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How to make a human trap at home
How to make a human trap at home

Why know how to make a trap for a person? Someone is driven by simple curiosity, another needs it for reasons of their own safety, and someone wants to catch an apartment thief.

Usually people hunt birds and animals, set traps for large and small game. Since ancient times, man has adapted to provide himself with furs and meat, capturing animals. Let's get acquainted with some of these devices to find out if and how to make a trap for a person at home.

how to make a trap for a man in the forest

Venter, mousetraps, nets, pits

Traps are technical devices made of metal, ropes, branches, the use of natural features of the terrain to capture the victim or take her life. An object can be either an animal or a person. And in order for the hunt to become successful, it is necessary to take into account not only the size, but also the habits, lifestyle and disposition of the intended victim. How to make a trap for a person? Here is a small list of devices that can help in this venture:

  • Snares, nets, snares. Although they are usually used forcaptivity of hares and birds, these traps may well detain a potential victim, in our case, a representative of the human race.
  • A bucket of water, fixed over an ajar door, is one of the options for a homemade trap.
  • A banana peel thrown under the feet of an attacker will cause him to fall to the floor.
how to make a human trap

Like a movie

There are traps that make it impossible to stay alive. Such constructions were usually arranged during the military operations by the guerrillas in Vietnam. Yes, and hunters of African tribes knew well how to make a trap for a person.

In the forest, you always need to be careful, as an ordinary anthill can turn into a trap. Moving logs, falling stones and other "miracles of engineering" are very colorfully demonstrated in many films, and so clearly that even instructions on how to make a trap for a person are not needed.

However, let's leave these methods for cinema, and in modern realities, simple and safe methods are used. Although … Let's remember the well-known and beloved by many film "Home Alone". Not all the traps prepared by M. Kalkin's hero can be called safe for he alth. And of course, they became an unpleasant surprise for the villains. However, we will talk about the thieves, or rather about the methods of their "liquidation", a little later, but for now …

Playful and fun neta

Of course, traps are not only scary and dangerous, but also playable. How to make a trap forperson in the house? If you want to entertain children and the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe room allows, you can arrange a game "Overcoming laser obstacles." You need to do the following:

  • arrange several chairs around the room at different distances from each other;
  • take a ball of thick thread or a long rope;
  • tie one end of the thread to the leg of one of the chairs;
  • stretch a thread or rope from one piece of furniture to another, fastening at different heights in random order;
  • the second end of the rope must also be attached.

As a result of such manipulations, a kind of "obstacle course" should be obtained, resembling a network of light rays.

how to make a trap for a person in the house

Participants, being on one side of the room, must move to the free part of the room. Whoever gets out the fastest wins. Should I mention that you can't touch the "laser beams"?

How Aunty Scarecrowed Thieves

Of course, in peacetime, variations on the theme “How to make a trap for a person” are usually sought in order to protect their housing from the invasion of uninvited guests. Our people are cunning to invent, they invent such ways that you are simply amazed.

For example, one of the townswomen made a big rag doll, dressed her in her old dressing gown, put a wig on her head. Before leaving for the dacha, the woman hangs this mannequin in the hallway in front of the front door. Any thief, having climbed into the house and seen such a picture, will forget about the purpose of his “visit” and retreat. WellOK! After all, the main thing is to protect your property, and not to catch the villain.

Some of the craftsmen connect one of the lamps to a timer that turns the lamp on and off from time to time. This gives the impression that there are owners in the house.

how to make a human trap at home

Special tools, or How to make a trap for a person

To protect apartments, garages and cottages, manufacturers produce quite effective, but at the same time safe and inexpensive devices.

Passive security devices can be camouflaged as small objects or simply hidden in a room. Chemical spray traps contain special indelible substances:

  • luminescent spots on the face or clothes of the robber can be seen even in the dark;
  • coloring powders cannot be washed off within 5 days, which will allow you to quickly find the intruder (works great if the uninvited visitor is from a familiar environment);
  • A service dog will easily find a thief by odorous marks.

Magnetic siren, triggered when the doors are opened, will scare away the uninvited "guest". A tear gas rig installed on the front door will incapacitate an unlucky thief in a couple of seconds.

how to make a human trap at home

Some landlords, wishing to protect themselves from robbery, leave poisoned alcohol on the table, others set traps for people. Particularly "caring" can connect an electric current to the door handle or put it underwindow sill boards with nails.

Such barbaric security measures can result in the attacker dying or being seriously injured. Effective, to be sure, but … It is important to remember that, in accordance with the law, such actions are considered intentional harm to he alth. Even if the owner of the house resorts to them for protection purposes, he may face criminal pen alties.

how to make a human trap at home

Trap on native street, or About safety and inattention

How to make a trap for a person on the street? It is not always necessary to deliberately dig holes, insert stakes, or set snares. A deadly trap on the streets of a modern city can be an open sewer manhole and an unfenced trench, a construction pit and a well with boiling water from a heating main.

If construction is underway near the house, it is necessary to look after children and teenagers. After all, it is so interesting for them to be on the territory of the “excavations”, and games in such a place often end in failure: spinal injuries, fractures and concussions.

In order not to fall into an open well, you need to carefully look under your feet when driving on sidewalks. Of course, builders and repairers must put up fences and warning signs when working on potentially hazardous sites. However, to maintain your own he alth, you need to take care of yourself.

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