Collage: an example of creating a Wish Card
Collage: an example of creating a Wish Card

It's no secret that thoughts are the engine of life. A positive attitude helps in achieving goals and fulfilling desires, while negative emotions and laziness destroy the most ambitious plans. An example of this is a collage of dreams that can be made. It helps to define life goals and find ways to achieve them. You can create a bright visual plan in many ways.

What is a wish collage

Collages of desires, examples of which can be seen in the photo, are also called "Treasure Map", "Newspaper of Happiness", "Poster of Desires". You can find other names or come up with your own. The bottom line is that this is a visualization of a dream, of your happy future.

collage example

Imagination is a tool that a person uses to achieve what he wants. The goal is clear when it can be imagined. The pictures and images used to create the collage help indicate the main points for self-programming.

You can create an annual collage that displays the tasks for the year relating to differentaspects of life. Or thematic, aimed at solving a specific problem, for example, losing weight. The principle of constructing a collage, an example of which will be discussed below, is similar in each case.

Also, experts distinguish individual and family options. In the first case, a person sets goals and objectives for himself, and in the second, this applies to the whole family. Collective posters are created with the participation of all actors, taking into account common needs and wishes. Such options enhance the energy of fulfilling a dream many times over.

When to get started

It is important to feel that you can start making a collage. For example, on New Year's Eve, on a birthday. These dates are filled with festive magic and belief in miracles. The first five days of the new moon are also auspicious. Perhaps the Universe itself will tell you the time by sending a signal, in which case you should not wait, but get to work.

collage how to make an example


To make a collage, exemplified by the stories of people who have achieved success in this way, you need very few materials.

It is necessary to take a clean sheet. It can be whatman paper or half of it. On a large area, you can place all your plans, and at the same time they will not look chaotic. You will also need a personal photo in which a person is smiling, happy with life, he is fine.

Still need clippings from magazines, advertising booklets, printouts from the Internet. It is important that the pictures are clear, bright, preferably in color. They shouldn't be negative. Can preparelife-affirming quotes.

To work, you will also need scissors, glue, markers, felt-tip pens, pencils.

Collecting materials can take several days or even weeks to visualize all the points of the collage from the example.

Creative process

When all the materials are prepared, you need to tune in to the creative creative process. You can’t sit down to work in a bad mood, a positive attitude is important.

Lay out all the prepared blanks in front of you and start working. Place a personal photo in the center of the paper. Place images of the main goals around, and fill the edges of the sheet with long-term plans. This must be done in such a way that there are no clear gaps left. There should be no blind spots in a dream.

Use a felt-tip pen to make inscriptions on the collage. For example, on the image of a dream car - "My new car." All phrases must be in the present tense. They should not be negative. You don’t need to write “I don’t want to get sick”, it’s right - “I’m he althy.” Not “I want a lot of money,” but “My first million.”

If you dream of buying real estate, then you don’t need to cut out the first picture that comes across, you need to choose an image of a house in which you really want to live.

collage of wishes examples

If you plan to find the other half, then you should pick up symbolic images of couples in love, hearts, doves and other paraphernalia. Do not paste a photo of your favorite actor. You can't force another person to love against their will. We need to build real relationships.

Feng Shui collage

Bin this state, the collage of desires will work. But if it is done according to the rules of the ancient Chinese teachings of Feng Shui, then the action of higher forces will be directed in all directions.

How to make a collage, let's consider an example in detail.

A blank sheet of any convenient format must be divided into 9 equal sectors, as in the game tic-tac-toe. To do this, use a pencil and a ruler. Write the name of each section. In the center is the sector “I, he alth”, on the right the central cell is “Children, creativity”, on the left in the center is “Relationships with loved ones, friends”, the upper central square is “Glory and success”, and the lower one is “Career”. The upper right corner is devoted to love and marriage, the upper left - to we alth and prosperity. The lower left corner is "Knowledge, travel", and the lower right is "Helpers and patrons". The inscriptions must be done in beautiful handwriting.

In each sector, write your cherished desire corresponding to the direction of the cell, but this should be done not in the form of a request, but in the form of affirmation and gratitude. Write not "I want to find reliable patrons", but "My Guardian Angel helps me" or "Vladimir Vladimirovich favors my business." It is recommended to leave some of the sectors without desire, but this does not mean that there will be no changes in this direction, it’s just that there should be a place for a surprise in life.

examples of the right collage

Cover each square with a background image depicting the corresponding elements. So, in the we alth zone, you can place a picture with a suitcase of money or a mountain of gold bars. Decorate the section of family relationshearts or symbols of harmony, place photos of sandy beaches or forests in the travel zone. There should be no free space left.

Now it's time to stick pictures with wishes. In the center - place your photo. The picture should be taken at a favorable moment in life. It is desirable that other family members or close people are also on it. If the dream is a beautiful slim figure, you can glue the cutout of a fashion model with your face.

Place a family photo or a picture of a couple in love in the love sector.

If you dream of buying a car, then you need to place a clipping with a car moving from left to right - forward to the dream. On the background of the house, paste the figures of its future satisfied inhabitants. If you dream of getting big money, then you need to portray yourself with a bundle of banknotes in your hand.

In the sector dedicated to children, you need to stick a family photo with children, and if there are none, then an image of a baby, stork, cabbage, children's attributes.

It is recommended to make inscriptions, mottos or explanations in each compartment. For example, “My gorgeous wedding”, “Our cozy home”, “Happy family”, “My highly paid job”

Fantasy will tell you how to fill in all the points of the collage. You can see the right example, but you don’t need to copy it exactly - everyone has their own destiny and desires.

Collage charge

When all the points are completed and the result satisfies and brings joy, you need to endorse the plan. You can sign in the lower corner and put the date or leave a handprint. If the work is collective, then eachthe participant must put his autograph.

collage example

To achieve goals, they must always be in front of your eyes, so the finished collage needs to be hung on the wall. According to the teachings of Feng Shui, this should be done in the western part of the house. But if this is not possible, then you can place it by the bed so that when you wake up and fall asleep, you can see the picture. So the subconscious will look for ways to implement the project. You can take a picture of a collage and place it on your phone or computer screensaver.

A wish that comes from the heart and is beneficial will certainly come true. No need to think about how to achieve this, you just need to dream, and the Universe will show you the way.

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