How to make slides from photos and music?
How to make slides from photos and music?

Slideshow is a short presentation video of pre-selected photos or images that follow each other in a given order. As a rule, the slide show has a design and is superimposed on the music. Use interesting effects, connect your imagination, carefully choose music, and the result will be very expressive and original.

how to make slides

Slide Creation allows you to combine pleasant memories and your favorite music into a single whole, which will emphasize the importance of events and complement the pictures. And thanks to the presence of dynamic transitions and emotional music, watching such a video will be interesting and exciting. The most popular topics for creating slides are as follows:

  • wedding slideshow;
  • family anniversaries and holidays;
  • Love Story;
  • corporate holidays;
  • slides about travel, various events;
  • slides for promotions, exhibitions, presentations.
  • in whichprogram to make a slideshow

How to make slides interesting and draw attention? Preparing a slideshow involves several steps, which we will look at in more detail.

  1. Choose a program. Don't know which program to use to make slideshows? Now there are a huge number of different applications that allow you to create slides on home computers of various capacities. Each program has its own characteristics and has certain capabilities, on which the quality of the result will depend. Unfortunately, it happens that due to software flaws, the entire slide show suffers. If you do not want to be disappointed and waste a lot of time, you should rely only on proven programs. For example, Pinnacle Studio or Pro Show Gold are good for beginners. They contain interesting effects and provide great opportunities for creativity. These programs have a clear interface, convenient settings, you just need to insert various special effects and titles. Export allows you to save video files in various formats.
  2. Time calculation. If you don't know how to make slides interesting, first of all pay attention to the duration, which is determined by the duration of the musical composition and the number of photos. For a good perception, the best option is to show 12-20 photos per minute.
  3. Selection of photos. If you want to answer a survey on how to make professional-level slides, then you should use only high-quality pictures and images. For improvementFor photos, you can use the editor built into the program, but professionals use special programs for image processing, for example, Photoshop CS5. Of course, this program is quite complex and requires special training, but it will take the quality of your slides to a new level.
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  5. Slideshow script. To make a really interesting slideshow, you need to think over the script of the video in advance. In addition, photos should be divided into blocks and select certain special effects for transitions. At the same time, an abundance of complex effects should be avoided.
  6. Headings and inscriptions. They primarily have an informative function and allow you to focus on a particular slide.
  7. Slide show editing. At the final stage, all materials are merged into a single film. Now you know how to make slides interesting and of high quality. Show your imagination, don't be afraid to experiment and take your work seriously.

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