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How to make a felt garland
How to make a felt garland

A felt garland can be made according to the simplest patterns. It is enough to prepare the necessary material and tools and a non-standard decoration for any holiday is ready. The material for making this type of decoration is just perfect, as it is easy to process, can be used for a long time, looks beautiful and original.

Felt garland features

Soft and voluminous decorations made from a special fabric, namely felt, have become popular recently. Needlewomen immediately drew attention to such a fashionable trend and began to actively experiment with designs, shapes, sizes, and functional features. A felt garland has a lot of advantages over many analogues:

  • After active and prolonged use does not lose its aesthetically attractive appearance.
  • Not afraid of mechanical stress, as the base material is very strong and dense.
  • The product looks very original and unusual, it stands out from the background of the most expensive jewelry.
  • You can make a garland according to your preferences and design ideas.
  • Can be used fordecoration for the holidays, used in the daily arrangement of the room.
basic set of materials

The list of features can be continued for a long time, since the number of points is determined by the specific "model" of the garland and its elements.

Which holidays can be decorated with a felt garland

There are about 5 significant holidays per year for each person or family. Each option has its own external differences. A felt garland can be used to decorate these holidays:

  • New Year, Christmas.
  • Birthday of any family member.
  • Valentine's day, angel's day.
  • 8 March or Defender of the Fatherland Day.
  • Wedding Anniversary.
  • Discharge from the hospital.
  • Return from a long trip or army.

Felt decor with simple motifs can be used to decorate children's rooms. A textile garland will be the perfect decor-toy for a baby crib. At the same time, children can safely play with the decor item, without fear of damaging or breaking such an original toy.

A personalized felt garland is a versatile type of decoration that can be used for birthdays, for everyday decorating a room in the context of other holidays. By placing this design option above the bed, you can give the interior of the rooms a certain comfort, charm and originality.

What kind of felt can be used to make holiday decor

To make the product neat and beautiful,it is necessary to choose the right base material. There is a huge variety of types of felt, where each option differs in density, namely thickness. To make a garland of felt, you can use just a few types:

  • Woolen. Very warm but scratchy. It is not used for the manufacture of decorative items, as it is very wrinkled, frizzy, shaggy, shrinks after washing, loses color. A significant nuance is the high cost. This version of the material is used to make practical things.
  • Semi-woolen. Pleasant to the touch, does not shaggy and does not shrink after washing. Has a huge variety of colors. Suitable for making small figurines and decoration. The texture is soft, so the product may lose its original shape over time.
  • Acrylic. Synthetic type of felt. Suitable for making small things, as it is pleasant to the touch, has many colors, is easy to process, and is cheap. The disadvantages are: fragility, thinness of the canvas, short periods of use.
  • Polyester. Cheap, durable, easy to handle, good to wear and use. Cons: 100% synthetic fiber that can show through if colors are too light.
  • Viscose. Used to create small items. Easy to clean, strong, easy to work with, soft. Problems with shapes and colors may occur during washing, special conditions regarding care must be followed.
kind of felt

The best option forthe manufacture of garlands will be polyester felt. Polyester material looks attractive, there are many colors, it is easy to work with, easy to care for and use.

What additional materials should be used in the process of creating decorations

Making a beautiful, bright and functional garland of felt with your own hands is quite simple if additional decorative materials are used:

  • Satin or nylon ribbons are used as a basis, namely a stretch, for fastening the elements of a garland. You can use ribbons to create bows or loops for each toy.
  • Beads, beads and glass stones are wonderful decorative materials that can be embroidered all over the surface of each figure. Rhinestones can be an alternative.
  • Other types of textiles. Relevant is jeans, mesh, lining fabric. Leather or metal parts can be used. Knitted parts and yarn are often used.
  • Various fittings: zippers, rivets, buttons, hooks.

Depending on the further purpose of the garland, New Year's tinsel, sweets, fresh flowers can be used. These additions are temporary.

Types of felt garlands: shapes, designs and functionality

Conventionally, garlands can be divided into voluminous and flat in appearance. According to the type of mounting on horizontal and vertical. If we talk about the complexity of the elements of the garland itself, then there may be complex and simple shapes and figures. The same applies to color design.

Flat garlands are a strip on which the simplest geometric shapes of different colors are sewn or strung. Volumetric - similar to flat products, but each element is a part of two parts, sewn together and stuffed with filler.

Horizontal versions of products are more common - they are easier to mount and they look more advantageous against the backdrop of festive decor. Vertical ones are more original in design. One curly element is sewn onto the lace, ribbon. You can string a few beads or pebbles.

Features of working with felt

Several benefits of working with felt:

  • The garland pattern turns out to be very neat, without disheveled cuts and edges. No basting required.
  • The basis of the material is soft, so it does not create discomfort in the process.
  • Making patterns is easy due to the simultaneous elasticity and resistance to deformation of the felt web.
  • The fabric has no wrong side, which simplifies the process of stitching and selection of elements and parts of one pattern.

The resulting elements for creating garlands look neat and attractive.

Options for creating an everyday garland

A personalized felt garland is considered a universal option, which can be made with the following tools and materials:

  • Several sheets of felt of different or the same color.
  • Scissors, thread with a needle.
  • Sintepon or holofiber.
  • Ribbon or string.
  • Chalk or pencil.

How to doa felt garland for a nursery or girl's room in a few hours.

name garland
  1. Fold each sheet of felt in half and sketch letters.
  2. Cut out the sketches with scissors. You should get 2 parts of one letter.
  3. Use a needle and thread to sew two parts of one letter. As stitching, voids are filled.
  4. Ready-made three-dimensional letters are sewn to a ribbon or lace. The garland is ready.

Additionally, each letter can be embroidered with beads or sequins.

Making a Christmas garland from soft material

New Year's decorations made of felt are topical due to the fact that such a toy will not break, can be any figure, is environmentally friendly and can be made independently. This is also the New Year's garland made of felt, which can be made with the same tools as the nominal one. Additionally, you can take sequins, New Year's tinsel.

The principle of manufacturing does not differ from the nominal garland. The peculiarity lies in the choice of the figures themselves. Relevant are: snowman, boots, lollipop hook, Christmas tree, Santa Claus, asterisk, Snow Maiden, house, angel, snowflake, Christmas hat.

options for figurines for the New Year's garland

It is not necessary to make such garlands voluminous. You can cut a figure out of the material, make holes at the top. Pass the tape through the holes, which will be the main fastening of the entire structure.

Swivel letter garland for everyday room decor

Forfor a teenage girl, a vertical garland-letter made of felt will be an ideal room decoration. You need to prepare the following materials:

  • Felt sheet.
  • Ribbon.
  • Thread with a needle.
  • synthetic winterizer

The principle of making letters:

  1. First, a sketch is made. It is worth making the first letter of the name. You can use Latin.
  2. Fold a sheet of felt in half and use chalk to sketch the future product.
  3. Sew two parts of the part with an edge seam. Fill the gradually formed voids with padding polyester.
  4. Sew the ribbon to the letter, leaving the tip 20-22 cm long. From it it will be possible to form a bow, which will be placed on top of the part.

Such a product can be tied to the head of the bed, a carnation in the wall, above the window. Lots of use cases.

Garland toy for the little ones: manufacturing and decoration principles

The crib felt garland is a great alternative to poor quality plastic toys. To make you will need:

  • Several sheets of colored felt.
  • Lace or ribbon.
  • Metal spheres with small spheres inside are an alternative to bells.
  • Tools for cutting and sewing.

Production features:

  1. Cut out various geometric shapes from sheets of felt. It is advisable to make one blank for 1 figure from 4 sheets of different colors.
  2. Sew along the edges of the figure, forming a 4-piece element. In the process of stitching in the middleinsert a bell. Immediately it is worth penetrating the element with a lace.
  3. Sew ribbons to each figurine.
garland for kids

If you hang such a garland over the crib, then the baby, pulling the ribbons, will be able to hear the ringing of the bell. Additionally, each figurine will rotate, changing colors.

Felt birthday decoration according to the simplest manufacturing pattern

For the birthday of an adult and a child, you can make a garland of felt with a different set of figures. Often congratulations and age are written on the product. Most often, flat elements are made for a garland.

How to make a simple felt birthday garland:

  1. Cut out geometric shapes of the same size from multi-colored felt. it can be triangles, circles, squares, rectangles.
  2. Determine the top and bottom of the figure at the top, make 2 holes in the corners. Tape will be threaded through these holes.
  3. From felt of a different color, cut out letters to create a name, the inscription "Happy Birthday" or numbers to recreate the age, date of birth. Blanks are sewn or glued to flat figures.
birthday decoration

The garland resembles a rope with colorful flags with an inscription. You can dilute the simplicity of the garland with the help of voluminous felt figures of cake, cake, gift, flowers.

Homemade Valentine's Day Decoration from Stripes

To decorate the room for a party or a romantic dinner onholiday of all lovers, you can also make a simple pendant from felt hearts. How to make a felt heart garland:

  1. Cut strips of red felt 15 cm long and 5 cm wide.
  2. Cut out miniature hearts of various shapes and sizes from the leftovers.
  3. Sew the strips on one side. From the second side, fold the strips towards the already fixed side.
  4. String small hearts on a thread.
  5. Thread red yarn into a large needle and string hearts from strips. You need to thread the elements from the side. Sew hearts strung on a thread to the hearts.
blanks for garlands

A simple and elegant love garland is ready.

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