Pattern "Hearts" with knitting needles: scheme and description. Embossed patterns
Pattern "Hearts" with knitting needles: scheme and description. Embossed patterns

Openwork and embossed patterns have always been relevant in the manufacture of knitted items. They will probably never go out of fashion. Openwork products or partial inserts in the form of openwork look very nice. Embossed patterns give the item a unique chic.

Openwork patterns

The most common type of knitted patterns, among all available, has always been and remains openwork. It's amazing what unusual, bizarre ornaments a person can come up with, transferring them to a product and using only three main knitting methods: knit, purl and yarn.

Knitted heart pattern

From ancient times to this day, openwork scarves, shawls, blouses, tops and dresses do not go out of fashion. If you create such a work of art yourself, then your creation will be unusual and unique.

Varieties of openwork

This type of knitting is conventionally divided into simple and complex. Regular patterns are based on the fact that the relief is formed only in the front rows, the purl loops must be knitted according to the pattern. A more complex openwork ornament must be knitted both in the front and in the wrong row.

First impressions can be deceiving, because even the mostan ornate pattern can be made by following the pattern and showing patience and perseverance.

Openwork patterns, regardless of whether they are complex or simple, are separated from each other and on other grounds. Namely, the ornament, which is obtained as a result of painstaking work. It can be openwork hearts with knitting needles, waves, flowers, leaves, plaits, braids, Irish, Japanese openwork, etc. There is no clear classification of openwork.

Two-tone pattern knitting hearts

Two-color hearts

In order to create a two-color pattern with knitting needles, hearts and the main field of the product must be knitted with different colors of threads. You can do this in two ways. The first involves knitting hearts in different colors. This method is very simple. The advantage of this technique is that you can come up with a drawing yourself, having drawn up its scheme previously on a piece of paper. The color scheme is selected in accordance with the preferences of the needlewoman.

The second way is a bit more complicated. But at the same time more interesting. The product in the technique of knitting with double-sided jacquard is obtained, as the name implies, double-sided. That is, on both sides, a unique pattern appears in the process of work.

First way: two-tone hearts

The figures in this pattern are knitted exclusively using a combination of colors. We knit the pattern "hearts" with knitting needles exclusively with the front stitch. Making such a crochet ornament is in some way easier. But this article deals exclusively with the knitting technique.

For thosewho does not know, odd (front rows) must be knitted only with front loops. The exception is edge loops. In the even row (purl), we knit all the loops according to the pattern exclusively with purl loops. In fact, the pattern "hearts" with knitting needles is not so complicated. Diagram and description are below.

Getting to work. The pattern consists of 27 loops. We collect 29 on the knitting needles, since we still have two edge loops. We decide on the choice of yarn and knit two rows with the front stitch in the first color.

In the third row, we begin to form a heart. We knit 12 loops with the first color and, having attached the second thread, we knit the first three loops. Finish the end of the row with the first thread.

The thread of the first color must be pulled behind the product, while making sure that its tension is not too strong, otherwise it may deform the pattern. But it shouldn't sag too much either.

knitting heart pattern diagram and description

Fourth even row, knit nine loops with the first thread, nine with the second. We knit the last nine with the first thread. The idle thread of the first thread must be pulled from the front side of the work.

In the fifth row we increase two loops of the second color on both sides. Thus, we get seven loops on both sides of the first color and 13 loops of the second color in the center.

In the next row in the center you need to tie one loop with a thread of the first color. This will be the starting point for knitting the heart against the background of the circle.

Further work must be continued, strictly following the scheme, alternating the threads of the first and secondcolors. After the heart is completely knitted, it is necessary to finish the circle and finish the product.

Second method "Double-sided jacquard"

In order to create a beautiful jacquard heart pattern with knitting needles, you will need two types of yarn. It is desirable that both options are of the same thickness and composition. Of course, you will also need a diagram and a couple of knitting needles. It is important to carefully match the pattern and count the rows. Beginning needlewomen should choose the simplest pattern for learning. After completing it, you will already be able to proceed with more complex schemes. But everything comes with experience. And at first, you have to carefully count the loops.

So let's get to work. The pattern "hearts" with knitting needles in the technique of double-sided jacquard is knitted according to the principle of a hollow elastic band. In those places where the pattern of the scheme is made, the product seems to be connected. In those where the background of the picture is knitted, the canvas can be divided into two parts.

Two-tone pattern knitting hearts

The pattern consists of 15 loops, that is, for the pattern it is necessary to dial twice as many loops, while adding two edge loops. As a result, we cast on 32 stitches.

Cast on loops with two threads at once. At the same time, place one of them closer to you. In the next row, we take the thread of the main color and knit the loops of only this color. We simply remove the loops of the second thread. We knit with facial loops. When removing the loops, the thread is located in front of the work.

The next row must be started from the same place as the previous one. But already knit with a thread and loops of the second color. Nextknit two rows in the same way.

The row where the pattern begins, we will knit in a slightly different way, speeding up the process. We take two threads and knit them alternately. We do everything strictly according to the pattern, correctly alternating the colors of the threads. The loops of the main color must be knitted. Auxiliary - purl loops. Wrong side knit according to the scheme in accordance with the color of the loops.

Next, alternating thread colors and purl and front loops, create a pattern. The knitted heart pattern in the technique of double-sided jacquard is unique in the sense that two patterns opposite in color are created at the same time.

beautiful patterns for knitting hearts

Heart pattern

Thanks to the instructions presented in the article, you will be able to knit a small thing, the decoration of which will be the "heart" pattern with knitting needles. The scheme and description are immediately presented under the picture and you do not need to rely only on your skills when creating a product.

If you want to create a one-of-a-kind thing, don't be afraid to experiment. You can completely knit the product using openwork hearts with knitting needles. Things look good in which there is one or two fragments, made using the technique described below.

This pattern is 22 sts high and 15 sts wide. However, in order to understand the author's idea, it is necessary to knit several rapports in a row. This is a simple openwork. The pattern is formed only in the front row. The diagram shows the designations only in the front rows, the wrong ones are knitted strictlyaccording to the picture.

Embossed patterns

Openwork "Heart"

In this article we have chosen the simplest and most beautiful patterns for knitting. The hearts in this pattern are formed from 13 loops wide and 16 rows high. This is one of the simple openworks, so it is suitable for beginner craftswomen, but at the same time very beautiful. It is great for inserting dresses and blouses for girls.

The diagram shows only the front rows. The loops of the purl row are knitted according to the pattern, and the yarns are only purl loops.

Openwork hearts knitting

Mesh Heart Pattern

This section presents a mesh heart pattern on a smooth background. The pattern repeat is 20 rows and 24 loops. The diagram shows both front and back rows. Facial must be knitted from right to left. Purl - vice versa.

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