Three powerful Flame Dragon decks for Royal Clash
Three powerful Flame Dragon decks for Royal Clash

The popular game Clash of Clans has received a long-awaited continuation in the development of Supercell. The name of the new version of Clash Royale is a play on words: "Clash of Kings" or "Clash of Deck". Royale translates as "representative of the royal family", also a reference to the term of the poker card game Royale Flush, that is, "royal suit".

As the name suggests, Clash Royale is a multiplayer card game with strategy elements. You can install the program on iOS mobile devices through the AppStore or Google Play Market for the Android operating system.

fire dragon deck

Basic rules of the game

The meaning of the game is simple and uncomplicated. There are two enemy fortresses on the field. Each fortress has its own defenders: a custom deck with Flame Dragon and its characters from the Clash universe.The goal of each round is to destroy the opponent's fortification first. The player copes with the task faster, the deck of which is selected taking into account the weaknesses of the enemy and the characteristics of his own warriors. No more than 3 minutes are allotted for each fight.

The difficulty lies not in acquiring and improving your own cards, but in thinking over the battle strategy, compiling unique custom decks.

piano deck with fiery dragon

Clash collectible cards

Combat units in Clash Royale are various types of troops, spells, various military vehicles and buildings from the previous version of Clash of Clans. Cards are opened as you pass a certain number of arenas and receive bonuses for victories. Experience points earned in battles can be spent on leveling up and improving the characteristics of selected cards. To put a fighter on the playing field, you need to spend a few elixirs.

One of the favorite characters of the fans of the game is Inferno Dragon. The Flame Dragon Clash Royale deck is the most powerful combination. The description of the card itself states the following: "Shoots a concentrated fire beam. Damage increases over time. Wears a helmet - safety is paramount."

The flaming dragon is an air unit of troops with high ground-to-air damage. The use of a character requires the development of a special strategy. The features of the card must be taken into account when compiling "Royal" decks with the Flame Dragon and block its disadvantages by adding other fighters to the squad.

fire dragon clash deck

Custom deck specifications

As a rule, a deck contains up to 8 cards. The final version can be evaluated by the following characteristics:

  • Arena level where the collection can be used;
  • cost of landing troops on the battlefield;
  • average deck damage de alt to the royal tower and enemy troops;
  • Average life of cards in a deck.

To build a strong deck, you need to know the strengths and weaknesses of each playing card.

piano deck with fiery dragon

The most successful deck combinations

Let's look at the performance of the collection on the example of a deck with a fiery dragon.

The deck is made up of Minions, Baby Dragon, Skeleton Army, Witch, Princess, Fireball, Miner and Flame Dragon cards, worth 1 crown in the game. Combining Flame and Little Dragon cards is a good strategic move, they perfectly compensate for each other's shortcomings, providing high damage to a single target and a selected area. Minions are used to protect their own air units. The Fireball spell deals significant damage to the opponent's royal tower and any other structure.

The princess has a huge radius of destruction and can reach targets at the opposite end of the playing field. The Skeleton Army card always has advantages in combination with the Witch, which replenishes the army every 7 seconds by 3 units of newly raised warriors. Shakhtar's advantages are excellenthe alth, the ability to land a unit anywhere on the field.

In this deck, in addition to Princess, Baby Dragon and Minions, Flame Dragon is combined with Hellhound, Ice Wizard, Elixir Collector and Mega Minion. The Elixir Collector is a building that provides the player with additional units of potion to plant expensive cards, such as the Hellhound, which only attacks buildings. The combination of normal and improved cards in the game is called a double combo - Minion and Mega Minion, Small Dragon and Flame Dragon. The Ice Wizard slows the movement speed of enemy troops.

In the third example, Mini P.E.K.K.A cards appear. and spells Discharge, red-haired Woodcutter and Giant, Ice and Fire spirits. Mini P.E.K.K.A. - base game wars with high damage and low attack speed. The discharge has a large radius of destruction and is used against numerous armies. The Giant has a large amount of he alth, it can be used as a shield for valuable units or a ram for buildings. The Lumberjack is a truly legendary card, after the death of a unit, all nearby troops receive a boost charge. Ice and Fire Spirits die after the first attack, but the cards are convenient for the speed and cost of their landing. Explore the cards and enjoy the game!

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