How to sew a costume for a girl with your own hands? Barbie doll and others
How to sew a costume for a girl with your own hands? Barbie doll and others

As a child, all girls love to play with dolls. Someone has entire collections and sets of doll families. Therefore, taking the image of a toy as a basis, you can make a special carnival costume for a girl. Barbie doll or any other can serve as a prototype.

costume for girl doll

Doll costume - what is it?

This beautiful and fabulous image will appeal to any girl. Moreover, together with the child, you can invent clothes and costume details. Of course, you can not bother yourself and buy a ready-made outfit in the store. But if you want to test your creativity and sew a doll costume for a girl with your own hands, you should know the following information. Such a costume consists of the following elements:

  • dresses;
  • shoes;
  • hairstyles;
  • additional details.

Well, now let's dwell on each of the listed details and analyze how they should look.


A dress is a must-have for any doll, and our costume is no exception. Lush dresses of bright colors look great. These can be purchased at clothing stores. But if you haveIf you have sewing skills on a typewriter, we suggest you sew a carnival costume yourself. A doll for a girl is the best friend, so you can choose your favorite toy and try to transfer the image to the child's costume. Below in the photo you can see what this option looks like.

doll costume for the new year for a girl

We advise you to choose a material for a dress like satin. It wrinkles less and looks more elegant. Do not forget about the multilayer petticoat, which is sewn from tulle. For sewing a dress, a bright color is chosen, for example, pink or yellow. Additional fittings are also used: braid, rhinestones and more.

It is advisable to choose dresses with short sleeves, which can be made puffy or decorated with lace. It will also not be superfluous to decorate the dress on the side with a magnificent bow.


It is advisable to wear white tights under our costume. For a girl, a doll is the personification of femininity, so it is very important to use women's accessories such as tights and stockings. White socks with lace will look very elegant.

Shoes that should be chosen under the dress should be low-heeled. Shoes or sandals will be a great option that will complement the look of the doll.

As for the color, choose a neutral or the color of the dress. The most suitable are white and pink colors. Every girl has shoes of this color in her wardrobe. There is no need to additionally decorate shoes.


A doll costume for the New Year for a girl must be complemented by a chic hairstyle.You can consider options for large or small curls, lush bouffants and high tails. Here you can already give free rein to fantasy.

If you braid two braids with an unusual parting, you will get the traditional look of a soft doll. The same effect can be achieved by braiding two high ponytails.

If you wish, you can decorate tails or braids with lush bows, which, by the way, are easy to make at home.

Hair with bangs can also be effectively styled, thereby complementing the costume for a girl. Barbie doll, as you remember, had long straight hair and bangs. You can choose it to create an image.

But I would like to consider another hairstyle option - a wig. Quite convenient and simple, no need to bother and waste time creating beautiful curls. Another feature of wigs is that they come in a variety of colors. For example, a pink wig matched to the dress will create an effect of brightness and fabulousness.

Among the wigs, you can choose something special, for example, such as in the photo below.

do-it-yourself doll costume for a girl

This is a wig made up of threads and comes in a variety of colors and thicknesses. But keep in mind that this hairstyle option is not suitable for every dress. The thread wig resembles the hair of a rag doll. Therefore, it is appropriate to wear it if you are creating a rag doll costume for a girl. This doll is dressed in a discreet dress with an apron, and most often knee-highs are on her legs.

Additional details

The main addition to the doll's image is makeup. Don't worry, he doesn'tnothing to do with adult makeup. The fact is that some details just need to be depicted on the face of the baby. These include blush, hemp, long eyelashes.

For this we will use watercolor paint, which is easily washed off with water. Blush is most often depicted as two small circles of red or pink.

carnival costume doll for girl

You can line your eyes with arrows and draw eyelashes on the lower eyelid. This will give the eyes expressiveness and puppetry.

You can also complement our image of a doll by decorating her hair. For this, a diadem or a satin ribbon is suitable, from which a bow is tied.

And if your doll costume for the New Year for a girl is an exact copy of a toy, then we advise you to take it with you. It will be quite funny and unusual to see a toy copy of a girly girl. A small handbag is also chosen as a doll accessory.

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