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How to tear jeans on the knees beautifully at home?
How to tear jeans on the knees beautifully at home?

For many seasons in a row, ripped jeans have taken a leading position in the world of fashion. They are equally in demand among both women and men of different age categories. This type of clothing is especially popular among teenagers. Despite the fact that these jeans are not cheap, many fashionistas and women of fashion seek to purchase them. And some people, having heard that it is possible to remake their jeans without any effort, having torn them in some places, irrevocably ruined things.

The thing is that without knowing some of the subtleties and using special tools, this task cannot be done. In this article, you can get complete information on how to properly tear jeans on your knees and not ruin them, but rather turn them into a fashionable designer item.

Big and small

Before you start changing your jeans, you need to decide for yourself exactly what size hole in your knees you want. The fact is that there are several types of such processing. Conventionally, they can be divided into the following:

  • large holes that fully expose the knees;
  • small and narrow, visible only when walking;
  • holes draped with threads.
how to rip jeans on your knees

In addition to jeans with holes that open bare legs, there are also those that hide patches from other fabrics under the holes. Especially popular are such things with guipure fabrics or material with colorful patterns.

But do not forget that no matter what kind of holes is chosen to improve your favorite outfit, you need to know the measure in this matter. Otherwise, there is a chance to overdo it and get a clown attire instead of fashionable jeans. The information provided in this article on how to rip jeans at the knees will help prevent a lot of mistakes and will not allow you to become an object of ridicule.

Helpful tips

Making holes in your favorite pants is a delicate matter and requires some rules to be taken into account:

  1. Never make cuts by eye, it is best to make a preliminary fitting and mark the place of the future cut.
  2. Chalk or soap should be used to mark fabric.
  3. The area on the knees is especially amenable to stretching, this nuance must be taken into account when forming an incision of the required size.
  4. Don't use scissors as they don't make straight lines. It is best to use a clerical knife.
  5. You only need to make cuts when using a backing board. Without it, you can cut through jeans with a clerical knife.

Knowing how to beautifully rip jeans on the knees, and applying these valuable tips, you can transform without anyone's helpyour outfit.

Which jeans are best?

how to rip jeans on your knees beautifully

While going to decorate their old jeans or newly purchased ones with rips, many fashionistas forget to take into account some nuances:

  1. Ripped knee jeans are not suitable for all body types. If a girl has a slim figure and is tall, then she can, in principle, wear jeans with rips in different places. But for plump ladies with curvaceous and short stature, it is better to give preference to this thing with small vertical breaks above the knee.
  2. Before you make torn knees on jeans, you need to know the features of the material from which they are sewn. Although many people think that any jeans with torn knees look cool, in fact it is not. The best fit for this is a pair of trousers designed with classic denim in a mid-density.
  3. And finally, I would like to mention the style most suitable for such solutions. Too wide cut trousers will not allow you to reveal the beauty of ripped jeans, as the holes on them will look awkward. Also, it is not necessary to carry out such manipulations with very narrow models, because the fabric on them will deform, which will ruin the original look of the outfit. Tight-fitting jeans are considered the most suitable for creating holes in the knees.

Bare knees

Having studied the information on choosing the right jeans for their further transformation, we proceed to the most important point - the formation of holes.

how to make torn knees on jeans

Let's consider the most popular type, which allows you to fully open your knees. So let's get started:

  1. Put on your jeans and use a piece of chalk or a bar of soap to draw one oval on each leg at the knees. The oval should be depicted in such a way that when it is cut out, the knees open completely.
  2. Look in the mirror and if the drawings are satisfactory, proceed to the next steps, if not, then you should redraw them.
  3. Take off your pants and lay them on a flat surface.
  4. Inside the jeans, under the drawn oval, place a plank.
  5. Cut out the pattern using a utility knife.
  6. Do the same with the second leg.
  7. The edges of the hole need to be slightly ruffled with a fine grater.
  8. And using a needle, disconnect a few extreme threads, after which you will get a beautiful fringe that will border holes on your knees.

Don't try to make the holes in your knees identical. It is best if they are slightly different. The slight casualness of the image obtained by using this method allows you to give the wearer of these jeans lightness, freedom and sexuality. Knowing how to tear jeans at the knees by drawing ovals, you can improve this method a little by changing the contours of the drawing. Thus, it is possible to depict various patterns on the surface of the trousers.

Narrow stripe

This method is to form narrow holes in the knees. Many people like theseripped jeans because they look more restrained than the previous version. They are preferred to be worn by natures who want to be liberated, but are not yet ready for very big reincarnations.

It is very easy to make narrow cuts on jeans in the knee area, which would be visible only when walking. Consider how to tear knee jeans with this method in more detail.

how to rip jeans on your knees
  1. Put on your jeans and use chalk to draw one thin strip down the center of the kneecap, on both legs.
  2. Make sure the work done is correct.
  3. Take off your pants and put them on the table.
  4. Place a board inside the jeans, under the drawn line.
  5. Cut the line with a sharp utility knife.
  6. Do the same with the second leg.
  7. Make a small fringe along the edges of the cut using a needle or fine grater.

As you can see from the above actions, working with creating different types of holes on trousers has similarities. Therefore, you can easily make several jeans for yourself with different types of holes.

Thin gossamer

Making holes in the knees in such a way that they are covered with thin threads is a simple matter, although at first glance it seems different. Guided by certain rules for the manufacture of such parts, you can create a thin cobweb on your trousers quite quickly. Let's take a look at how to rip jeans at the knees beautifully at home, with a step-by-step guide:

  1. On both legs, inknee area, draw several transverse lines of various lengths.
  2. Place a plank inside each leg under the drawn lines.
  3. Use a sharp clerical knife to make cuts along the drawn lines.
  4. On each resulting strip, use a needle or tweezers to pull out the blue threads, leaving the white ones intact.
how to tear jeans on your knees beautifully at home in stages

If you wish, you can make not a full cobweb on jeans, but only a few alternating stripes.

Which color is best?

The current fashion has provided an opportunity to have not only blue or blue jeans, but also any other shade. In this regard, many have a question about whether the color of the trousers is decisive in making holes on them.

Some points can be noted. In fact, the color of jeans does not really affect the appearance of the holes made on them. Another thing is that colored trousers are sometimes not jeans at all, but only out of habit are so called by their owners. For the formation of a beautiful flaw on the trousers, the density and structure of the fabric are important, and therefore a material with thin fibers will not work.

how to rip black jeans at the knees

If we talk about medium density colored jeans, then they will look great with small cuts in the knee area with minimal fringing and slight fraying.

Also, some are worried about how to rip black jeans at the knees. In fact, making beautiful holes in black trousers is no different.from similar work with blue or cyan.

Macho jeans

Although there are much fewer men who prefer to wear ripped jeans than women, nevertheless, many representatives of the stronger sex consider this outfit the most stylish. Men's jeans with holes on the knees and other places can make their owner visually more masculine and brutal. To achieve this result, you need to use the same techniques as when making holes in women's trousers.

Before tearing men's jeans at the knees, it would be nice to think over the whole look of trousers. For the stronger sex, you can make the edges of the holes rougher. It is also worth adding more scuffs on jeans. To do this is quite simple, using sandpaper.

how to rip men's jeans on the knees

Any man who knows how to rip jeans on his knees correctly and beautifully can do it without anyone's help. But creating fashionable ripped jeans is only half the job, because to make them look really cool, you need to be able to combine them with other things in the right way.

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