Crochet jumper: diagrams, job description
Crochet jumper: diagrams, job description

Crochet jumper is a beautiful and warm thing that will not only warm you in the cold season, but will also become a wardrobe decoration, its pearl and pride.

There are many options for jumpers. They can be very thin and dense, connected from motifs or a single canvas. Whichever option is chosen, it will not leave anyone indifferent. It is easy to crochet a jumper. The scheme and description most often go along with the model, which means that it will not be difficult to link the product. If the hand is full and the needlewoman is fluent in the hook, then the work will move faster, but everything is achievable, and skill comes with experience. Schemes, motives, their location are gradually remembered. Over time, the needlewoman begins to determine by eye the consumption of yarn and which thread will look better in the finished product. But it doesn't come right away.

Simple Crochet Jumper

One of the simplest models is a jumper knitted from motifs called "grandmother's square". It is truly versatile.


Due to the ease of implementation, even a novice needlewoman will easily crochet a jumper. The diagrams and description for it are simple.

Base - 6 air loops in the ring. The first rad consists of four elements with three double crochets and three arches between them. The second and subsequent rows consist of the same elements, but the columns are knitted in place of the arches. As a result, you can knit a motif of any size. Its versatility lies in the fact that you can use all the leftover yarn that is, including a thin thread, weaving it into the main thread to achieve interesting color effects. Therefore, this model can serve as a good example of the expedient consumption of working material. The assembly of the product can be carried out either by stitching, or directly during operation. Despite the fact that in the original version the motifs are located at an angle, their position can be changed.

Noble color and unusual cut - that's the secret of success

Indeed, nothing gives such freedom in self-expression as crocheting. The jumper below just looks complicated. Its basis is a simple canvas of double crochets. All uniqueness - in non-standard inserts. Instead of the usual openwork elements, there are simple chains of air loops here. Thanks to their placement, they draw attention to the model and her wearer much more than standard jumpers.

crochet jumper diagrams and description

This is elementary psychology, which allows even the simplest pattern to be presented in the best possible light. Since the mainthe decorative element is these chains, it makes sense to decorate them with beads or wooden beads with fittings. This will make the finished product look like a store-bought one, while finishing the look.

Crochet green jumper: patterns and description

The first of the presented models was knitted from motifs, the second - with a solid canvas. This model is also knitted from motives. For her, it is preferable to take a thin thread. This crochet jumper for women is well suited for a cool summer evening or a warm spring day.

crochet jumper pattern

Under it, it is desirable to think over a cover, but you can do without it. An unusual bottom of the product is formed by motifs placed at an angle. This visually makes the figure a little taller and slimmer, so it is recommended for short girls with an implicit waist. This model has flared sleeves that can be made longer or shorter. Due to its distinctive silhouette, the crochet jumper is best worn with jeans and tight skirts.

Description of motif

Despite the apparent complexity, the motive for this model is quite simple. It is much simpler than the vast majority of options. The first row is a traditional ring of eight loops, the second is 16 half-columns. The third - seven columns with one crochet, between which there are three loops. The role of the eighth is played by lifting loops. Fourth - five columns with one crochet in the arch, one loop over the column with a crochet of the previous row. The fifth one is practically the same, but instead of one loop, there are now five. The sixth row completes the formation of the flower. Over five columnsan element is knitted, which is five columns knitted with a common top.

crochet jumper

After - five loops and a half-column in the third loop of the arch, again five loops and repeating the element. The seventh row consists entirely of arches, including 5 loops in each. The eighth and last row of the main motif forms its square shape. In addition to arches and half-columns, five columns with one crochet are knitted in the corner parts, a loop and again five columns. This forms the corners of the motif.

Product assembly

There is more than one way to crochet this jumper. The diagrams and description suggest that this will be done during operation. The connection points are indicated in the diagram of the motif above by crosses. The second option is stitching. For this model, it can be used, because it is openwork, and the connection with a quality thread in tone will also look good. The main thing is to remember about fixing at the very beginning and at the very end of the work. In order for the motifs not to unravel in the corners, the thread is selected so that the end of one and the beginning of the other fall not on the corner, but on the side part.

Melange as an alternative to patterns

Melange thread and products from it always look unusual. A crochet jumper, for knitting of which melange threads were used, will always attract attention. The pattern is not important here, thanks to the variegated colors of the finished product, minor flaws and blots are not so noticeable. This means that melange is a good alternative for beginner needlewomen.

crochet jumperfeminine

In order to crochet such a jumper, the scheme may not be needed. A ready-made pattern and knowledge of how an ordinary fabric is knitted from half-columns, columns or columns with crochets is enough. The ability to make simple but beautiful things makes melange thread one of the most popular products in the respective stores. Moreover, such a thread can be both thin and thick. Even a motif connected from it will look completely different both in a single version and in a finished product. A crochet jumper can also be crocheted using the Irish lace technique, which is somewhat reminiscent of knitting from motifs.

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