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Easy knitting for newborns: knitting hats and mittens
Easy knitting for newborns: knitting hats and mittens
knitting hats for newborns

Look at this adorable baby! He resembles a doll, and many women immediately have the desire, as in childhood, to dress him in small clothes. This article will describe in detail the knitting of knitting caps and mittens for newborns. Such a kit can be knitted very quickly - each item is literally within a few hours. It can also be made as a gift to the parents of a newborn child, because these things associated with love will be useful to the baby from the first days of life.

Knitting hats for newborns

  • With 3.5 mm needles, dial the number of loops that will correspond to the size of the head of a child of the age of three months - then it will last for a long time. This is approximately 35-37cm. Make the calculation depending on the thickness of the yarn.
  • Knit a rectangle in this pattern: alternate purl and front loops to the end of the row, do the same on the next row. You will get boucle knitting. For newborns, knitting caps should be knitted in such a way that they are very soft and pleasant to the touch. Therefore, be very careful in your choice.yarn. It is advisable to use natural fibers. Products should not have rough seams.
knitting hat pattern
  • After you knit 4 cm with a rice pattern, start alternating: 1st row - all front loops, 2nd row - all purl. So knit another 5 cm.
  • Start shaping the crown. The pattern for a knitted hat for a child is similar to the knitting pattern for an adult hat: divide the number of loops into 6 parts. Continue knitting, but through the row in each part, knit together 2 loops of the front. Thus, the canvas will decrease by 6 loops in every second row. Gradually, only 6 loops will remain, which should be knitted together.
  • Fix the thread and decorate the hat with decorative elements to your liking.
  • knitting hat pattern

Some subtleties

Children's hats with a funny knot on top look very cute. How to make it? After the knitting of the hats for newborns with knitting needles is completed, the last 6 loops should not be closed immediately, as in the previous model. Continue knitting the "cord" in stocking stitch. On the sides, the canvas will fold, resembling a tube. Knit about 8 cm and cast off. Tie a knot.

In addition, this model has a lapel, which is obtained due to the fact that the height of the rectangular part of the cap is increased by the desired amount of lapel. This approach is very practical - as the size of the cap can be adjusted as the child grows. Also, the lapel is useful if the knitted fabric suddenly stretches.- no need to bandage the item.

Mittens - knitting for newborns

You learned how to make hats with knitting needles, now try to knit a pair of mittens that a baby needs in the first months of life. Children do not yet know how to control the movement of their hands and can scratch themselves with their nails. A caring mother will prepare mittens in advance.

knitting for newborns

Take a closer look: the mitten resembles a miniature hat, so it needs to be knitted in the same way. The only difference is the size. Also, finishing the mitten, divide all the loops into 4 parts and gradually reduce their number. Close them all at the end.

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