The best poker books - list, features and reviews
The best poker books - list, features and reviews

Poker is one of the most popular games of chance. However, without the necessary knowledge, skills and, of course, practice, it will not be possible to achieve great success. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to the best representatives of educational literature.

However, the market for these books is quite extensive. Many authors offer their own strategies for playing, many of which may turn out to be losing. The article provides a list of the best poker books for beginners, according to feedback from users of the Global Network and readers.

The following literature is suitable for both beginners and those who have sufficient experience in this game.

"Poker" by Dmitry Lesnoy

The book was written in collaboration with Lev Natanson. Its main distinguishing feature is a very fascinating form of narration. All features of the gameplay are considered as detailed and accessible as possible. The same goes for the rules of poker itself. In one of the best poker books, the authors offer their readers tactics that are not only mathematically correct,but also verified.

Using these techniques will not only allow you to get enough practice in many variations of this game, but will also help you excel in full-fledged matches.

Dan Harrington

Harrington on Holdem

This game-specific tutorial comes in three fairly large volumes. All of them are recommended for tournaments. It can be noted that this is one of the best books about poker Hold'em. And this title is quite fair. The author is the tournament champion at the 1995 World Series. He is also the only player in the world who managed to reach the last table for two years in a row (2003, 2004).

The collection of volumes is recommended for mandatory reading for those who seek to achieve maximum results in a particular form of gambling. Today, these books have been translated into many languages ​​and have several reprints. From them you can learn not only the author's strategies, but also tricks and tricks, the success of which is confirmed by epochs.

Phil Gordon's Little Green Book

Phil Gordon's Little Green Book

This literature is a kind of guide. One of the best poker books in the poker library helps players learn how to think in order to improve their game as quickly and efficiently as possible. The author provides not only the usual tips and strategies, but also various materials that help to understand how the enemy thinks and what motivates him to take certain actions.

David Sklansky "Game ofHold'em at low limits"

This book is also worth the attention of readers who want to improve the game. The author is an extremely successful poker player, he has repeatedly won international tournaments. Almost the best book on Hold'em poker provides detailed information on how best to play this type of gambling.

The publication describes in detail the so-called loose style. It is very popular among professional players. Competent presentation makes it easy to master even for beginners without any problems. You can also draw advice and tactics from the book to help make the right decisions in various situations. The authors also invite the reader to read detailed reviews of various value-added case studies.

Dolly Brunson "Super System. Intensive Poker Course"

This is the next best book on tournament poker. It tells in detail about many of the main subtleties of this game. The author gives and analyzes important techniques and strategies that can help both a beginner and an already skilled player. Here you can also learn about original and effective techniques.

Shuffle cards

The bonus is the most complete and accurate poker statistics.

Andrew Seidman "Easy Game"

Another of the best poker books for beginners. The publication is presented in two volumes. It talks about the most pressing issues that may arise when playing online short-handed Hold'em.

In the firstThe volume deals with the ABS strategy. She teaches how to beat the medium and low limits. The second volume gives the nuances of simple and complex tricks of the game. It also explores ideas to help you understand how your opponents are thinking.

Not without subjective opinion. The author gives his own criticism of stereotyped behavior during the game. He states that all decisions made must be carefully considered. The presented materials will be useful for both novice players and those who already have considerable experience.

Poker Theory

Another work by David Sklansky. This book is written with the utmost honesty and directness. The content is almost entirely devoted to game theory. The purpose of the book is to teach the thought process, not to copy common techniques and tactics.

poker theory

During reading, the reader will be able to learn to assess the situation, think through all possible options and their consequences in order to act with the best results.

"The Psychology of Poker" by Alan Schoonmaker

Next among the best poker books. More specifically, the psychology of this game. It teaches the player to correctly and clearly identify the type of each of the opponents. Also, this publication helps to understand the motivation for the actions of a particular player. In short, this book is designed to teach you how to read your opponents during the game.

"Poker Sign Language" by Mike Caro

This book must be read after the previous example. She representsis an extremely interesting guide to how to determine the psychological portrait of opponents at the table, simply by analyzing his actions, behavior and gestures. Essential for those who prefer to play live poker.

Poker sign language book

Evgeny Gorelik "Hold'em is a game of right decisions"

This book is very popular among Russian poker players. It contains a lot of well-known tricks, tactics and other knowledge that are necessary for any professional or beginner who wants to learn how to play a profitable game. The information provided helps the reader learn how to balance, work correctly with statistical information about opponents, and use the most effective tactics, while analyzing the distribution of forces at the table.

Rob Hollink's Pro Omaha Poker Secrets

Next example in the list of best poker books. The publication is dedicated to one of the most popular variations of this game. It is worth noting that the Omaha variety is one of the most difficult types to master. And even professional players can have difficulty trying to learn. The publication contains not only theoretical, but also practical information.

poker game

At the very beginning, it tells about the rules and features of the game. The following are examples of strong combinations. The book also demonstrates recommendations on how to draw up the right strategy and be able to adjust it depending on the conditions of the currentgames.

After comes the chapter with practical tasks. Here the author gives an example of a certain situation and invites the reader to independently make the most correct decision. Then the correct moves are analyzed. Such content allows you to master the skill as simply and correctly as possible

Three Nguyen "Let there be order"

The next best poker book. It is devoted to rather unusual information, which is not often found in this kind of literature. The content is dedicated to the range of hands. But this, as you know, is one of the main aspects of the game.

Roy Rounder "Easy Poker Math"

Quite an interesting book that refutes the common misconception that it is difficult to do any calculations in poker. The author provides materials that will allow you to learn how to easily calculate your own chances in the game. All information is presented simply and clearly, so you will not have problems with mastering the calculation techniques.

poker winner

"Winning Hard Hold'em" by Nick Grajine

In the publication, the author tells about his own many years of experience in the game, thanks to which he managed to form the right advice and the most effective strategies. All information is described as simply as possible and will be clear even to those who are just starting to play. With this book, Grajane aims to teach people not just to play, but to win the most hands, thus turning poker into a way to earn money. He advises to start with a small bank, after which, as you learn andgood luck, it will already be possible to move towards larger winnings.

"Your best poker friend" by Alan Schoonmaker

Quite an interesting book, revered by players of different levels. In it, the author talks about the various psychological aspects of those who play poker. He suggests paying particular attention to habits and distinguishing the bad from the good. Various methods are given on how to properly work with the latter in order to achieve victory. It also suggests ways to control the former so that they do not interfere with the implementation of the strategy and do not spoil the game. The book also describes various ways to determine the emotional mood of all opponents on the table, as well as tricks that help determine whether a person is bluffing or not.

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