Felt hairpin: master class
Felt hairpin: master class

This article offers a master class on making felt hairpins with your own hands. Creating such a decoration in the form of various colors is quite simple, if only there would be felt and a little free time. A step-by-step description of the technology will tell you how to make a felt hairpin correctly and quickly.

Tools and materials

Before you learn how to make a felt hairpin, you need to prepare the following materials:

  • felt pastel shades (you can use any color);
  • scissors;
  • pencil;
  • glue gun;
  • hair clips.

If you wish, you can make hairpins or elastic bands from felt in bright colors.

felt hair clip

It all depends on your preference and taste.

Felt rose hairpins: master class

  1. With a pencil or pen, draw the blank on the felt in the form of a wavy spiral two centimeters wide and approximately fifteen centimeters in diameter.
  2. Next, carefully cut the spiral along the previously drawn lines with scissors.
  3. Start twisting on the outside of the spiral where the waves are bigger.
handmade felt hairpins

Then roll into a flower-shaped wavy spiral. During folding, it is necessary to firmly fix the craft, otherwise it may unwind.

  1. Increase the span of the petals while folding from the middle to the outer edges. If necessary, you can pull out the petals. This will allow you to open the flower a little and expand it.
  2. When you have finished folding the petals, you need to apply a little hot glue to the underside of the felt and secure the craft.
  3. It remains to put a drop of hot glue on the back of the flower and stick it on the hairpin.
felt hairpins master class

A variety of chic rose-shaped felt hair clips are created in a similar way. Your painstaking work on the product is complete.

What do you need?

To make a summer felt hairpin, you will need to prepare a standard set of materials:

  • yellow and green one millimeter thick felt;
  • needle and thread;
  • metal hair clip;
  • scissors;
  • roller knife;
  • glue gun.

Felt Dandelion

If you have prepared everything you need, then let's get to work:

  1. The first thing you should do is cut a strip of yellow felt eight centimeters wide and thirty centimeters long. Bend this strip in half and use a simple pencil or chalk to mark the future stitch line.
  2. Using a needle and thread, sew exactly the line along the previously marked line. Then cutextra thread.
  3. Take the scissors and make cuts along the entire length of your workpiece to a depth of about 0.3 centimeters. Incisions are made from the edge of the fold and are limited to one centimeter from the edge of the strip. Thus, you have marked the border beyond which you cannot cross.
  4. Cut your strip slowly so that everything is neat, nice and even.
  5. After everything is ready, carefully apply hot glue. Then twist your strip at the base as tight as possible.
  6. Glue the beginning of the strip well, and then twist it step by step, applying glue along the entire length of the edge.
felt hairpins

Make sure the base stays level. Since the lower edge of the strip along its entire length should be at the same level from turn to turn, without any offsets

Some recommendations

  • Glue should be applied carefully near the lines you marked with a pencil for easy cutting.
  • The strip of felt should be well twisted and carefully fixed.
  • Cut all the resulting loops at the upper base. A job that requires scrupulousness and care, but is practically not time-consuming and easy to perform.
  • Try to cut so that both halves are the same length. It will not be difficult to do this if, at the time of cutting, pull each of the loops up a little.

Making leaves

Despite the fact that the made dandelion looks quite realistic, it clearly lacks leaves.Therefore, on paper, draw by hand the intended outline of the leaf. Then transfer the outlines to a sheet of green felt and cut with scissors.

After the leaves are cut out, place them on a piece of slightly lighter green felt and sew down the middle. Remove excess threads and cut off the lower light green layer of the leaf at a distance of one millimeter from the top layer.

Final Assembly

After the flower and leaves are ready, you need to go back a little and cut off part of the stem of the flower. It was the part that we smeared with glue and twisted into a tight roll. We will cut right below the line. This is best done with the sharp blade of a retractable knife. You need to remove everything superfluous so that no more than five millimeters remain from the incised petals.

Now you need to attach the leaves, after which your charming yellow dandelions will be finally assembled. However, the task, in addition to making flowers, is to create a hair clip from the resulting bouquet. Therefore, we will continue to work further.

  • Glue the leaves to the base of the flower. It is necessary to attach two leaves to each flower. One is large, the other is smaller.
  • Now measure the diameter of the dandelion stem. It is of this diameter that you will need to cut a circle from yellow felt. Use this circle as a cover to hide all the rough work. Apply glue to the circle piece and stick it on.
  • The final step of your work will be gluing the metal hair clip. Since the base of our felt flower is quite small, thenwe will stick the clip on one of the leaves.
  • Place the clip so that it is not visible from the front top side of the hairpin. In the process of gluing, it is advisable to use a hot gun with silicone rods.

Final stage

Having mastered the technique of making such a flower, you will understand that a felt hairpin is quite easy to make and can be done by beginners and high school students.

felt hair clips

Together we tried to make felt hairpins. As you can see, the work on the product is simple and interesting. However, this hobby will require accuracy, effort and a sufficient amount of time from you. However, all these efforts are worth it so that the original and delightful hairpins sparkle in your hair with chic. Therefore, if today you had an evening free from household chores and troubles, then why not please yourself or your loved ones?

Make beautiful felt flower hairpins with your own hands and give joy to others and yourself!

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