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Doll costume how to sew: pattern and tips
Doll costume how to sew: pattern and tips

If you have ever been to a carnival party, you have noticed the variety of costumes that people try on. You can choose the image of a superhero, a movie star, a cartoon character, a favorite animal, or you can prefer something feminine, from childhood. Namely, a doll costume that can be made at home.

Feminine look

This carnival costume will perfectly emphasize femininity and individuality. The doll is always beautiful, well-groomed, smartly dressed and romantic. This is what a girl who has chosen such an image for a party should strive for. The doll costume implies a harmonious combination of clothes and appearance. A fluffy dress, high-heeled shoes, a marble face with bright makeup, curls on the head are the components of the image. Each of them will be discussed later in the article.


Dolls are always dressed in puffy dresses, so you need to find something suitable. You can choose a fluffy skirt or dress. If you don’t have such things at home and it’s difficult to sew them, then a Russian sundress is a great option.Its pattern is quite simple and even a beginner can handle it.

doll costume

Another option would be to remake an existing sundress. In order to get a fluffy skirt, you need to sew a petticoat. For this, hard tulle is suitable, from which five layers of skirts are sewn. This can be done without using a sewing machine, but with a thread and a needle. Sew the elastic on the first layer, and then sew the next layers on it until you reach the necessary splendor.

Such a petticoat is put on the body, and on top of it - a dress. If you decide to sew a Russian sundress, you will not need a pattern for a petticoat. Because the sundress itself implies the presence of a fluffy skirt. Below is another option for a fluffy dress pattern:

Russian sundress pattern


Remember what shoes the toy dolls wear? Of course, high heels. So for this costume, shoes or sandals with heels are suitable. Choose a color that matches the dress - this will make the image harmonious.

It would be useful to have lace socks or stockings. Such an accessory will make the doll's costume look old and give the overall look femininity.

Boots and boots are not suitable for this costume, because a true lady wears shoes under her dress.

If you couldn't find the right shoes with heels, you can put on "low-speed" pumps. But be sure to highlight them against the background of the dress, for this you can use various techniques. Paint with gold paint, glue rhinestones or sequins, or even sew onpieces of fabric from which the dress is made.

If you choose tights, then give preference to bright colors. That is, bodily and black options put aside. Depending on the color of the dress, tights can be white, red, yellow or patterned.


This is perhaps the main component of the image of the doll. Beautiful bright makeup is sure to set you apart from the rest. But here there are rules, which we will now tell about.

If your doll costume for the New Year will be created on the principle of porcelain, then you should try on makeup. The face and body must be shaded with a pale powder of almost white color. To do this, you can use special makeup products.

The eyes of the doll should be bright and expressive, this can be achieved in several ways. You can stick on false eyelashes, or you can draw eyelashes under the lower eyelid with a black pencil.

doll costume pattern

Special attention is paid to the cheeks of the doll: be sure to use bright blush, which is applied in a circular motion. The use of watercolor paint for this procedure is not ruled out.

And, of course, in the end, pay attention to the lips. Bright juicy lipstick colors will be just the way. Choose red or pink tones, try to avoid natural shades. Now that the doll costume is completed with makeup, you can proceed to the selection of hairstyles.


For a doll's hairstyle, you can choose one of several options. The first is the use of a wig, and the second is by yourselfdo a haircut. Let's take a look at each one.

If you have the opportunity to purchase a wig, then this will be the best option. When choosing it, start from your image and the overall color scheme. The advantage of the finished wig is a large number of colors. You can choose red, yellow, green, pink, blue and even golden hair. Under the doll costume, both lush hairstyles and beautifully styled curls are perfect.

doll costume for new year

If you decide to create your own hairstyle for your image, then you should follow a few rules. Hair should be voluminous, for this a strong pile is made using hairspray. You can braid two tails, and then wind the curls. To brighten the look, you can use hair crayons, which will help you temporarily dye the strands in any color without harming your he alth.


And, of course, bright accessories are needed to complete the look. For hairstyles, use lush bows of ribbons or tulle. Hair hoops with flowers glued on are also suitable.

Don't forget about jewelry: beads, bracelets, rings - these are essential accessories for any doll. And also pick up a handbag, small and elegant, which, by the way, can be decorated like shoes.

carnival costume doll

You can create an unusual doll costume, the pattern of which is made of paper. Such a costume will resemble paper clothes for a doll and will not be left without attention. You can see in the photo above how it islooks.

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