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An easy way to train your brain and have fun doing it. Scrabble game
An easy way to train your brain and have fun doing it. Scrabble game

Want to improve your vocabulary? Are you looking for an opportunity to improve your foreign language, but not sit over a stack of textbooks? Do you dream of having fun and usefully spending time in a pleasant company? If so, Scrabble is the game for you!

What is Scrabble? Where did it come from and how to play it? Answers to these questions and many other useful information about this entertainment can be obtained by reading a short article.

What is Scrabble

Scrabble is a board logic game designed for a small company of two to four people. The main goal is to make words from the letters of the alphabet, for each of which the player receives a certain number of points.

The name of the game literally translates from English as "digging, scratching, scribbling".

There are many varieties of the legendary game. The most famous analogue of the Scrabble game in Russia is Scrabble. There is also "Balda" - a greatly simplified version of the game that does not require a special set.

Game story

The "father" of the Scrabble game is an ordinary architect from the USA named Alfred Butts. Author of a masterpieceWhat made her different from other people was her great love for board games. After collecting enough information about the variety of games that existed in the United States in the first quarter of the 20th century, Butts was on fire with the idea of ​​​​creating the best board game ever. The author took a hybrid of word and number games as the basis of the game, which was embodied in the compilation of words that had a certain value in points.

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Back in 1948, the world saw the first release of the board game Scrabble. I saw it but didn't appreciate it. For several years, Alfred and his partner James Bruno tried to break the ice in the board game industry, but they never managed to do it on their own.

Selchol and Righter, a company specializing in the production of board games, acquired a patent for this ingenious invention and took the board game to the world level. The popularity of the game skyrocketed to unprecedented heights and continues to remain there after almost 70 years.

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The game has not only not lost its relevance over time, but has grown to the scale of the world championships. Today, there are Scrabble federations in many countries, and in the US, according to statistics, every third American is addicted to the game.

How to play Scrabble

In a game set, as a rule, there are the following components: a playing field, a bag with letters and coasters for letters. It will also be useful to arm yourself with paper and a pen for scoring.

First of all, you need to determine the order of the move. To do this, you need to shuffle the lettersin the bag and draw out one for each player. The player who received the letter closest to the beginning of the alphabet makes the first move. The sequence of the rest of the players is determined in a similar way.

At the start of the game, each player takes 7 letter tokens. The player who makes the move first must lay out a word from the available letters by drawing it through the middle of the board.

The essence of the game is to line up the most "expensive" words. You can build words in two ways: from top to bottom or from left to right. When creating words, it is desirable to activate as many colored cells as possible.

On the playing field there are cells painted in one of four colors: blue, pink, blue or red.

Blue Points earned per letter are doubled.
Pink Points earned per word are doubled.
Blue Points earned per letter are tripled.
Red Points per word are tripled.

Bonuses from multiple colored fields stack. When receiving several bonuses, they are counted in the order in which the word was read.

The end of the game occurs in two cases: when there are no letters left in the bag to deal or when all players "pass" twice in a row.

The winner is determined by counting the points scored by each of the players. The contestant with the most points is declared the winner.

Benefits of the game

The board game allows not onlysignificantly increase your vocabulary, but also get a lot of positive emotions. Such hobbies bring people together and simplify further communication.

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With the help of Scrabble you can "pull up" a foreign language. To date, there are 37 localizations of the game for players from different countries. It is very good if a native speaker plays with you. He can not only show a lot of new things, but also act as a referee. Also, the game can be useful for a foreigner when diving into the depths of the great and mighty Russian language.

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Note that the higher the level of your opponents, the more benefit you will get from the game.

Impressions of the game

On the Internet, there are often impressions of "newly minted" fans from the game Scrabble. Reviews are usually positive. If you break them down by popularity, you get the following picture.

Many users are very pleased with the fact that they can play this wonderful game with their children. For many families, playing Scrabble is a good old tradition. The Mattel Scrabble board game is especially suitable for games with children.

The game's compactness and portability are also welcomed by buyers. Many note that they can easily take the game with them to the country or on a trip. You can also interrupt the game at any time by simply putting the set in your pocket. Very convenient and practical.

There have been some negative reviews regarding the price of the Scrabble set. Yes indeed,the game's over-the-top popularity was the reason for the overpricing of game sets. On the other hand, modern game kits are becoming more colorful and easy to use.

If you consider yourself a person for whom intelligence is not a strange unfamiliar seven-letter word, then you are guaranteed to enjoy the game. In addition, it perfectly brings together and allows you to have a great time. Scrabble is a must have for any intellectual board game lover.

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