Crochet a baptismal dress
Crochet a baptismal dress

Baptism is an important event for which you need to carefully prepare. To begin with, it is worth choosing a church in which the sacrament will be performed. You also need to choose godparents who will hold the child in their arms during this important event, and then become a reliable support for him. And, of course, you must not forget to take care of the clothes for the baby. Today, manufacturers offer a wide range of similar sets that any average family can afford to purchase. However, a baptismal dress will help make the holiday truly unforgettable. Crochet it can be both native and godmother.

crochet christening dress

To begin with, you should pay attention to the yarn from which it will be made. As a rule, a crocheted christening dress is knitted from white threads. In this case, it is necessary to purchase a very thin yarn so that the finished product is soft and delicate. If a boy is to be baptized, you should additionally buy a hank of blue thread. If girls - a skein of pink ones. By tying the basewhite, it will be possible to finish with threads of the corresponding tone. Many, for example, simply knit stripes. Others, having tied a white base, perform the entire finish, respectively, in pink or blue. This product looks especially beautiful and festive.

baptismal dress crochet patterns

If we talk about the composition, then for the summer the best option would be linen or cotton. For winter it is better to buy wool. At the same time, the material must be of very high quality so that the baby does not experience discomfort. The fact that for the manufacture of the product you can always choose the material of the optimal composition, and lies the advantage of hand-made production of such sets. In this case, the sleeve can be tied in such a way that it does not interfere with the child. If you do not know the exact dimensions that a baptismal dress should have, a pattern will help dispel all doubts. You can build it yourself or with the help of a variety of sources (books, magazines, articles, websites). As a result, your baby will have a beautiful baptismal set, and you will have only positive impressions from the perfect sacrament.

baptismal dress pattern

If it is still difficult for you to figure out how to crochet a baptismal dress, the patterns will definitely help with this. They will indicate in detail how many loops it is worth dialing and what pattern to do the work. It is worth noting that the crochet christening dress is knitted as long as possible. It does not really matter for whom it is intended: for a boy or for a girl. longthe product will allow you to hide the baby's legs, if suddenly it is cool in the church. The clasp should be done on the shoulder or back. During the sacrament, the godparents will have to unfasten it so that the priest can perform the ritual. With this arrangement of the fastener, it will be convenient to do this.

If a boy is to be baptized, then you can make a suit. To do this, knit shorts or trousers (depending on the season) and a blouse. The pattern can be anything. A beautiful finish, which can be done by knitting ruffles of various lengths, will add a special solemnity to the costume.

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