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Irises from corrugated paper: a master class and recommendations
Irises from corrugated paper: a master class and recommendations

This beautiful flower can be seen in the garden, greenhouses and outdoors. Let's try to make corrugated paper irises together and enjoy their beauty all year round. The master class proposed in the article will help you understand this simple and interesting process.

Required tools and materials

Before you decide to make such beautiful flowers, you should stock up on the necessary materials listed below. And also see how irises are made from corrugated paper. The master class proposed in the article highlights the sequence and nuances of your future work. For her you will need:

  • sheet of plain paper;
  • corrugated paper;
  • glue;
  • wire;
  • scissors;
  • knitting fluffy thread;
  • tape tape;
  • stem rod.

Start making corrugated paper irises: master class

corrugated paper irises

If you have prepared everything you need, then let's get started. The process will not be difficult:

  1. To make corrugated paper irises, you must first prepare templates: the most pointed is a small petal, the middle one is teardrop-shaped and the large one is round.
  2. To make iris in natural colors, you need to take blue, blue or purple paper. Cut out blanks of the required shape in 3 pieces and gently stretch them over the edges. Please note that corrugated paper does not stretch in four, but only in two directions. As a result, outline the template so that it can be stretched as much as possible along the side contours.
  3. To create the correct flower shape, you need to attach a thin wire to each petal, leaving tails at the base.
  4. One should take into account the peculiarity of irises - yellow fluff on large petals. Fluff can be made with finely chopped fluffy thread.
  5. Next, apply a bead of glue in the middle of three large petals and sprinkle fluff on top. Make the iris more natural by painting its petals with light paint. Strokes should be light and superficial.
corrugated paper irises master class

Thinking about how to properly collect corrugated paper irises? The master class explains in detail the sequence of the necessary work. Most importantly, follow a clear chronology of description, and the work will be easy and interesting. So let's continue:

  • First connect the smallest petals together. Then add medium ones between them, and attach the largest ones below.
  • The final stage is the formation of a flower withstem. Wrap green tape around the remaining ends of the wire and the rod.
corrugated paper irises master class

If you don't have crepe paper, you can use crepe paper. The technology for making iris will be similar. The crepe material is thinner, and the petals are more elegant. Therefore, the crepe paper iris will come out tender and beautiful.

The use of different materials in the manufacture of a bouquet of flowers affects the final result. Experiment, don't stop at certain materials and maybe you will discover something new in creating beautiful bouquets of flowers.

crepe paper irises

Creating "sweet" irises from corrugated paper: a master class

To make beautiful will be with your own hands - everyone can do it. The main thing is your desire and intention to create beauty. If you are full of creative enthusiasm, then we are ready to offer an original and "delicious" work.

Let's consider an interesting technique where corrugated paper irises will be with a sweet surprise, namely, sweets. List of what you need to make your irises:

  • corrugated paper - green, white and lilac;
  • threads;
  • scissors;
  • piece of cloth;
  • flower tape;
  • candy;
  • stick or skewer;
  • nippers for trimming the sharp ends of sticks.

Making flowers

candy and crepe paper irises

And now let's start creating irises from sweets andcorrugated paper:

  1. Cut rectangles and fold in half lengthwise. Then cut out the desired petal shape.
  2. Take the fabric and put the petal folded in half into it so that the fold of the fabric exactly coincides with the bend of the petal. Then press it firmly against the table with your hands. Pull the fabric by turning it around the axis. Remove the petal from the fabric, it should be rounded and slightly wrinkled.
  3. Gently unfold the petal and stretch it along the edge. This should be done with all the petals. For one flower, you need six of them. For iris sepals, you need 2 small leaves and 1 large. The leaves should be the same length as the future flower.
  4. Take the candy and attach it to the stick using floral tape. Instead of the latter, you can use corrugated paper. In this case, you will need glue.
  5. First, wrap the petal tightly with a few turns of thread. Then with floral tape.
  6. Attach the second and third petal in the same way. In principle, the manufacturing process of crepe paper iris is very similar to cloth flowers.
  7. The fourth, fifth and sixth petals are your bottom petals, fasten them in the same way as the previous ones. You need to fasten in a checkerboard pattern.
  8. Next, attach the sepal with floral tape. Then, in the intervals between the petals, you should wind the second petal. The third sheet is the longest, you need to tuck and wrap the stem a little.
  9. Secure the leaves with floral tape so you don't have totuck. Secure the longest leaves with tape. They should be located above the inflorescence. Twist the ends of the leaves slightly.

Petals, if desired, you can tint with shadows. Using this technique, you can make both candy irises and other flowers. If necessary, the candy can be attached to the glue gun. Add a valuable investment to a bouquet of irises - buds with small sweets.

Final stage

As you can see, irises made from corrugated paper are easy to make. They can be collected in a bouquet and put in a vase or presented as a gift for any occasion.

If you have enough experience, you can try to make small bouquets and use as decoration for hair or clothes. The technique of their manufacture repeats most versions of the creation of field and cultivated flowers. Learn everything boldly and create original flower arrangements.

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