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Alize Lanagold - yarn for creating unique things
Alize Lanagold - yarn for creating unique things

Craftswomen know that not only the result of the work, but also the process of its creation depends on the quality of the source material. Ease of use, cost-effectiveness and attractive appearance of the product - that's what they say about the yarn for hand knitting Alize Lanagold. What else do you need to know about this material?

alize lanagold yarn

About the manufacturer

Turkish products have gained their popularity in the market because of the quality and affordable price. Yarn is also one of them. "Alize Lanagold" - the most popular produced by Turkey. It is used in work not only by professionals, but also by lovers of hand knitting.

This yarn has been produced at the Yunteks factory since 1984. During this time, she has become a brand that every needlewoman has heard of. A large selection of yarn types, a huge color palette, the relevance of texture - all this is the key to Alize's popularity in many countries of the world.

Domestic buyers can purchase yarn in specialized or online stores.

Alize Lanagold (yarn): composition andproperties

This type of yarn is 49% wool, 51% acrylic. It has earned its popularity due to its properties - good density, softness and practicality. Sheep wool in the composition makes the thing warm, elastic and hygroscopic.

The yarn is suitable for knitting and crocheting, which greatly expands the range of its application. From "Alize Lanagold" needlewomen make things for both autumn and cold winter.

Sweaters, hats, mittens and other products are wearable, practical and durable. Even if you wear such a thing for several seasons, it will look new.

The elasticity and strength of the thread allow you to use any pattern for knitting - from a simple elastic band to the most complex braids. The quality of the yarn is also manifested in the fact that the thread in the skein is intact, does not break and without knots.

yarn for hand knitting

Characteristics of Alize Lanagold

Alize Lanagold - yarn - differs in some characteristics and, accordingly, is divided into several varieties. The classic version in one hundred grams of yarn has 240 meters and is designed for knitting needles No. 4-6. Semi-woolen yarn "Alize Lanagold 800" is a variant of a thinner thread. There are 800 meters per 100 grams. Slightly thicker than "Alize Lanagold Fine" with a length of 390 meters for knitting needles No. 2, 5-4. The thickest thread has "Lanagold Plus" - 100 grams 140 meters.

Yarn for hand knitting from "Alize" has a very wide color palette. It is presented in pastel colors (cream, honey, milk,beige, melange), as well as in rich deep (burgundy, azure, ruby) and bright (cornflower, red, purple). Only about 60 shades.

As for the density of knitting, it can be calculated by the formula. 10 x 10 cm piece calls for 17.5 sts in 22 rows.

semi-woolen yarn

Advantages of wool blend yarn

Alize Lanagold - semi-woolen yarn. In addition to the natural component, it contains acrylic - an artificial part. This synthetic fiber has a number of useful properties:

  • threads become stronger;
  • thermoplasticity;
  • products do not fade or fade;
  • yarn is well dyed, which increases the number of its colors;
  • less affected by insects (e.g. moths);
  • things peel less (pilling);
  • reminiscent of natural material in its properties, so the products are warm, comfortable, soft, breathable;
  • things made from a mixture of wool and acrylic hold their shape better, stretch or shrink less;
  • yarn is more affordable in material terms.

What to knit from Lanagold yarn?

The composition of the thread and the variety of colors allow you to create any warm thing: soft sweaters and sweaters, comfortable dresses and sundresses, all kinds of hats, scarves, mittens, mittens, socks, slippers and more.

Yarn consumption depends on the size of the product and the volume of the pattern. On average it turns out to use:

  • for a women's sweater - about 500 gyarn;
  • for a men's sweater - 600-800 g;
  • for a children's sweater (up to 3 years old) - about 200 g;
  • set of hat and scarf - up to 400 g;
  • plaid size 1 square. m - about 600 g.

Based on the characteristics, we can conclude that Alize Lanagold is a fairly versatile yarn and easy to use. The elastic thread practically does not delaminate during the knitting process, the pattern is uniform and pronounced. All you need is the right knitting needles or crochet hook and basic knitting skills.

alize lanagold

Customer reviews of Alize yarn

Customers, whose choice was the yarn for hand knitting from "Alize", speak about it quite positively. Practicality is most often noted: since the thread is not 100% wool, the products roll less, are more durable and resistant to wear. The threads do not shed, suitable for machine washing on a delicate cycle.

Yarn "Alize Lanagold" holds the shape of any pattern well, even braids and plaits. This is facilitated by its springy structure. The drawing is voluminous and airy. Since the yarn is not prickly, you can knit baby clothes from it (they will not create discomfort for the baby).

It is also noted that the thread is tightly twisted, does not deform when the product is unraveled, is obedient in work, and does not become electrified. Suitable for machine and hand knitting.

Customers are pleasantly pleased with the "price-quality" ratio of yarn - from 140 rubles. per skein.

Special attention deserves a variety of color palettes:the shade can be chosen for every taste - from bright to muted pastels.

what to knit with yarn

This product allows you to be in trend. Knitted items are especially popular now: short dresses, oversized sweaters, ponchos, capes, snood scarves, cardigans and even accessories. Even girls who are far from this business begin to master the art of knitting. This is because it will allow you to create a unique thing that is suitable in all respects, which is not found in wide production. In addition, this is an opportunity to make an individual gift and just please loved ones.

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