Bell doll: master class. Fabric doll. Doll amulet
Bell doll: master class. Fabric doll. Doll amulet

Today, dolls are just children's toys. However, this was not always the case. In ancient times, the Slavs treated them quite differently. They were amulets, and each had its own duties. Suppose a bell doll, a master class for making which is presented in this article, protects against bad energy and attracts good news to the house.

Very often, cloth dolls were used in the performance of some rituals, for example, when getting rid of terrible ailments. According to folk tales, amulet dolls have magical abilities: they protect from the evil eye, evil forces, illnesses and misfortunes.

About the traditions of making folk dolls

The bell doll, a master class for making which is presented below in the article, is an interesting amulet, it is considered traditional for our ancestors. This talisman directs its energy to protect housing. It is an analogue of the Chinese bell - wind music.

Recently interest in ChineseFeng Shui is cold. Moreover, we can say that the fashion for oriental traditions has not taken root. But there is a new surge of interest in native amulets and their history. Finally, Russian rag dolls have taken their well-deserved place on the shelves of souvenir shops.

Folk rag dolls, they are also called knotted dolls, since ancient times they have been considered amulets. Some sources say that they are more than 5 thousand years old. Such “motankas” are popular not only in our state, they are common in many countries of the world.

Small dolls-amulets, in which masters put the most diverse meanings, is a wonderful tradition that should not be forgotten, moreover, it must be supported and developed in every possible way. Only one's native energy and the energy of one's native land can become a good talisman for a person.

folk doll bell

Bell doll

The bell is a doll of good news, whose homeland is Valdai. It was from there that the Valdai bells went. Since ancient times, the ringing of bells has protected the people from various diseases. Moreover, the bells always rang under the arc of the festive troika. The bell itself has an arched shape, and its top view resembles the shape of the sun.

Such dolls have three skirts, like a person has three kingdoms: gold, silver and copper. Yes, and happiness also consists of three parts: when the body is good, the soul is joyful and the spirit is calm, then the person will be happy.

Presenting a bell to a loved one as a gift, thereby you wish your friend comfort in the house and goodnews. The bell amulet doll, the meaning of which we will consider in more detail, is an integral attribute of the life of our ancestors.


This doll is considered a messenger of good news. All wagons carrying letters and parcels were equipped with small Valdai bells. It was thanks to these long-awaited small bells that a doll appeared, which is considered the keeper of the hearth. She also protects the house from bad news.

doll amulet bell meaning

In the old days in Russia, housewives dressed small bells in a house doll - in this way they wanted to attract a string of good news to their house. This amulet was assigned the role of the guardian of the family from sad news.

The folk doll-bell combined two images at once. In addition to the small bells of the coachman, she personified the brownie's wife, who managed the housework and protected the house from shocks.

Most often, the bell doll is placed near the door, it is in this place that she protects the house from bad news and lures good news. If you are going to make such a doll, you need to stock up on beautiful satin materials. In the craft, the red color should become predominant, which always carried the meaning of joyful and good events.

Origin of the amulet

Most historians and art historians are of the opinion that the doll was a reflection of the Valdai history, so the 15th century is considered to be the time of its birth. This theory has no evidence. Maybe in this region the appearancedolls fell precisely on this period of time, however, in other parts of the country this type of amulet doll arose under other circumstances. There are those people who believe that bells appeared much earlier, their age is more than a dozen centuries, and such dolls appeared long before the baptism of Russia.

There is a large amount of evidence indicating that our ancestors knew what a bell was much earlier than the meeting of the Russian prince with the Byzantine emperor. In short, even before the advent of Christianity in Russia, they knew what a bell was and how to use it. As a result, we can conclude that the doll-amulet bell can be much older than many people think. But, unfortunately, no evidence of this fact has been preserved.

doll bell master class

Do-it-yourself bell doll: materials for making

In order for the doll to turn out really beautiful and be able to become a home decoration, special attention should be paid to the choice of suitable materials and necessary tools:

  • To make the doll beautiful, you need to choose three types of fabric in different colors. It is desirable that they be bright and patterned, one of them must be designed in red tones. The lengths of the sides of the squares should be 22 cm, 20 cm and 15 cm, the largest piece should be from a denser fabric so that the doll holds its shape.
  • In addition, a piece of white fabric 12 by 2.5 cm will also come in handy.
  • To decorate the pupa, it is also necessary to prepare red threadscolors, lace, braid and satin ribbons.
  • To decorate the doll, you will also need a piece of fabric that will serve as a scarf. It should be triangular in shape with dimensions of 15 by 15 by 21 cm.
  • A piece of cotton wool (synthetic winterizer) or a lump of straw.
  • An integral attribute is a bell.

Bell doll: description of manufacturing work

To begin with, take a bell and a piece of cotton wool or padding polyester. The filler is shaped like a ball and a bell is attached to it.

After that, circles must be cut out of all square segments. In the center of the largest and densest circle, a construction of stuffing and a bell is laid, wrapped with a cloth and pulled together with threads so that a blank is obtained in the form of a skirt and a head.

do-it-yourself bell doll

Further, the remaining two circles are fixed in the same way: first, the one with a larger diameter, and then the smaller one. The result should be a three-layer bell made of beautifully shaped fabric.

Be careful, the threads in the neck area must be fixed neatly. It is necessary to choose one of the sides, which will serve as the face of the pupa, it must be made extremely smooth without any wrinkles. Now you know how to make a bell doll, but this is just the basics, now it followsdecorate the head and make her handles.

Head decoration

When the base is completely ready, it is necessary to proceed to the design of the head. To do this, you need a blank of white fabric. Two opposite corners must be connected so that they touch each other in the center, then the part must be folded in half.

how to make a bell doll

Next, in the middle of the workpiece, you need to put the doll's head and pull it together with threads so that the fabric is well fixed. For fixing, you need to use red threads, since it is this color that has great protective power. Upon completion of these actions, the doll takes on a dignified appearance, and she has a face and hands.

Shaping handles

In order to decorate the handles, you need to work further with a piece of white matter. The corners of the white square are folded inward and tied around the edges. About 0.5-1 cm should be retreated from the edge of the fabric, red threads should also be used for winding.

doll amulet bell

Production Features

When creating a home amulet, needlewomen must adhere to the unspoken rules. Following them will lead to the best result. If you decide to start making a bell, then you should familiarize yourself with them in more detail:

  • The cloth doll is a symbol of the female spirit guarding the house. Men are not allowed to be present during its production.
  • Only the mistress of the house should be involved in making a doll.
  • Working on the creation of the amulet,which should attract good news, you can not use old things. It is especially necessary to give up those things that belonged to the sick or brought bad luck.
  • When making a doll-amulet, you cannot use a needle - this is considered a bad omen.
  • Being in a bad mood and good spirits, you need to stop making talismans. A happy aura will be the key to the energy you put into your bell doll.

If you are not confident in your abilities, it is better to purchase a doll from a professional craftswoman. However, you need to choose those needlewomen who know the traditions of making such amulets, only in this way the doll can bring good to the house and be safe.


The original souvenir is still a bell doll. The master class, of course, tells in detail how to make it, but in order to make a real amulet or talisman, you need to activate it.

When creating a doll, you need to “communicate” with it, share your desires, thoughts and invest your energy. However, this is not enough to create a real amulet. When making a bell, you need to mentally turn to the Slavic gods and ask them for help in household chores.

Everyone for himself must find a conspiracy that will meet your expectations. Most often, people ask for he alth, love, prosperity, referring to the Slavic God Perun.

Why does the folk doll have no face

Russian folk bell doll, which does not take too long to make, is traditionally madefaceless. The face was never marked, it was always left white. A faceless doll is an inanimate object, and therefore evil, unkind forces cannot move into it, therefore, such a talisman is harmless to children and adult family members.

Such dolls, like a miracle, from several pieces of fabric, without legs and face, convey the character of the master. At the same time, they were many-sided: they could cry and laugh.

Today, the folk doll made of cloth is gaining its popularity again. And this type of needlework, like making rag dolls, is being revived. Such a charm carries the traditions of Russian culture and the memory of our ancestors.

cloth doll

The birthplace of such a folk amulet is Valdai, therefore such amulets are called Valdai bells. The bell doll, the master class for making which was presented in this article, is quite simple to manufacture, it should have a red scarf and three skirts.

The bell inside the amulet will always remind you of festive festivities on a trio of horses. Maybe such a doll will remind someone else of something bright and expensive. Having made such a charm, it can be presented as a gift to a loved one.

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