How to make a rose from a napkin in a minute
How to make a rose from a napkin in a minute

To make a rose from a napkin, all you need is sleight of hand and, in fact, the paper napkin itself. It will take no more than two or three minutes to make a flower, and when you get the hang of it, you can fold them in a matter of seconds. What can you do with these paper creations? Almost the same as with fresh flowers: they can decorate the festive table, they can be given as a gift

how to make a rose from a napkin

cute gifts and more.

To make a rose out of paper, you do not need a special talent for needlework. It is enough just to use a simple instruction, and you will definitely get pretty flowers. And if you take multi-colored napkins, then a bouquet of roses from them will turn out to be more cheerful and bright.

So, before you make a rose from a napkin, you need to clear the table you are sitting at a little. A small surface is sufficient. Now we take an ordinary paper napkin and unfold it completely. Before you lies a square of thin soft paper, from which we will now roll our flower. How to make a rose from a napkin? The very first step is to gently rollone side of this paper square into a thin tube. The width of the rolled section should be only half a centimeter. When the entire side is evenly folded along the entire length, take the napkin on the corner and wrap the rolled side around two fingers. We do this in such a way that the tube that was previously twisted could turn outward.

make a rose out of paper

Now, when the napkin is wrapped around the fingers to the end, we step back from the edge of the resulting roll about five centimeters, after which we squeeze the paper and twist it, forming a stem. We continue to tightly twist into a tourniquet until about the middle of the remaining "shank". The next step on how to make a rose from a napkin will be the formation of a leaf. So, twisting the stem to the middle, stop, and separate the corner from the remaining unrolled paper. It needs to be turned out slightly and pulled up to the very point where the twisting of the stem was stopped. Having formed a flower leaf from the corner, we press its base to the handle and continue to twist the paper to the very end.

That's the whole secret of how to make a rose from a napkin. After you have rolled it up, the bud can be slightly straightened, giving it a more realistic look. You can turn the corner a little, creating the effect of a bent petal. The middle can be twisted more tightly in a spiral, the edge can be beautifully formed. Do everything on your own. You can even add some rose oil to the center to give your paper flowers a scent.

make a rose out of tissue paper

Of course, there are many other options for how to make roses from napkins, but they are more complex, require a little more perseverance and manual dexterity. And those flowers that we just learned how to twist can be made even sitting in a cafe with a girl. If your friend is romantically inclined, she will definitely appreciate this cute craft. Although, of course, if you are in the mood for a serious relationship, then it is best to give real flowers, and use paper ones just as a nice addition.

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