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DIY felt pillows: ideas, patterns, manufacturing steps
DIY felt pillows: ideas, patterns, manufacturing steps

Sometimes, to do something with your own hands, you do not need to have a lot of needlework experience or talent. Often just wanting is enough. With the help of simple shreds of fabric, you can create stylish accessories for your home interior. After all, things created by one's own hands, firstly, save the family budget, and secondly, they look much nicer, because a piece of the master's love is invested in them.

Pillows have long been used not only for sleeping, but as interior decor. They can be scattered on the sofa, near the fireplace, laid out on chairs. Many people think of the word “pillow” in their head with a picture of an ordinary square or rectangular thing stuffed with filler and with a pillowcase on top. But that hasn't been the case for a long time. In the same article, we will talk about completely different pillows, beautiful and stylish decor elements.

It can be knitted, felted from wool, and also sewn with your own hands. A felt pillow made in the form of any animal, car or cartoon character can revivechildren's room.

pillow dog
pillow dog

Materials for making

To create a felt pillow with your own hands you will need:

  • Felt in various colors and thicknesses.
  • Needle.
  • Threads to match the felt.
  • Scissors.
  • Pillow pattern.
  • Self-disappearing marker.
  • Filler (sintepuh, synthetic winterizer).

It will also take a couple of hours of free time and inspiration.

About felt

This is a fairly versatile material. Christmas tree decorations, dolls, cases for phones and tablets are sewn from it. A huge plus of felt, in comparison with ordinary fabrics, is that its edges do not crumble when cut. It is perfect for sewing pillows. As a rule, felt is sold in sheets of 20x30 cm in size (it can vary in size both up and down). Its thickness is from 0.5 mm to 4 mm. The structure is hard or soft. May have different compositions. It is better to sew a felt pillow with your own hands from a soft material, and make all applications from a hard one.

On the shelves of stores you can find felt from different producing countries - these are China, Korea, Spain, America and others. The choice of material for the manufacture of a pillow must be approached with all seriousness, since not only the appearance of the product, but also the he alth of the child will depend on this.

Felt producing countries

Chinese felt among needlewomen is not in great demand due to poor quality: pellets quickly appear, and it is quite loose, often, pulling the segment in different directions, it canbreak. Of all the above types, Chinese is the cheapest. It is he who can most often be seen on the shelves of small handicraft shops. When sewing, if you place the thread close to the edge, it may break through the fibers of the felt. Its only advantage is the price.

South Korean felt is slightly more expensive than Chinese, but much better quality. It does not fluff during operation, more dense, unlike Chinese. In Russia, it is considered the most bought among needlewomen. More expensive than Chinese. Korean felt is 100% eco-polyester, so it is hypoallergenic. It is made from recycled plastic bottles.

Spanish felt is more expensive than the previous two. Available in several variations - woolen, half-woolen, polyester. Pleasant to the touch. Here you need to approach the choice very carefully, since felt containing wool can cause allergies in children and adults.

American is available in the following variations: wool blend and polyester. It is very soft and pleasant to work with. The heart of many needlewomen belongs to him. The cost is very expensive. But those craftswomen who have tried American felt at least once in practice no longer work with any other kind.

Pillow design ideas

The product can be decorated with flowers, inscriptions. For a children's room, the design of a pillow in the form of cute pets - dogs, cats, pigs - will be quite relevant. With a child, you can even additionally engage in while playing with a pillow. For example, if there is a pig applique on it, thenyou can ask the child what sounds he makes. Then you can ask the baby to show the nose, mouth, eyes and ears of the animal.

So, for example, you wanted to sew a pig pillow out of felt. This can be done in two ways - it will be round, in the shape of a head, with ears sewn on top. Eyes and a patch will be sewn on in the form of appliqués or you can embroider them with threads. Another option - on a pillow of a square or rectangular shape, just an application in the form of a cute pig will flaunt. In terms of manufacturing complexity, they are approximately equal.

pig pillow
pig pillow

Steps of sewing a pillow

For example, let's take the easiest to make - with an application. Let's say this is a felt cat pillow, or, for example, an owl. First you need a pattern. It can be found on various needlework sites, you can also make it yourself.

felt cat pillow
felt cat pillow

For the base, it is better to take a thick felt. This material will make your pillow last longer. Application can be done with thinner felt. On it, with a self-disappearing marker, you need to circle the pattern, then cut it along the contour. First, the details of the future pig are sewn onto one side of the pillow, and only then the two details are sewn together. Next, it needs to be stuffed through an unsewn edge. And only then flash to the end. You can process the edges both manually and on a sewing machine. If necessary, small parts that are inconvenient to sew on are glued.

owl pillow pattern
owl pillow pattern

Developing felt pillows

They are sewn by analogy withchildren's books. Now such pillows are gaining huge popularity. After all, every mother wants her child to develop properly.

It looks like an ordinary pillow, but with various developing or removable elements. You can sew zippers, buttons, laces and other details on it with which it will be interesting to play with a small child. The kid will be interested in bright elements, and mom will have an extra five minutes of free time.

Developmental pillow
Developmental pillow

Letter-pillows made of felt with your own hands

They have become popular not so long ago, but have already gained worldwide popularity. They are used not only as interior decor, but also at photo shoots. Also, such a pillow can be a great gift for a baby's birthday. It will fit well into any interior.

The question of how to sew a decorative pillow is solved quite simply. First you need to draw a pattern on paper. Then circle it on the felt. You should get two pieces. Sew them together with a buttonhole seam (or on a sewing machine). When the letter is almost completely stitched, it must be filled with filler and sewn to the end. By the way, before sewing two parts together, one of the sides can be decorated in advance with some kind of appliqué.

As a rule, only the first letter of the name is sewn. You can, of course, sew a whole word - it all depends on the imagination of the master, on the amount of materials available and free time.

letter A from felt
letter A from felt

Pillow care

First of all, you need to periodically clean them stickyroller for clothes and shake off the dust. After the hand-sewn felt pillows are placed in the interior, they may get dirty after a while.

Felt pillow with appliqué
Felt pillow with appliqué

In case the pollution is quite strong, then you need to rub the stain with a damp cloth (without alcohol). If this method does not help, then, in extreme cases, you can wash the pillow with baby soap. To do this, gently lather the place of contamination and rub it with your hands. You can also use baby dish detergent. Then rinse thoroughly with running water. Dry flat.

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