Patterns for mittens. Patterns for knitting mittens (photo)
Patterns for mittens. Patterns for knitting mittens (photo)

It is unlikely that our harsh winters can do without mittens. They are simply indispensable in winter, they keep hands warm much better than any leather gloves. However, you can knit them in different ways. A bright ornament and an unusual pattern will make them a beautiful and spectacular element of the wardrobe. Let's figure out together how to knit mittens with a pattern.

A bit of history

patterns for mittens

Mittens with patterns were knitted in ancient times. Then the pattern on the mittens had a certain meaning. For example, a chain of rhombuses protected from dark forces and served as a "tree of life." The fish promised fertility next year, and also carried good. Drawings in the form of triangles, stars or birds served as a talisman. All kinds of crosses meant fire and the sun. The "rope" pattern promised longevity to the owner of such mittens. At that time, various ornaments were treated with great respect and reverence. It was a kind of language passed down from generation to generation. Such patterns for mittens - amulets - exist today, but people are not always aware of what they mean.

Preparing material

First you need to stock up on yarn for products. Suitable wool, acrylic, angora, mohair and so on. Suitable andplain thread, and melange yarn of various shades. However, if you want a jacquard pattern, then you need solid threads in two colors. Depending on the pattern, the yarn consumption will be different. It also depends on the density of the thread. Approximately one pair will need from 40 to 150 grams of yarn. You also need thin knitting needles - five pieces. You can also knit the base of the mitten on two knitting needles, but you will need three more for the finger.

What are the patterns for mittens

knitting patterns for mittens

If we talk about patterns, then most often they make a strip, an ornament or a jacquard. Of the relief patterns, braids and knobs are especially popular, a little less often - fringe and others. Especially in demand are mittens with an ornament. They present ethnic style or original Russian traditions - depending on the chosen pattern. And the ornament itself is like this:

1) A large, simple-looking design made with a contrasting thread in relation to the background.

2) Several motifs that are staggered or lined up on top of each other.

3) Stripes on a plain canvas.

Threads are always used in contrasting colors: black and white, dark red and yellow, and so on. Red and white and yellow and black patterns for mittens are at the height of fashion today. Often used and embroidery on top of a simple front surface with the addition of beads and sequins.

For beginners

how to knit mittens with a pattern

If you are knitting mittens for the first time, then you should not resort to complex patterns. The easiest way to tie the product with one threadmelange color. So the pattern will turn out automatically. You can use a strip or study pattern patterns for mittens. Knitting needles are easy to knit "cross elastic" - this is the simplest pattern. You will need to purl 3 rows and then knit 3 rows. The drawing will turn out to be voluminous and outstanding. You can also decorate mittens after knitting, for example, sew on funny pompoms from the same thread or a thread of a contrasting color. If you're looking for a more intricate pattern, use no more than two threads and start with a checkerboard pattern. It is very simple to perform it: knit three loops with a thread of one color, three loops of another, and so on. After three rows, swap colors.

Baby Models

pattern for mittens scheme

To make the mittens warmer, they can be made double-sided. If you knit for a child, then the inside can be knitted from grass-type yarn. So you imitate animal fur or fur that is pleasant to the touch. And at the same time warm the finished product. Do not forget to decorate the mitten by sewing knitted eyes on it, embroidering the nose and mouth with woolen threads. If you have enough imagination, you can even tie the ears, like a mouse. Eyes can be made from buttons or small beads. Even a child can help you with such decorations. You will not need patterns for mittens either. You can knit very simple, but original models with knitting needles.

Simple patterns for mittens

It's easy to make a mitten if you tie the palm and back parts separately, and then just stitch along the edge. Here you will use only the front surface and elastic oncuffs. One of the simplest patterns can be called "lazy jacquard". For him, you knit two rows from different balls. In this case, you will not get a simple strip, as it seems at first glance. You will pull the loops from the previous row in the desired alternation, which will give an unusual pattern. Unlike a regular jacquard pattern, the loops will not tighten at the back, which will allow you not to reduce the size of the mitten in the knitting process. Finally, if you want to make knitting even easier, tie the entire mitten with a regular elastic. It can be not quite ordinary, for example, French, Polish, oblique or any other. In this case, the mitten will fit any size, it is very comfortable to wear, as it fits tightly around the hand.

Summer Options

knitting patterns for mittens

Today, mittens are also summer, these are lace mitts that are knitted from a thin thread. The thread can be cotton or silk. It is important to choose a lace pattern here. However, you can tie such a model and crochet. Today, wedding models made in this vein are also popular. Such an accessory will make your ceremony unforgettable and spectacular.

The basic principle of knitting mittens

Usually they are knitted on four needles. First, for 5-6 centimeters, you knit with a regular elastic band, then there is any pattern for mittens you choose (patterns may be different) to the base of the thumb. To knit it, remove 8 loops on a pin, continue knitting in a circle. 3 centimeters before the end of the mitt, start decreasing on the sides, doing them evenly in each row, untilOnly 8 stitches remain. Now it's time to tie the finger. To do this, put the loops from the pins on the knitting needles and dial the same number of loops on top and 3 on the sides. Knit in a circle until you reach the middle of the nail. Now you need to make decreases on the sides until 4 loops remain. Knit them together. In the process of knitting, do not forget to try on mittens so that in the final version they fit you.


Mittens are not as difficult to knit as it might seem. Start with the front surface to master the shape, and then move on to more complex patterns. Remember that you can also decorate ready-made mittens, for example, with crocheted flowers. Patterns for knitting mittens with knitting needles do not end with those that we have already described, there are countless of them.

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