Sergey Shipov: vocation and perseverance
Sergey Shipov: vocation and perseverance

Sergey Shipov is a well-known post-Soviet commentator, trainer and writer. He is also a professional chess player, for which he received the title of expert in this field.

Sergey was born in Murom, in the Vladimir region. His family decided to move to Kirzhach, where the boy was taught to play chess. This section turned out to be really good, because, in addition to Sergey Shipov, Vladimir Belov and Dmitry Lavrik, who are famous not only in Russia and post-Soviet countries, but also abroad, came out of the hands of these teachers. These professionals, including Sergey, are valued around the world.

Shipov was able to prove himself in early childhood, participating in various youth tournaments. The young chess player was quickly noticed in Moscow, where he was invited to a boarding school, which was aimed at educating real grandmasters. Here Sergey Shipov studied and lived with Evgeny Bareev and Yuri Dokhoyan, they also achieved great success in this intellectual game.

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How Shipov started his chess career

At first, Sergey chose the path of education, decided to get an education, going to study science at the Faculty of PhysicsMoscow State University. After that, he went to work at the Institute of Problems of Chemical Physics. No one could have imagined that Sergei Shipov would decide to return to chess. This was facilitated by the collapse of the USSR and the corresponding decline in domestic science, after which the chess player decided to build his life around this game.

It took Sergei only a year to get the title of master, because in every tournament he showed the highest class of play, many envied his level. A few more years passed, after which he became a grandmaster. The 1998 Russian Championship was successful for Shipov, then he was able to share 1-4 places. Then the rating of the chess player exceeded 2600. In the 90s, it was Sergey who became the main training partner for the world championship winner Garry Kasparov.

Shipov on Garry Kasparov

Shipov spoke of his colleague Kasparov in the following way: “This man constantly yearns for victory, and that is what surprised me about him. Harry didn't care what competition he was involved in, whether it was football or chess, he always set himself only one goal - to win and become the best. That is why he got his nickname the Great and Terrible, because he forced all opponents to give all the best, but even this was not enough for them to defeat him.

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As a rule, a person who takes all the prizes and wins all possible tournaments loses motivation to play, but not Kasparov, because the thirst for victory burned in him all the time. The best example would be Spassky - this chess player became the best in his field, but he also quickly lost all his awards due to sheerloss of motivation, which can be seen from the defeat at the Reykjavik-72 tournament. Kasparov decided to take a different path, because winning a new title did not give him the right to stop training, he wanted to continue to move forward. Kasparov always put self-development above all victories, it is for this reason that he remains the best in his field for a long time.

The best discipline of Sergey Shipov

Sergey Shipov coped best with opponents in fast play, so any blitz tournament was for him the water in which the chess player felt like a fish. Internet Blitz Championship 2004, Tromso Open 2006 – all these tournaments were fast, where Sergey was able to win confidently.

Other activities other than participating in tournaments as a player

In the 2000s, Sergei began to engage in journalism, and also covered tournaments. He became the first person to comment on chess tournaments online.

When the websites and were being developed, it was Sergey Shipov who was invited as the leading expert. The chess player created his own portal in 2006, which is popular all over the world. Sergey's voice can be heard on the ChessTV and ChessCast Internet channel, where chess tournaments are covered.

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In addition, he decided to engage in writing activities, the works became popular: “The last intrigue of the century. Kasparov - Kramnik" and "Hedgehog. Predators on the chessboard. Interestingly, the last of these two books came out in an expanded edition in English, consisting oftwo volumes.

Activities as a coach

Further, Shipov began to engage in coaching activities in order to pass on his knowledge and experience to the younger generation of chess players. Ian Nepomniachtchi, Daniil Dubov, Vladimir Belov, Svetlana Matveeva - all these people received lessons from Sergei. Now he is working with Grigory Oparin. There is a person on the Internet under the pseudonym Crest, this is Sergey Shipov. The biography of this chess player is interesting and fascinating.

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Sergey Shipov made a great contribution to the development of Russian chess sport, for which we can only thank him. A successful coach, a favorite commentator, an excellent player, a good person - that's all Sergey Shipov. Chess became a calling for him, which he did not refuse.

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