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Staff of Santa Claus with their own hands. How to make a staff from improvised materials?
Staff of Santa Claus with their own hands. How to make a staff from improvised materials?

New Year's holidays are always fun and a period of children's carnivals and matinees, where you can do without Baba Yaga, Koshchei and other fairy-tale characters, but it's impossible to have real fun without a smart Christmas tree and everyone's favorite Santa Claus. After all, it is to him that children with such enthusiasm write letters with requests to fulfill their most cherished dreams and give such coveted toys. And of course, such a long-awaited and welcome guest must have an appropriate outfit. So, in this article we will talk about how to make one of the most important accessories for this character, namely the real staff of Santa Claus.

santa claus staff

Image in detail

Well, what else makes this magical New Year's wish-fulfilling hero so fabulous and unrealistically bewitching? Probably everyone will agree that Santa Claus is a character with a thick white beard, in a chic velvet coat with white fur inserts and, of course, with this mysterious staff, which, as you know, can freeze anyone.

How to make a staff of Santa Claus?

This accessory can be created with your own hands, and for thisabsolutely no expensive materials are needed. First of all, you should choose a suitable frame, for example, a piece of plastic pipe or a handle for garden tools. In extreme cases, the staff of Santa Claus can be built from half-liter plastic bottles of mineral water tightly glued with adhesive tape. You will also need decorative items.

do-it-yourself staff of Santa Claus

Plastic bottles make a great frame

How to make a staff of Santa Claus from plastic bottles? Such an accessory is good because it is very light, which is quite important, because you will have to not only carry it with you, but also dance with it, and even lift it over your head during competitions.

So, based on the age of the actor who will have to play such an important role, they glue a certain number of bottles, after cutting off the neck from each of them. Approximately they will need about 15-18 pieces, and you also need a large skein of wide adhesive tape. The result should be a long plastic stick that will need to be decorated.

Shovel handle as the basis for a staff

How to make a staff of Santa Claus from a handle from an old shovel or mop handle? To slightly increase the product in diameter, its base can be wrapped with padding polyester or pasted over with foam rubber. After all the manipulations, it will be possible to start decorating.

how to make a santa claus staff

How to make a staff?

About what color Santa Claus's staff should be (it doesn't matter whether it will be made by hand or not), even knowschild. Naturally silver! And to give it such a specific icy look, the frame can be wrapped with ordinary baking foil or coated with spray paint.

The staff of Santa Claus (whose photo can be seen in this article) will not be real if it is not covered with snow. For this purpose, small foam balls or beads are ideal, which should be glued with a hot glue gun. Snow dusting can also be done like this: in several places, smear the staff with PVA glue and cover it with foam chips. When applying this method, it is very important to leave the product for some time to allow the composition to dry well.

Icicles from plastic bottles

The original tip for the staff can be made from an ordinary plastic bottle. A slightly bluish plastic is just perfect for this purpose. In order to create an ice composition, a figure in the form of a snowflake with a long stem is cut out of one bottle, and the other is cut so that a single neck remains, from which several strips of plastic hang along the edges. Both blanks are connected with glue. Next, you have to work a little with fire and melt the edges of the entire structure. The edges of the parts must be melted so that they do not change color, but are somewhat warped from exposure to heat. Such a composition will look original on the top of the staff, creating the illusion of icing.

santa claus staff photo

Christmas rain as the main staff decoration

How to make a staff of Santa Claus with your own hands usingNew Year's tinsel? Yes, very easy! It is worth noting that for this purpose it is better to choose a rain with a wire base so that it can be easily fixed on the frame of the staff. The tinsel is fixed at the very bottom, tied in a loop, and the staff is wrapped in a spiral to the very top. Moreover, the rain for such decoration can be taken in absolutely any color, but, of course, you need to take into account the color of Santa Claus's coat.

How to make a staff tip?

In order for the staff to come out complete, a tip must be attached to its top. It can be a huge sparkling snowflake, an icicle or a huge shiny star. This element is easy to make on your own, or you can simply pick up a suitable Christmas tree toy and attach it to the top of the staff. But you can make a little effort and build an original illuminated tip.

How to make backlight?

The luminous staff is a very original idea that will give the image a special magic. This detail will definitely not go unnoticed. So, to make a highlight, you need to choose the right tip for the staff. The so-called snow globe will look very unusual at the end of the staff, in which light bulbs are already built-in, powered by the simplest batteries and turned on by lightly pressing a button located somewhere on the side of the base.

santa claus staff with lights

Another option is a large transparent Christmas ball that can easily fit LED light bulbs from an ordinary children's toy. In the place of attachment of such a tip, it is quite easy to hide in tinsela box with batteries and contacts, but it is advisable to lower the switch to the level of the hand so that Santa Claus, by order of the children, can turn the backlight on and off. Using this idea, the program can be supplemented with magic contests from the main character at the matinee. Children will definitely like this part of the program, just like the well-known chant “One, two, three, Christmas tree - burn!”.

Fantasy is a great generator of ideas

It just so happened that the staff must be wrapped in a spiral. It doesn't matter what - with a ribbon, rain or small white snowflakes glued closely to each other. But it is this pattern that is associated not only with this bewitching wand, but also with the garlands hung on the Christmas tree. How to make a staff original? It’s just that unusual elements should be used in its decoration. Kids are sure to love the idea of ​​a glowing or tinkling staff. Bells tied to the edges of the ribbons and attached to the base at the point where the tip is attached are just a great option. And how to make a staff of Santa Claus with illumination has already been described above.

staff of Santa Claus collapsible

How about a folding staff?

Quite often, actors earn extra money by visiting children at home, and rushing around the city with a long stick in hand is not very convenient, especially if you have to travel by taxi. This problem can be solved, because you can make the staff of Santa Claus of a collapsible design. Such an accessory is easy to store right with a fur coat, hat and bag, because, unlike a solid stick, this option will not takea lot of space. How to make Santa's staff collapsible?

To create such an accessory, you will need to connect all your imagination. To make a frame, you will need plastic pipes, threaded couplings and, of course, a soldering iron to assemble all the parts together. This is the easiest way imaginable. The staff can be divided into three or four parts, depending on how tall it is. So, the pipe is cut or trimmed of the required size is selected and elements are soldered to them, allowing them to be twisted into one another. This is done with all the elements of the staff that will need to be connected together.

how to make a staff

How to decorate a folding staff?

When decorating such a staff, it is better not to use a spiral pattern, because if a strip of tape or tinsel of a contrasting color wrapped around it does not match the junction, it will not look quite harmonious. An excellent decoration option for such a staff is snowflakes glued to the base in a chaotic manner, but the top can be decorated as you like. The details of such a staff can be wrapped with synthetic winterizer or foam rubber, or you can leave everything as it is, just painting the frame with spray paint. The joints of all elements can be masked with New Year's tinsel.

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