Paper Christmas tree: how to do it yourself, photo
Paper Christmas tree: how to do it yourself, photo

It's hard to imagine New Year's fun without a forest beauty. However, not everyone has a place or opportunity to put up a real Christmas tree. Artificial, on the other hand, looks unnatural, as a result of which the surroundings and individuality are lost. To make this New Year the most beautiful and original, needlewomen come up with interesting design solutions to replace the symbol of the holiday.

There are many variations. The most common question is: "How to make a Christmas tree out of paper with your own hands at no extra cost?". The answer is simple - use improvised materials and what you can find at home. Turn on your imagination, think about what you want to do and evaluate the items in the bins. Surely there will be found old magazines, newspapers or even colored paper. Colors, felt-tip pens, buttons, bells and everything that your ingenuity tells will be useful.

Helpful tips before you start

A Christmas tree made of paper has become widespread. How to make it is up to you, but try to follow the general rules for creating such toys:

  • Determine the form you want to receive. Most often, Christmas trees looktraditional triangle and cone. But if you want to create a unique design item, then pick up interesting models. For example, with a slope, with an unusual tip, in several tiers, round, etc.
  • The color scheme does not have to be standard. Few people can be surprised by a green Christmas tree, but yellow, blue, white or blue - please.
  • After you have outlined what the toy will look like, consider the technique. How to make a Christmas tree out of paper so that it survives all the holidays and does not fall apart under its own weight? There are many mounting options: on the frame, on adhesive tape, on glue, monolith.
  • The final chord is the decoration of the top. Today it is fashionable to attach symbolic things to the dome. So, a family expecting a baby puts an angel there, who want to expand their housing - a house, etc.
paper tree how to make

Creating the base for the Christmas tree

You can use a store-bought styrofoam cone, a folded part of a bottle and a paper sheet as a base. Here we will look at how to make a paper cone for the Christmas tree, which will be the basis for almost all masterpieces.

To do this, you will need thick cardboard, tape or glue, scissors and compasses. Measure the height of the future beauty on the compass and draw a quarter circle on the prepared cardboard. For ease of attachment, leave a small allowance. Now connect two straight lines and secure with glue or tape. This will become the foundation. How to make a Christmas tree out of paper. The photo below will tell you where to start.

how to make a christmas treefrom paper

One or more glued wooden skewers can be used as a tree leg. Now you can start decorating the cone. The easiest way is to wrap it with tinsel with a slight slope and fix it with glue.

Toilet paper Christmas tree

Today, few people are surprised that a Christmas tree is made of paper. Few people know how to make such unique things. Imagine the surprise of the guests when they see the toilet paper beauty!

Instructions for creating:

  1. Cut off a piece of toilet paper.
  2. Cut out four half circles so that the radius of the next one is 0.5 cm smaller than the previous one.
  3. Shape them into four cones.
  4. To make the trees look fuller, cut the bottom of each with a fringe.
  5. Place one on top of the other, starting with the largest.
  6. Place them on the right size leg.

A simple and affordable way to create an original and fun decoration that will surprise guests.

Christmas tree with paws in the form of cones

Draw a circle with a compass and divide it into 12 equal sectors. Cut them along the marked lines so that you can easily form cones from them. Fasten them with a drop of glue or a small piece of thin tape. Such parts will need at least 10 pieces for the smallest Christmas tree. For big beauties, they need much more. Start your creativity with a small copy, and only then aim at the masterpieces of the "global scale". Each next circle should beslightly less than the previous one. Keep decreasing until the job becomes impossible.

how to make a Christmas tree out of paper

Use a thick wire or a skewer to fasten them together. The great advantage of wire is that it can be used to create a small base that will give the tree stability. Many are interested in how to make Christmas tree toys out of paper, because it is not able to withstand massive decorations. Consider gluing rhinestones and sequins, in some cases it can be plastic buttons. The surest option, suitable for any beauty, is decorating with paper toys or artificial snow, which can be purchased at hand made shops.

how to make a paper christmas tree

Herringbone with pointed ends

To create this design version, you will need thick colored paper. It is necessary to cut out even circles from it, which will differ in radius by about 0.5-1 cm. After that, fold each of them in half. The workpiece must be folded in half as long as possible. Carefully iron any wrinkles with your fingernails or scissors. It is important to achieve rigidity and understand the principle of how to make a Christmas tree out of colored paper. Now gently straighten the tier without straightening the resulting accordion. As a result, you should get a cone that looks like a wavy skirt. Do this for all the circles.

how to make paper Christmas toys

You can collect the resulting tiers on a skewer installed in a cork andfixed there with a solution of alabaster or ordinary plasticine. Attach beads, rain or other light decor to the paws. As a star, you can use a large shiny bead that will hide the tip of the wire or skewer.

Christmas tree that even a child can handle

Crafts with children are the best pastime in a quiet family circle. A modern 2D Christmas tree made from children's handprints is very easy to make, even schoolchildren can handle how to make a Christmas tree out of paper. Give your child colored paper and let him circle his pens. The more prints you get, the more magnificent the Christmas tree will be. You can do this with the whole family: circle the palm of a child, mom, dad. Get your grandparents involved in this. Think of class not as decoration but as a family reunion.

Cut out the resulting prints and place either on a large piece of whatman paper, or by clinging with glue one to one in the form of a cone with your fingers down. A Christmas tree made of paper looks very beautiful on the wall. How to do, figured out, now let's talk how to decorate it. To make it a masterpiece, use colorful paper, buttons, bows, hair clips and more.

Christmas tree from a magazine

Surely everyone has a stack of magazines hidden somewhere, which you are unlikely to use for their intended purpose. Fold all the pages into triangles, then turn the magazine inside out and glue the two outermost pages together. A big plus in such a Christmas tree is that it does not need any decor. Aesthetic appeal is achieved by the beautiful drawings that were on the pages.

how to make a christmas tree out of paper

The second option is also made from an old magazine. Instead of folding the pages, cut them into a pattern in the same pattern, such as several traditional triangles.

Herringbone quilling

Thanks to the quilling technique, a unique carved paper Christmas tree is obtained. How to make lovely curls, they will tell in master classes on this art. You can comprehend the secret in a few hours, a specialist will help you create a unique designer beauty.

Get creative with your kids. After that, they can take it to school and participate in a winter craft competition.

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