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How to make earrings: DIY?
How to make earrings: DIY?

The world of jewelry is full of bright colors, brilliant stones and shapes, embodied in the ideal attributes of female attractiveness. It is hard to imagine a modern girl or woman without beautiful accessories that emphasize the impeccability of her style. Therefore, in the wardrobe of every woman should be a lot of different jewelry, suitable for daily outfits. Earrings are especially popular among jewelry, because if you choose them correctly, then other types of jewelry will not be needed. Unfortunately, not every fashionista can afford to buy a large number of high-quality earrings, but you can easily make them yourself using fairly simple elements. And how to make earrings beautiful, original and flawless, is described in the article.

Required tools

To start making various earrings, you first need to prepare all the necessary tools and materials. The choice of material for jewelry depends on what kind of craft you need to do. howas a rule, they select beautiful beads of various sizes, colored feathers, stones, both artificial and natural, and many other decorative elements. To connect the individual parts of the earrings, they purchase earwires, rings, bases, pins with and without loops.

The creative work involved in making earrings involves a lot of bending, unbending, and cutting wire and metal pins, so some tools are indispensable. These include wire cutters, scissors and round nose pliers. It may be necessary in some cases to increase this list by adding some more tools.

When all the necessary tools and materials are collected, you need to read the instructions on how to make earrings. As a rule, a manufacturing guide is required for beginners in this business or for working on crafts with an increased level of complexity. People who have some skills in needlework usually do not need instructions.

Lightness and weightlessness

One of the most popular types of earrings are crafts using beautiful feathers. Accessories made using this type of material give the image lightness and weightlessness. Such jewelry can be made in different variations and fits various outfits. For example, earrings with delicate feathers, gold, silver and glass beads are perfect for an evening dress. And bright and colorful and extraordinary crafts will look great on young ladies who are in the whirlwind of a youth party. Also, of course, they can be an addition to a lightsummer sundress worn for a walk with a loved one. Let's see how to make feather earrings that go with many looks and styles:

how to make feather earrings
  1. Prepare two feathers of the same size, earwires and clips with holes.
  2. Put a clamp on the end of each feather shaft, pressing it firmly with pliers.
  3. Feathers with clips attached to earwires.

As you can see from the description of the work, the production of such earrings does not require very much time. If desired, they can be supplemented with chains of different lengths with beads at the ends. It is also practiced to color feathers in different colors or glue rhinestones and sparkles to them.

Perfect style

Many girls are crazy about tassel earrings. Making them will be a little harder than the previous version, but you are guaranteed to get great jewelry. Let's figure out how to make brush earrings in stages. To do this, you will need the following materials: threads of any color from 100% viscose (used for embroidery), colorless nail polish, ordinary thread for sewing (to match the threads for embroidery), two identical small boxes (for winding threads), a sheet A4, brush clips, 2 rings, ear hooks (2 pcs), scissors and a long wooden stick.

how to make brush earrings


  1. Wrap viscose threads in the center of the boxes, half a spool for each.
  2. Take a thread for sewing and tie it in the middle of the box several times with bunches of wound viscose. Doing it bestusing a needle and thread to be hooked between the box and the wound threads.
  3. Next, turn the box over to the other side and pry a ruler between it and the threads. Then it is necessary to cut the wound threads strictly in the middle. Do the same with another instance.
  4. In the process of the work done, you will get brushes that have a tousled look. To give them smoothness and silkiness, they will need to be held over boiling water. In order not to get burned, you need to attach the workpieces to a wooden stick and keep it that way for several minutes.
  5. The next step is to shape the product. To do this, step back from the bend of the brush by 1-1.5 cm and rewind the thread around it several times, fixing it with knots. The same work must be done with the second craft. The ends of the knots must be varnished and, after drying, flatten them with your fingers.
  6. Next you need to start aligning the edges of the brushes. To do this, use a sheet of A4 paper. You need to wrap the brush in it so that its edges look out. It is best to roll the paper with a tube. Then you should cut off the protruding threads of the brushes and trim the edges.
  7. It remains to do just a little - put on decorative clips for brushes in the area of ​​​​tying them with threads. And also attach rings to them for attaching to earwires.

After reading the step-by-step guide on how to make brush earrings correctly, you can make additions to them in the future. For example, decorate with beads on chains or beads on threads.

Beaded splendor

No less popular than the previous sample are tassel-shaped earrings made of small beads. They can also differ from each other both in shape and in the manufacturing process. First you need to master the easiest way to weave such crafts. How to make beaded tassel earrings in an easy and quick way is described below. To complete the work, you will need the following materials: small beads of any color, a needle, a thin ribbon, thread, ear hooks, decorative clips in the shape of a hat. Procedure:

how to make beaded tassel earrings
  1. String beads on a needle and thread (5 cm long) and sew to the edge of the ribbon (along the length). You need to do this from 15 to 20 columns of beads, which should be sewn alternately, one after another.
  2. Then you need to fold and sew the ribbon, resulting in a beaded brush.
  3. The protruding ribbon must be hidden, for this it should be wrapped with beads strung on a thread and fastened.
  4. On top of the brush, you need to put on a decorative hat, fixing it tightly.
  5. The final step in making earrings is attaching them to the earring.

Such earrings, assembled from multi-colored beads or crystal beads, will look very beautiful.

Lace Fantasy

To create magnificent earrings with your own hands, it is not necessary to buy expensive materials, because you can use improvised means. For example, cut the same lace from unnecessary things and make an exclusive ear decoration out of them. Suchearrings look simply charming, giving the owner sophistication and innocence. They can be both long and short, but elongated options look more interesting. To make long lace earrings, you will need a minimum of materials and very little time. Namely, two identical laces, a fixative for fabrics, rings and earwires.

make long earrings


  1. Apply a special agent to the cut lace to stiffen the fabric and allow the details to dry.
  2. Then fix the ring on the edge of the lace, do the same with the second copy.
  3. It remains only to attach the rings with lace to the earrings - and the earrings are completely ready.

These crafts can be additionally decorated with any materials, although they already look charming.

To the rhythm of disco

An unusual option for making earrings with your own hands is the use of foil and sequins. Such jewelry is the best fit for young fashionistas and teenagers. How to make earrings correctly, using such outstanding materials, is described below:

how to make earrings
  1. From chocolate foil you need to roll two identical balls.
  2. Ready-made beads need to be greased completely with glue and dipped in sparkles.
  3. After the first ball of glue has dried, small sequins in the form of stars, hearts and circles, as well as small beads, need to be glued onto the bead. Let the crafts dry well.
  4. Then you need to pierce the beads with a needle and insert pins witheyelets.
  5. Next, the beads are attached to the earring.

The most interesting thing about making these accessories is that a child can make them on their own. These earrings will not only be a beautiful decoration for a needlewoman, but will also be a great gift for your best friend.

Unusual solution

In proof that earrings can be made from any material at hand, they are made from pieces of leather. To make them, you do not need to use additional recommendations. After all, it is enough to cut out the desired shape of crafts from this material and attach it to the fastener. Below are some types of such accessories, but the photo does not show how to make earrings. Because they are easy enough to make.

how to make earrings photo

Leather jewelry can be combined with various outfits, you just need to skillfully compose the image. Such original leather earrings can be complemented with various beads and chains, the main thing is to know the measure, as this material itself has a finished look.

Rich decorations

Among the large number of various earrings, jewelry with precious stones occupies the first place. But products with semi-precious and artificial stones look no less impressive. It is not difficult to make earrings from stones, you just need to come up with the shape of the earrings. Indeed, for some species, blanks with holders are needed, into which stones are simply inserted. But for others, you will have to drill holes to fix the rings.

make earrings out ofstones

Whatever method you choose for crafts, it will definitely help to emphasize the splendor of jewelry. The only downside to wearing earrings with stones is their weight. Therefore, you should not make accessories too heavy, as not all ears can withstand them for a long time.

Originality is the key to attractiveness

The basic rule in needlework is the uniqueness of images and originality of handicrafts. Therefore, in order to create beautiful jewelry, you do not need to make a similar copy of existing jewelry. The most important thing is to invent and make such earrings that no one else has.

All models of the above earrings can be taken as a basic basis, and then modified by adding various decorative elements. Knowing how to make flawless earrings, and what tools and decorative material to use, you have the opportunity to create completely unique crafts for yourself and loved ones.

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