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Chess player Sergey Karyakin: biography, personal life, parents, photo, height
Chess player Sergey Karyakin: biography, personal life, parents, photo, height

Our today's hero is chess player Sergey Karyakin. The biography and features of his activities will be discussed in detail below. We are talking about one of the most titled chess players of our time. At the age of 12, he became the youngest grandmaster in world history. By now, many achievements have been added to this. Among them are the winner of the World Cup and the Olympic champion.


We have already briefly told what is remarkable about chess player Sergey Karyakin. His biography will be discussed in detail below. Our hero was born on January 12, 1990 in Simferopol.

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The mother of the future grandmaster claims that he became interested in chess at the age of five. However, at that time, parents did not attach any serious importance to this. However, the family helped the child to the best of their ability, and our hero himself showed enviable perseverance. Often he played one for two participants. howthe result, lost and was upset to tears because of this.

His first successes were victories in the championships among the children of Ukraine, as well as Europe. He was noticed, after which he was invited to training at the Kramatorsk chess club. He spends two years there, during this period he receives the title of grandmaster and gets on the pages of the Guinness Book of Records.

About me

Chess player Sergey Karyakin claims that great diligence helps him to achieve such high results. As a child, he trained almost every day and worked out for 6-7 hours.

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The coaches, who were always there, were of great help. They supported with a kind word and advice. To meet the schedule, our hero had to undergo individual training. After graduating from the gymnasium in Simferopol, chess player Sergey Karyakin became a student at the Russian State Social University. He chose "Social Pedagogy" as his future speci alty. Our hero was awarded a diploma of graduation in 2013.

Change of citizenship

In 2009 the chess player Sergey Karjakin was already known in different parts of the world. At this time, the grandmaster decides to move to Russia. He took this step, despite the enchanting success that was achieved as part of the Ukrainian team. Indeed, in 2004, our hero and his comrades became the champion of the Chess Olympiad. The main reason for this step is weak growth prospects due to the lack of opportunities for active training. It is important to mention here thatchess player Sergey Karyakin sets himself a lofty goal - gaining the status of world champion.

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During his career, our hero has repeatedly been a member of the Russian national team and performed at major international competitions. Among them, the World Team Championship should be noted. The decree testifying to the granting of Russian citizenship to our hero was signed on July 25, 2009 by Russian President Dmitry Medvedev.

Secrets of success

We have already noted how high-class Sergey Karjakin is a chess player. His parents helped him achieve this result in many ways with their tireless support. However, this is not the only secret of our hero's success. The grandmaster is convinced that, despite the prevailing stereotypes, a chess player needs excellent physical shape. Therefore, he pays special attention to special sports training. This person plays tennis, basketball, football, rides a bike, swims a lot.

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If we are talking about sports, we should tell you what physical data Sergei Karyakin, a chess player, has. His height is 175 centimeters. The grandmaster's friends, representatives of the world of sports, help to keep in shape. For example, he conducts cross-country training with Maria Savinova, an athlete. His activities also include walking on his hands. A full namesake helps him with it - Sergey Karyakin - the world champion in modern pentathlon. At the headquarters of our hero, there is always a coach forphysical training, he makes up the daily routine at major tournaments. In Sergey's schedule, there is definitely a place for a good sleep, a gym and a pool. To win at major tournaments, you need to start practicing from an early age. It is at this moment that the foundation is laid that allows you to succeed.

Chess Achievements

By the age of 26, our hero has won many titles. He became the winner of the 36th Chess Olympiad as part of the Ukrainian team. He is also the second winner of the fortieth championship as a member of the Russian team. Became the winner of the club championship as part of the Malachite and Tomsk-400 associations. There he became the strongest on the first board.

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At the same time, our hero repeated the success. Together with Malachite, he won the European Championship. In 2015 Sergey won the World Cup in Baku. Then our hero defeated compatriot P. Svidler.


You already know that Sergey Karjakin is a chess player. His personal life will be discussed below. Acquaintance with his future wife Galina happened at the university, where the grandmaster transferred. By that time, a girl was already working there. They first saw each other when it was necessary to settle the formalities that were associated with the move, but at that moment they did not get to know each other closely. Only after the end of the Olympiad tournament, in which the Russian team won the second place, did the young people begin an affair.

Galina is not an amateur in the matter of her chosen one - she studiedat the Department of Chess, so he knows the intricacies of this craft. Young people got married in 2014. After her marriage, Galina became a regular at most of the tournaments in which her husband takes part, as well as a happy talisman of a chess player.

Interesting facts

Once our hero suggested that the players who passed the mark of 2700 points should be awarded the title of super grandmaster. However, the majority of chess players did not support such an idea. The genius of the game is not alien to the most ordinary hobbies. In his free time from tournaments, in addition to sports, this person likes to visit bowling and cinemas. According to our hero, he first developed a craving for the game after watching an advertisement at the age of five, which said that even a pawn can become a queen.

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In London, a simultaneous game was held. It was initiated by Lord Rothschild. Our grandmaster also took part in the game. Then he had to compete on twenty boards for 6 hours against 72 opponents. During the match, he, moving around the territory of the hall, managed to overcome more than ten kilometers. Our hero has many hobbies, but first of all, of course, Sergey Karjakin is a chess player. Photos of this person are attached to this material.

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