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T-shirt rework - an easy way to get a stylish new thing
T-shirt rework - an easy way to get a stylish new thing

Women are great craftswomen and inventors. They are very fond of flaunting new clothes and are upset every time if they do not find an opportunity to purchase a new wardrobe item. However, among the fair sex there is another category of lovely ladies - restless needlewomen. They are able to revive fashionable and interesting new things from old things.

Simple Art

T-shirt alteration is an art that more and more cute women and girls are gradually mastering. Even teenage girls know how to create something stylish and interesting out of a bored knitted little thing. A T-shirt is a material that is easy to use and encourages creativity and inspiration.

Worn T-shirts and T-shirts are designed to turn into household rags, with which they wash windows, doors, furniture and dishes, but with the right approach, an old, boring thing can sparkle with new colors and delight its mistress with a renewed look.

sundress from a t-shirt
sundress from a t-shirt

Practical and stylish

With t-shirt redesigns, women save money and get necessary and unique clothing designs,practical things. From previously used T-shirts and T-shirts, needlewomen create the following masterpieces:

  • new styles of t-shirts;
  • original and elegant blouses, sundresses;
  • pillowcases;
  • veil;
  • bedside rugs.

New models

Recycling from an old T-shirt will help a young girl get a new thing that she can flaunt for another season. There are several very simple ways to update a boring thing, and more complicated options.

Easy T-shirt alterations include the following ways:

  1. T-shirt sleeves and neck are cut off. In the middle of the front cloth, an even cut is made to the level of the chest and tied into a knot. Summer light little thing is ready.
  2. A deep neckline is made. The cut edge is folded over by 1.5 cm and sutured. An elastic band is pulled through the hemmed "tunnel". A dainty off-the-shoulder t-shirt will please the romantic lady.
  3. The coquette girl will like this option: cut a deep semicircle on the back. Attach a wide ribbon to the neck of the T-shirt, which is tied at the back. The edges of the ribbon falling on the bare back make the look summery and unusual.
  4. In another version, the back of the T-shirt is cut with even horizontal lines. Bold, easy, beautiful.
  5. This t-shirt redesign allows you to create a cute blouse in which you are not ashamed to go for a walk or have a cup of coffee in a nearby coffee shop. A large triangle is cut out on the back of the T-shirt, from the bottom to the neck. Instead, a triangle of lace is sewn on. A lace bow adorns the top of the neckline. You can replace the triangle with a neat big heart.
T-shirt rework
T-shirt rework

No scissors or sewing

Altering T-shirts with your own hands is possible without cutting. Old product can be modified by other means:

  1. Make an inscription on the fabric. To do this, you will need fabric paint, a T-shirt, a tight bag and a stationery knife. First, we make an inscription on the package, cut out the letters and put the template on the T-shirt. We apply paint on top, according to the rules specified in the instructions. Let it dry completely and remove the bag. A new phrase or word is ripening on a T-shirt.
  2. Half-dyed item looks stylish and unusual. It is necessary to take a white or very light plain T-shirt, dilute the paint in a container. Dip part of the product into a bowl, hold for as long as indicated on the package, dry. For long life, do not wash in hot water.

New bedding

T-shirt alteration is a practical skill that will allow you to create stylish pillowcases and duvet covers. Sewing them is very easy.

T-shirt alteration
T-shirt alteration

Identical squares are cut out of unnecessary T-shirts and sewn together. It is better to give preference to those parts of clothing that have inscriptions or drawings. The result will be bright and unusual.

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