to attach the beam, with which it is pulled together at the base.

contrast in earrings

In the photo above, silver threads with lurex are used. Beautiful emerald color is combined with golden color.

Ombre tassels

If you can't figure out how to make tassel earrings, then let's look at an interesting option of three different threads, the shades of which are similar. Usually the darkest color is placed on the bottom, then the middle tone, and the lightest color on top. You can, of course, use three completely different colors, but this option is more suitable for a young girl, for a bright summer outfit.

cascading tassel earrings

For older women, brushes close in color with a smooth transition of shades are more suitable. How to make tassel earrings from three tiers, we will consider further in the article.

Connecting the tiers together

Three-tiered or cascading brushes are made simultaneously in several patterns. Cut them out of thick cardboard with a decrease in size at regular intervals. Each template is folded in half. The bottom dark thread is wound first on the largest piece of cardboard. When the required thickness of the brush is reached, tie a knot on top, as described earlier in the article, and cut off the excess thread.

Then immediately put on a medium-sized template. The lower oneis removed, and a long section of the brush is temporarily tied with bright thick twine, which will be easy to remove later. The beam is laid aside so that it does not interfere. And in the center of the middle template, winding is done with another fiber.

The same procedure is repeated with the third template, the shortest one. When all the bundles are tied together at the top, the cardboard is taken out, the temporary ties are removed and each tier is cut with scissors. It remains to manually distribute the threads over the entire surface of the brush and tie the top with the selected fiber.

If you can't decide which thread to make tassel earrings, then according to experienced craftsmen, it is best to use viscose silk. Such fibers hang evenly on fasteners, and they sparkle spectacularly in sunlight or electric light.

Tassels beaded earrings

The ombre effect, that is, a smooth transition from one color to another, can be achieved by stringing beads on the threads. Choose the smallest details for such painstaking work. If a simple thread tassel is made quickly by winding the fibers on a cardboard or plastic template, then this option is performed by stringing beads alternately on each thread, and only then they are connected together and attached to the ring of the earring.

beaded tassels

So that the knots are not visible below, the first part is put on the middle of a single thread, and the second bead is already strung on a double one. When all the threads are filled with beads, the tops are tied into one knot in the center. The next step is to work on the top part. Capcan be wound from a thread, fishing line or use a thin wire. Now you know how to make your own tassel earrings, so you don't have to overpay for ready-made jewelry.

Tassels on big rings

It is interesting to look at several of the same color and size of tassels on a large ring. If you buy such accessories, then making such earrings yourself, as in the photo below, is as easy as shelling pears. Remove all small rings with pliers in advance, on which tassels of thread will be attached.

tassels fanned out

Then, using one template, make the same number of brushes. It remains to insert the rings and fix them by squeezing into the accessories of the earrings. If the brushes are not quite even, they can always be trimmed at the very end of the work. To avoid missing anything, smooth the fibers with a hand dipped in water.

Summer option

Let's look at another variety of earrings with small colored tassels. In one piece of jewelry, not only crafts made from threads were used, but also faceted glass beads and small beads, matched in the same color scheme with threads.

summer version

Separately assembled elements are placed not close to each other, but at a distance, inserting small parts between them. To assemble the beam, metal fittings were used together. However, beforehand, tie the tops with threads anyway.

Now you know how to make DIY thread tassel earrings. Making a simple monophonic craft will take a little time, but over other options you will have towork harder, but the result is worth it. Earrings are original and spectacular, with every step they bounce or stagger, attracting the eyes of passers-by, not only to the decoration, but also to the owner of such wonderful earrings.

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