Where to buy wire for beading
Where to buy wire for beading

Flowers and trees are made on the wire, some types of jewelry. Working with a hard base is quite suitable for beginners, as it is easier than with a needle, and even more so with a thin line.

Where to buy wire? Which is better? Which one is suitable for this or that thing and how to choose an analogue? All these questions concern the craftswomen, and we will try to answer them.

where to buy wire

Search and buy

The question of where to buy wire for beading in the shops of your city is better to ask on specialized forums for needlewomen. You can also ask on the social network.

The shop where you buy your beads may also know the answer. Or offer to bring the desired product under the order. Or maybe you just never noticed it in the window.

Rigid florist, which is suitable for flower stems, you can find in florist shops. Ask at the flower pavilion where they can buy wire. In some flower pavilions and shops, they will even sell you the necessary materials, although it will be more expensive.

Copper wire of various thicknesses and hardnesses can be wound from old transformers.Here you have to go for old parts to the ham radio market or gut the faulty equipment at home. True, in transformers, the wire is sometimes burned and blackened, which will be immediately visible on the product. Some craftswomen "extract" the necessary material from a new wire with a copper core, it can be purchased at any construction market.

Unpainted copper wire is visible on the folds and shows through light beads, so it is not suitable for all things. Some crafters solve this problem with nail polish, but if you want, you can find a special wire for weaving any color.

where to buy copper wire

It is best to buy materials in online stores. Ask your favorite search engine where to buy copper wire or silver wire, and there will be plenty of local and foreign sites to choose from. The cheapest materials are usually in Chinese stores. And their silver is also cheap.

What is it like

Silver wire will allow you to become a real jeweler, but it is worth training on cheaper materials. That is - on copper. Copper wire for beading comes in different sections. Rigidity depends on the thickness, and hence the convenience of work, but not always. If the manufacturer used special alloys, the metal will be sufficiently soft at any thickness. But as a general rule, the thicker your warp, the stiffer it is.

where to buy wire for beading

Where you are going to buy wire, it would be a good idea to contactseller and ask about its characteristics. The fact is that for some things you still need a very rigid base that will not deform when worn.

The most suitable wire is from 0.3 to 0.4 mm. Petals of flowers and trees, bijouterie are made from it. More plastic, hanging down elements are made of wire with a section of 0.2 mm, and with a thickness of 0.8 and more, you can make parts that hold their shape well (flower stems, earring hooks).

There are many places where you can buy colored wire, and it is from it that you will get the most beautiful things. The colored base sets off the beads, the silver one is suitable for multi-color compositions and light beads.

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