Rules of the game "Mafia" - a popular psychological game for large companies
Rules of the game "Mafia" - a popular psychological game for large companies

This article briefly and clearly describes the professional rules of the game "Mafia" - a popular game for large companies. To start a full-fledged party, ten participants are needed. The host monitors the progress of the game and regulates its stages.

mafia game rules

To distribute the roles, the host deals the cards face down: each player receives one card. The deck consists of 10 cards: three black and seven red. "Reds" are civilians, and "Blacks" are mafia.

One of the red cards is different from the rest - it's the Sheriff - the leader of the "Red" team. The Blacks, in turn, also have their own leader - Don.

The game is divided into two types of changing stages: night and day. Objective of the game: Blacks must eliminate Reds and vice versa.

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Ten players are invited to the table. At the very beginning of the game, the host announces that the "night" has come and all players, without exception, must cover their eyes with masks. Then each player, in turn, removes the mask, draws a card, studies and memorizes it, the leader hides the card, and the player puts the mask back on.

The bandaged players must tilt their heads down in order to revive the neighbors orthe rustling did not become a source of any additional information for them.

mafia rules game

After the host's words "Mafia is waking up", the players with black cards and the Mafia Don take off their bandages and get to know each other. This is an exceptional night when the whole mafia opens its eyes. It was provided to them in order to agree without the help of words on the procedure for the liquidation of the "Reds". The "agreement" should be carried out very, very quietly, as the "red" participants sitting in the immediate vicinity can feel any movement. When the host says "the mafia is going to sleep", the "black" members put their bandages back on.

The host announces: "Don is waking up." The host meets Don. On the following nights, Don will open his eyes with the goal of finding the Sheriff of the game. When the host announces that "Don is falling asleep", Don puts on a bandage.

Next, the Sheriff wakes up. This player opens his eyes and gets to know the Leader. He will regularly wake up and look for "Blacks". The sheriff falls asleep.

After the Host and the Sheriff have met, morning comes when all the players take off their bandages.

So the first day is coming. There is discussion during the day. The professional rules of the Mafia game state that each player has a minute to express their thoughts, ideas and suspicions.

Reds need to identify Black players and eliminate them by voting. And the "Blacks", in turn, must provide themselves with an ironclad alibi and eliminate a sufficient number of "Red" participants. “Blacks” know “who is who”, therefore they are in a better positionposition.

mafia game rules

Discussion begins with the first player and then around the circle. During the day's discussion, participants can nominate players (each player - no more than one) in order to remove them from the game. At the end of the discussion, a vote is taken. The candidate with the most votes leaves the game.

The game has a term such as "Car Crash". This is the name of the situation in which several players scored the same number of votes. In this case, the voters are given the right to stay in the game for thirty seconds. They must justify themselves, convince the players that they are not related to the mafia. There is a vote. Since the game is very popular and there are many varieties of the Mafia game, the rules of the game may not provide for such situations.

Then the night falls back. The host, after the words “Mafia starts hunting”, calls the numbers of the players one by one, and when the whole mafia shoots at a certain number at the same time, the player is amazed. The rules of the game in the "Mafia" are such that if one of the mafiosi "shoots" at another number, or does not make a "shot" at all, the Leader determines a miss. "Shooting" occurs by imitation of a shot. The host announces again: "The mafia is falling asleep." Players wear masks.

The Host then "wakes up" Don, who opens his eyes and tries to identify the Sheriff. He shows some number on his fingers to the Host, under which, according to his assumptions, the Sheriff is hiding. With a nod of the head, the host either confirms itversion, or refutes. Don falls asleep and it's the Sheriff's turn to wake up.

Wakes up the Sheriff, who also has every right to nightly checks. He is trying to find "Black" players. After the Leader's answer, the Sheriff player falls asleep, and then the Leader announces the start of the second day.

This and all subsequent circles are repeated as on the first day. Days and nights will alternate until the victory of one or another team. It is the victory of one of the teams that ends the Mafia game, the rules of which are very simple if you follow them.

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