Knitting ornaments: ready-made and handmade
Knitting ornaments: ready-made and handmade

Those who love to knit know how colorful jacquard patterns adorn products. It can be knitted whole plot pictures. And you can use ornaments for knitting.

Jacquard patterns will never go out of style

Stripes consisting of identical repeating segments - ornaments, can be located at the collar of a sweater or dress, across the chest, along the bottom of the product, along the sleeve. The use of color patterns in the manufacture of stockings, socks, leggings, children's pants, hats is common. Ornamented mittens are also often knitted.

Sometimes masters use this method. They let out several different transverse stripes, and inside each they knit separate ornaments. For knitting such patterns, geometrically simple shapes and their combinations are suitable. It can be squares, rhombuses, triangles, crosses. If desired, you can make flowers, stars out of them.

ornaments for knitting

Often masters use Norwegian ornaments. For knitting, both geometric flowers with diamond-shaped petals anddeer, ate.

Jacquard knitting technique

To do this, choose suitable ornaments for knitting. It is best to take those that involve the use of two colors: the background primary and secondary - to perform the pattern itself.

First, the master knits with a background thread. Then, in the right place, an additional color enters the work. Therefore, a thread of a different color is tied to the main thread and the required number of loops is knitted. The main thread at this time is pulled along the wrong side of the product.

After completing as many loops as indicated on the diagram or indicated in the instructions for the drawing, the colors change. To do this, you need to leave the thread of the additional color on the wrong side, and take the main background thread into work.

How to knit mittens with an ornament?

There are two options for using a jacquard pattern in knitted mittens. One suggests the location of the main pattern on the back of the mittens. In this case, the half of the mitten, which is located on the palm, is decorated quite simply: either with colored loops arranged in a checkerboard pattern, or cells, or stripes, or it remains completely monophonic.

knitting mittens with ornament

The second option suggests knitting the entire mitten in a circle with the same pattern. In this case, it is most convenient to make narrow colored stripes around the entire circle, in which to start up the simplest geometric ornaments.

Are ornament schemes really necessary for work?

Only naive people can assume that a drawing can beexecute without any scheme. It's impossible! After all, even if, in front of the onlookers, someone, without looking anywhere, is knitting ornaments with knitting needles, the schemes of these patterns were once studied by him.

children's ornament for knitting

Some especially gifted craftsmen can "compose a pattern from the head", it's true. But even in this case, the knitting of ornaments with knitting needles is not spontaneous and unsystematic - the patterns of the pattern are simply created and kept in the memory of the needlewoman. Imagining them in his imagination, the master performs the pattern.

Where can I get jacquard patterns?

A lot of pattern designs are published in special magazines for needlewomen. Patterns of drawings are also widely presented on knitting sites.

And there is such an option: for example, a children's ornament for knitting can be taken from an already finished product, carefully examining it.

But for convenience, it is still recommended to first transfer the scheme to paper lined in a cage. After all, otherwise you will have to constantly keep in front of you a product with a pattern you like.

knitting patterns

They will help those whose hobbies are knitting children's ornaments with knitting needles, patterns for embroidery. You can even try a little yourself. Having chosen the segment you like in the printout, the master can create his own version of the ornament using it.

Can I make my own knitting patterns?

The answer is clear: of course you can! For creativity, the master will need only a pencil and a notebook sheet in a cage. The paper willsimulate knitting area to scale. Therefore, it is necessary to select a section that will correspond to the part of the product covered with an ornament. For example, the master plans to create a strip 10 rows high, and the segment itself will be 12 loops wide. Therefore, a rectangle with sides equal to 12 and 10 loops should be selected on the notebook sheet.

Now the artist either paints completely some cells, or puts a cross in them, placing them in a certain order. And how to do it - fantasy will tell.

But if this option turns out to be quite difficult for the master, you can go the simpler way. Having chosen the simplest drawing, for example, a leaf or a kitten, its silhouette should be transferred to graph paper or the same notorious notebook sheet. Now it remains to paint over those cells that are halfway into the object. The same cells that were included in a smaller part remain unpainted.

knitting children's ornaments with knitting needles

Thus, you can make an ornament not only two-color, but also three-color, and even four-color. True, it is much more difficult to work on multi-color patterns later. But the result is more interesting.

You can make ornaments not only with hand knitting, but also on a typewriter. Modern models already provide for such a function in advance. On the old (simplest) models of knitting machines, the ornament is knitted in two steps. First, the hooks are pulled out to the non-working position, which will knit a thread of an additional color, and the row itself is knitted with a background thread.The next stage of work involves changing the position of all hooks to the opposite. The row is knitted in a different color.

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