Combined dress - everything is possible
Combined dress - everything is possible

Dress today is far from being the most important item in women's wardrobe. This place was occupied by more comfortable in everyday life trousers, capris, shorts. But despite this, only a dress can maximize your femininity. After all, it is not for nothing that the classic decoration of the bride is a wedding dress, and not a trouser pair or a skirt suit. And for any other solemn events, a woman rather chooses an evening or cocktail dress. A vivid example of this is the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival.

It has long been noticed that in solving the issue of going out, when there is no one with whom and nowhere to go, the advice of incomprehensible female logic helps: "Buy an evening dress, hang it in the closet. You will immediately find both with whom and for what reason, and where to go."

So, in light of the above, dear girls and women, let's try to ensure that everyone has their own unique collection of dresses in the closet. It is worth collecting it thoughtfully, evaluating each new candidate in a balanced and biased way. A combined dress may well claim a place in your closet. It is more versatile, often very original and much more democratic than usual models in terms of choosing shoes and accessories, which gives more opportunities to create a complete look.

Combine toone dress can:

- styles;

- fabrics;

- colors;

- invoice.

And the more incompatible at first glance the combined elements, the more original the result.

Combination dress: mixing styles

There are a lot of such options for ready-made models. Those in which a more strict top (for example, business, sports, military style) are combined with a romantic style of a skirt look very good. The reverse combination is also possible. In choosing, your imagination can be limited only by personal preferences and taste. Here is an example when the shirt top is complemented by an ethnic style skirt.

combined dress

Combination dress: blend fabric

This is one of the most common destinations. And here, the bolder the combination, the more unexpected the effect can turn out. Try mixing: leather and lace, burlap and chiffon, denim and cambric, knitwear and silk… Here are just two photos showing the possible result.

dress collection
we sew a dress

Combination dress: color mixing

The palm, of course, belongs to this direction. And only your vision of harmony remains decisive in the selection of colors. Or you can try to do the opposite and create an avant-garde dress with a wild color combination, finishing the rebellious look with the selection of appropriate accessories.

combined dress

Combination dress: mixing textures

And the most classic example of thisdirections can serve as dresses in which hand-knitted and fabric elements are brought together.

And who said that you can only combine within one thing? Everything can be used. For example, two completely different dresses. Or trousers and a dress, shorts and a dress…

combined dress
combined dress

For any of these options, the creator's sense of proportion, style and taste remain the most important. Of course, when buying a dress from a famous brand, you are almost always insured against failure in terms of taste, because they are created according to the sketches of famous designers. But few people can afford these clothes. There is a way out for the rest - we take and sew a dress ourselves. Well, you can start with the simplest - with experiments on boring dresses from your wardrobe.

Don't be afraid to experiment! Be stylish and original!

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