Description of an easy way to make origami hearts
Description of an easy way to make origami hearts

How to make a pleasant surprise for your soulmate, gently reminding you of feelings? You can make, for example, a small paper heart and decorate gift wrapping with it. Or just give a large product by signing it and using it instead of a postcard. Perhaps the most popular are folded crafts. Let's figure out how to make origami. Hearts can be different in size, shape and folding method. Below is the simplest version. Origami "Heart" scheme will help you get the job done quickly and easily, based on a step-by-step guide.

how to make origami hearts

Required Materials

The described method of how to make origami hearts will allow you to create it in the form of a flat souvenir, while the wrong side will be different from the front. Bends and folds will be visible on the back, so it is more advisable to use a heart to decorate flat objects. Therefore, paper can be used not very thick, colored on one side only. You can take more dense material for work, for example, colored cardboard. But in this case, it will be necessary to somewhat simplify the work at the first stage of folding. You will also need scissors for the job.ruler, simple pencil. Glue, adhesive tape (adhesive tape) will be needed to secure the finished heart. You can also combine two products into one, which will allow you to use this craft for hanging.

origami heart

First stage - preparatory

Now you will learn how to make origami hearts. Start with prep work.

  1. On a sheet of colored paper, draw a pattern in the shape of a square. To do this, measure the width and set aside the same segment along the length. Draw a line perpendicular to the long sides, then cut off any excess paper with scissors.
  2. Fold the square in half with the right red side up to outline the middle line, then turn it back.
  3. Rotate the workpiece 90° around its axis. Fold it in half for a two-layer pattern. The fold should be on the top horizontal line.

The blank for further work is ready.

origami heart diagram

Second stage - folding the heart

Now you can proceed directly to manufacturing.

  1. Make two folds on the two-layer template according to the diagram.
  2. Closer to the middle line of the workpiece, perform two more inversions (see picture).
  3. Then fold the paper in the form of an "accordion" along the lines obtained.
  4. Rotate the layout 180° around its axis, facing away from you.
  5. Drag the protruding plane over the edge down.
  6. Spread and press the top to form the corner notch characteristic ofhearts.
  7. Wrap the two lower corners with an overlap, bringing them to the center line towards each other. Press and iron the fold lines for a sharper outline.
  8. Shape the outline of the heart. To do this, turn down the extreme upper corners by a small amount so that the product is proportional.
  9. Roll the heart back around its axis, face up.

So, we have considered the simplest way to make an origami heart. But there are many other ways to model. Let's talk a little about creating crafts by cutting and gluing in separate places.

how to make an origami heart

Other DIY options

Of course, any origami "Heart" looks very impressive. There are other, fairly simple options for making a love souvenir. You can, for example, create volume from a flat sheet by easily making small hearts for hanging.

origami heart
  1. Cut out several heart-shaped blanks from paper (approximate size of a square is 5 x 5 cm).
  2. Then make small slits on them in the middle line downwards (1.5-2 cm).
  3. Fold the loose parts over the paper slot. Smooth over the top of these lines with a ruler for clarity.
  4. Apply a small amount of glue to the folded allowances, and then join both sides together. The middle of the heart will bend at an angle, creating a three-dimensional effect.
  5. Glue on the inside of the ribbon forsuspension. You can also fix such a heart on a small stick.

Now you know how to make origami hearts in easy ways. Any crafts made with your own hands will be a pleasant surprise for your loved one. This will be a manifestation of love, care and tenderness.

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