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How to make a drum at home
How to make a drum at home

In order to arouse and develop interest in music in your baby, you need some kind of musical instrument. For children, a handmade gift will be much more valuable than a gift bought in a store. The most simple and understandable instrument for a child will be a drum. How to make drums at home to cause indescribable delight in a child? Consider a few simple ways to make.

Tin drum

An idea that doesn't cost much and doesn't require any special skills. How to make a drum?

So, let's start implementing crafts called "drum". We will need:

  • tin can;
  • colored matter, and in its absence, colored paper;
  • a piece of leather, laces from it;
  • glue, wooden sticks and cotton wool.
Model barrel drum

Tool Making Steps:

  1. We glue the jar with colored matter, if not at hand, then usecolored paper.
  2. Draw the bottom of the jar on a piece of leather, add another 10 cm in diameter and draw another circle.
  3. We pierce holes, not forgetting to step back from the edge of the skin by 1 cm.
  4. Through the holes we pass leather laces, tightly tighten on one side of the tin. We do the same with the bottom of the can. Then we pass the cords diagonally, which should pass under the lower and upper cord.
  5. You need sticks to beat the drum. We take them, put them on the bead, glue a tight ball of cotton wool over the bead, leaving no void.

Drum - coffee can

The easiest way to make a drum is to find a coffee tin. Such a jar with a nylon lid can be found in every home. Getting Started:

  1. We glue the lid with the jar itself so that it does not fly off.
  2. On one edge of each stick, tightly wrap cotton wool with glue, making a ball.
  3. The main difficulty is the tape for the drum, it is necessary to tie it around the can so that it does not slip and fits very tightly to the can. A bow or belt from your favorite dress is perfect for this.

A plastic bucket with a lid is also a drum.

drum at home from under the can

How to make a drum so that it can even be painted with paint or decorated with some intricate decor? It all depends on your imagination and your child. You can even make a professional drummer out of a baby by making several instruments for him from buckets of different diameters, and then you get a wholedrum set. Ordinary pencils or felt-tip pens can serve as sticks.

The lids of these buckets sit very tightly, so nothing needs to be done with them. It will not be difficult to hang it around your neck: remove the shackle and thread the tape into each hole and tie it. What do you think, is it possible to come up with a better drum than this one? No, unless it's real. But it requires so much expense and complicated materials that it is better for a child to play this drum for the time being. Ease of production, sound - all this makes it the best DIY drum.

Corrugated cardboard drum

How to make a cardboard drum? It is not intended for the game, most likely, for various scenery. It is used as a hand-made article, an exhibit in a kindergarten. It looks very nice, but such an exhibit will not last long with your child.

man playing homemade drums

Drum as a Christmas decoration

To stand out with originality, bring a fake made with your baby. Among the monotony of products: from Christmas toys, various snowflakes, your instrument will fit beautifully. You need to decide what size the future drum will be.

  1. A normal size, then it can be put under the tree.
  2. Small size, then you can give it to some soft toy.
  3. Large size, then it can be used as a museum piece.

Paper drum

How to make a paper drum? This requires papercotton buds, an empty roll of tape, wire, thread and your imagination. It is also worth noting that the thicker the paper, the better the sound of such a drum will be. A4 paper is good, but not quite thick, so a landscape sheet can be ideal, it uses thicker material, which, by the way, withstands moisture and dampness better. Glossy paper is the worst, as the sticks can slip off when struck, causing sounds to be distorted.

homemade drum with sticks

If, after reading what is written, you start making a drum with your own hands together with your child, you will feel the difference between when a child watches a cartoon or makes crafts with you. Where do you think there will be more delight, surprise, pride and, most importantly, joy? And it means that we did not work in vain either.

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