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Wish tree - we take a step towards the fulfillment of desires. How to make a wish tree?
Wish tree - we take a step towards the fulfillment of desires. How to make a wish tree?

It is human nature to dream and plan for the future. Without this it is impossible to live fully, because then there will be nothing to strive for. At all times, people have been looking for ways by which their desires will be fulfilled quickly and accurately. Fairy tales and legends are a true confirmation of this, they always have a place for miracles that occur with the assistance of a magical thing. Today, it has become popular to have a wish tree that helps to fulfill all our plans. There are many options for creating it, and in this article we will consider the most popular of them.

wish tree

DIY Wish Tree

The easiest way is to make such a tree using a simple drawing technique. To do this, prepare the following materials: paper, colored pens, felt-tip pens or pencils. Then draw a beautiful plant with large fruits or leaves,that need to be left blank - do not shade. On them (leaves or fruits) you need to write all your most cherished dreams and wait for them to come true. But some lucky ones still advise taking feasible steps to realize their plans, then wishes come true faster. You can also use ready-made projects - the wish tree, the template of which is presented below, is perfect for such purposes.

wish tree template

Holiday tree

On holidays, people especially believe in miracles, so it is at this time that many traditional rituals related to improving well-being are performed. Today, a wonderful tree is becoming an essential attribute of any celebration. It is created for a birthday, making a frame from the simplest materials, such as paper or wire, and replacing the leaves with rhinestones, beads or sparkling jewelry. In the New Year, such a tree is replaced with a traditional Christmas tree, also tying ribbons on it with a description of their dreams. A wedding wish tree can be drawn by replacing the traditional wish book for guests. The simplest technique for making such a masterpiece is presented below.

DIY wish tree

Steps in creating a wedding tree

  1. It is necessary to prepare whatman paper or canvas, its size will depend on the number of those present at the celebration. If there are too many invitees, then you can make several blanks, for example: for relatives, for friends, for colleagues, etc.
  2. Apply a bright sketch of a plant to the base by fillingthe rest of the space with images of the sun, flowers, birds, rainbows, etc. The picture should turn out to be very positive and kind. You can entrust such a responsible task to professional artists, because the created exclusive masterpiece will be stored in the family archive for a long time.
  3. Prepare paint containers (preferably smaller, but more units) or ink pads, as well as wet wipes or towels. It is better to choose paints that are safe to avoid allergic reactions in guests.
  4. Ask all participants in the wedding celebration to leave a print of their palm or finger on the sketch - in the places of the alleged leaves or fruits (depending on the theme of the picture). If guests leave a palm print, then it is better to choose light shades of any color so that the inscription can be distinguished.
  5. On their palm print, all those present write wishes, and next to the contour of the finger they leave only their names.
  6. After the completion of this ceremony, which should take place to the appropriate music and be accompanied by the comments of the toastmaster, the sketch is framed and given to the young.
wedding wish tree

Beaded Wish Tree

To create such a tree, the following materials are needed: wire, beads, pliers, a container imitating a flower pot, and glue. The stages of work on such a masterpiece are presented below:

  1. It is necessary to make blanks (twigs) - string beads on the wire, placing it in the middle of the cut piece. The number of beads on each blank dependson the size of the future tree.
  2. Twist the ends of the wire so that you get a loop of beads with a long twisted "tail".
  3. Connect all the loops on the base (trunk), which is made of twisted wires of a larger diameter. Straighten the loops (twigs). The splendor of the "crown" will depend on the number of blanks used.
  4. In a container that will serve as an imitation of a flower pot, pour beads and pour glue. "Plant" the tree and let the structure dry.
  5. Spread all the loops-leaves and decorate the container with beads or rhinestones.

Such a wish tree can be presented as an exclusive souvenir to friends and acquaintances.

Real specimens

In many countries there are living trees that help people - fulfill their desires. Usually these are powerful and beautiful plants located in a park or resort area. Shreds with cherished desires are tied on their branches, and money is thrown to the roots so that the plan is fulfilled faster. Many make pilgrimages to such sacred places, believing that this is a more effective way to bring their desires closer. The most famous of them are described below.

  • Money oak in Scotland, on the island of Mary. People put small coins in its bark and ask the tree to fulfill its plan faster.
  • Perhaps the oldest wish tree is in India. Its dimensions are so large that a dozen adult men cannot grasp it. Multi-colored ribbons are tied on the branches of this giant, and in its bark you can see not onlycoins, but also small figurines!
  • In the Maldives, a tree grows, to which those who wish to have a child come. It is so ancient that it is impossible to distinguish the roots from the branches on which colored patches are tied.

You can create a wonderful tree in your garden or apartment, choosing the he althiest and strongest plant for this. Ribbons with desires are tied to it on significant dates for the family, and a symbolic “sacrifice” is brought to the roots. It is believed that such a tree helps and serves as a talisman for all family members.

tree of desires from beads

Helpful advice

The wish tree should always have roots, as they symbolize the power of the plant and its connection with the energy of the earth. If this rule is neglected, then the fulfillment of a desire may be delayed for a long time or never come true. After all, if there are no roots, then where to get the strength to implement what was planned?

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