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Books about magic and magic: an overview of the best
Books about magic and magic: an overview of the best

For a long time it was believed that books about magic were written primarily for children. Indeed, who, besides children, will read fairy tales? But then such a popular genre as fantasy appeared. Books about magic among adults have gained considerable popularity. There is also magic here, and among the characters there are dragons, elves and gnomes. But in general, the world can not be called childish.

Best books of the genre

Of course, it is simply impossible to list all the best works of the fantasy genre - their number is huge. In addition, books that delight one reader will leave another completely indifferent. One likes to read about the funny, and sometimes hilarious adventures of the main characters - cheerful and cheerful. And the other is delighted with the gloomy, cruel everyday life of dark fantasy. So it will not be easy to please every connoisseur of such reading matter. We will try to compile a list of works that have been tested by time and appreciated by many thousands or even millions.readers both in our country and around the world.

The result is a set of really exciting books that any fan of the genre would love to read. Let's talk about them in more detail.

The Lord of the Rings

Of course, when listing the best books about magic, it is worth starting with the immortal work of John Ronald Rowell Tolkien. A chic trilogy, in fact, became the ancestor of a whole genre - fantasy. Now books about magical fictional worlds are read with pleasure not only by children, but also by adults.

Lord of the Rings

The action takes the reader to an amazingly finely crafted world - Middle-earth. It is inhabited by humans, elves, gnomes, hobbits, onts, orcs, trolls and many other creatures. For many years this world has not known serious upheavals and wars. No one paid attention to minor skirmishes and battles.

But one day everything changed. Having set off on a dangerous journey, Bilbo Baggins - a calm and peaceful hobbit who most of all appreciated comfort, peace and hearty food - discovered a magic ring. Far from immediately it was possible to find out that it was created by Sauron himself - a dark ruler, from whose name alone emanates horror and death. For thousands of years, Sauron wandered in darkness, unable to incarnate and not wanting to die completely. But if this ring falls into his hands, he will rise, and then there will be no forces left in the world that can resist him.

How will the fate of the whole world develop? It depends on the mere hobbit and the decisions he makes.

The Chronicles of Narnia

Also in ourthe list should definitely include the chic books "The Chronicles of Narnia". Moreover, their author - Clive Lewis Staples - was a close friend of Professor Tolkien.

Books (and there are seven of them), although they have a noticeable religious bias (the writer was a zealous Christian), will be an excellent choice for a child or teenager. They cultivate courage, selflessness, honesty, punishing greed and cowardice.

The Chronicles of Narnia

Reading the books "Chronicles of Narnia", the reader will be able to plunge seven times into an amazing, magical world inhabited by the most incredible creatures. And at the same time trace its entire path - from creation to destruction. And of course, children and teenagers who come to Narnia from the ordinary world participate in all important events. Of course, the book will be a discovery for the child, and adults will not be bored when reading it either.

Harry Potter Universe

It is impossible not to include J.K. Rowling's book "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" in the list, as well as six subsequent ones. Today, perhaps, it is she who is the most famous in the whole world.

Harry Potter

The cycle tells about a simple boy named Harry. His parents died long ago in a car accident (as he was told from childhood), so he does not remember them. Harry lives with his uncle, aunt and cousin. And this family is doing everything possible to make his life a living hell. He lives in a closet under the stairs, wears his brother's clothes (which are several sizes too big for him) and goes to the worst school in the city.

Of course, he would give anything for the opportunity to get out of the house of relatives who hate him with all their hearts. But Harry never thought that on his tenth birthday his wish would come true. Turns out he's a real wizard! He will travel to a wonderful world, hidden from the eyes of ordinary people. There will be adventure and danger and true friendship.

Profession: Witch

If we list successful books about magic and magic, then it is worth mentioning a series of books written by the Belarusian writer Olga Gromyko. The main character was Volha Rednaya, a recent graduate of the Magic Academy, who went to travel the lands of the kingdom of Beloria to fight various manifestations of dark magic and help ordinary people.

Profession witch

The main advantage of the book is not only an interesting plot and colorful characters. Also here it is necessary to include the indomitable optimism of the main character and a well-designed world: history, periphery - the writer managed to describe all this in such detail that there is simply no doubt about the reality of the story. Of course, in the first place, the book can be attributed to the popular female fantasy. But many men will also be interested in reading it, often breaking into a fit of laughter.

Secret Investigation of King Peas

If we talk about Russian writers who create in the genre of humorous fantasy, one cannot but mention Andrey Belyanin with his chic cycle, which began with the book "The Secret Investigation of Tsar Pea". To date, the seriesIncludes ten books! Of course, the latter are traditionally perceived not as sharply as the former. But it's definitely worth getting to know this universe.

The Secret Investigation of King Peas

The work begins with the fact that the main character - Nikita Ivashov, a junior lieutenant of police - by the will of fate moves to a magical world. This is the real Ancient Russia with all the evil spirits and characters due: brownies, mermaids, goblin, field, Baba Yaga, Koshchei the Immortal and others. What should a policeman do here who never graduated from the Saratov Law Institute? Of course, what he was going to do was to protect law and order. True, this will have to be done in completely unusual conditions. Fortunately, there will always be friends around to help.

Earthsea Series

This beautiful world was created by Ursula Le Guin, a popular American writer. It includes six novels and several short stories. The first book was The Wizard of Earthsea. The action takes place in an archipelago called Earthsea. An ordinary boy named Ged was born in a small village.

Wizard of Earthsea

He would have spent his whole life here, if one day he had not demonstrated magical abilities by protecting his native village. Shortly thereafter, a wandering magician took him into training. Ged could not even imagine how many fights and trials await him on the path of life. However, even if he knew about it, he would hardly have refused such an interesting and eventful life that turned him from an unknown boy into a legendarymage.

Practical magic

Completing our list is Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman. Its action takes place not in a fictional world, as in the previous ones, but in a completely ordinary and familiar to us. And not a long time ago, but in our time. A rather romantic, but at the same time hilarious work that tells about the Owens family. All women in the family are endowed with a magical gift, but they are also cursed: all the men they fall in love with soon die. Will the main character manage to save herself and the whole family from a terrible curse? Certainly! True, for this you will have to go through serious trials in order to prove your right to love.

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