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How to make a house out of matches without glue: step by step instructions and photos
How to make a house out of matches without glue: step by step instructions and photos

Making products from matches is a very relevant activity that does not involve large financial investments. Working on the "object" has many benefits: the development of fine motor skills, the formation of perseverance and improved attention. Usually in such products glue is used to attach matches. But you can do without this component. There are quite understandable instructions on how to make a house out of matches without glue. It is enough to choose the right materials.

What materials do you need to prepare to work on a house of matches

Making a match house does not require a huge amount of tools and materials. The set is limited to the main parts. To understand how to make a house out of matches without glue, you should choose the right tools and materials:

  1. A CD box can be used as a stand.
  2. Coin with a face value of 2 rubles.
  3. Packaging of matches.
basic material for work

This is a standard set of materials and accessories thatuseful in work on the match building.

Tips on tool selection

How to make a house of matches without glue for beginners so as to simplify the creation process and make it as comfortable as possible. Experienced creators know tricks that simplify some aspects of their work:

  1. Instead of a disc box, it is better to use dough or plasticine. Roll out the material in a thin layer and lay on a flat surface. It will be the base that will hold the base matches of the future design.
  2. To neatly stack matches without breaking the already formed composition, you can use tweezers. You can lay out and move matches within the structure using thin metal rods.
  3. To keep the distance between the matches in the process of forming the first row-base, you can put a ruler on the surface. In accordance with the markup, make the laying of the material.
making a house

You can use other tools that will facilitate the process of creating a masterpiece.

Workplace preparation and basics

You need to carefully prepare the workplace. Only after that it will be possible to easily make a house out of matches without glue:

  1. You need to make an object on the table. The plank that will be held on the lap is not suitable for stacking matches.
  2. Place a bag or cling film on the table if dough or plasticine will be used for the base. When using a disc box, there are no additional materials for covering the table.need.
  3. Pour a box of matches onto a plate or table surface. Immediately select items without sulfur or broken matches.
  4. Put a coin on the table.

When the preparatory stage of tools and materials is finished, you can get to work.

Laying the foundation

First, you should understand how to make a house out of matches without glue, where the foundation will be the basis of the structure. If you do the initial laying correctly, then the object will turn out to be neat and strong. Foundation laying algorithm:

  1. Place two matches opposite each other at a distance of 5-7 cm.
  2. Place 8 matches on 2 main matches at an equal distance from each other. Tips with gray should be on the same side.
  3. In the same way form the second layer of matches. The sulfur of each element should be located on one side of the structure. The heads should face the opposite side of the first location.
laying the foundation

These first three layers are the basis, the so-called foundation.

Method of assembling the main structure

When the foundation is ready, you can start working on the walls of the building. It uses a specific algorithm for bookmarking each row. How to make a house out of matches without glue? According to the instructions of the simplest case manufacturing. It involves the following steps:

  1. Place 2 matches on the foundation at the extreme level parallel to each other. The sulfur heads should point in different directions.
  2. Lay on top according to the same principle2 more matches. They will be perpendicular to the previous layer.
  3. All sulfur heads should come out in different directions.
  4. In the same way, 6 more rows fit. It turns out a kind of well.
  5. Lay the well with 8 matches according to the same principle as laying the foundation.
  6. Perpendicular lay the flooring of 6 matches. 2 extreme remain free.
strengthening the body of the building

The base of the walls, ceiling and floor is formed, but this structure is not reinforced - this is a layout.

Hull Strengthening Scheme

To understand how to make a house out of matches without glue - instructions with a photo are the best helper. Especially if you need to strengthen the already prepared body of the object. How to make a house out of matches without glue? Step-by-step instructions for strengthening the foundation:

  1. In the corner holes, which were formed as a result of the imposition of two layers of matches, insert matches with sulfur heads up. In the process of inserting matches, you can use a coin. The money will serve as a base so that you can hold the structure with your finger.
  2. Next, vertical matches are placed along the edges. Such fixation will make the base of the house strong.
  3. It is necessary to correct all the matches so that all the sulfur heads are evenly spaced.
  4. Carefully burn the body from all sides to secure the location of the matches between each other.
  5. Turn the product over and reinforce the building with vertical matches that are placed outside the walls. The sulfur heads point upwards.
  6. Another layer is laid outhorizontal matches.
the whole scheme for the manufacture of the house

The walls, floor and ceiling are reinforced. The base is strong and resistant to mechanical stress. You can take a cube of matches in your hands and turn the product - all the elements will remain in place.

Assembling the roof of a match house

The next and final stage in the manufacture of a match house is the manufacture of a roof. In the manufacturing process of this part, glue is also not used. The roof is formed in a certain way. According to the instructions on how to make a house out of matches without glue, step by step:

  1. Pull out half the length of those sticks that were inserted vertically. Uniformity can be checked by covering them with a book. So you can evaluate which element is stretched more and which is less. Align matches if necessary.
  2. Next, an attic is formed. Put 5 matches horizontally on the ceiling of the cube. Elements are inserted between those matches that were protruded halfway out of the body of the building. The heads are directed in one direction. Duplicate the second layer with the same layout, but the heads must be directed in the opposite direction.
  3. The third and fourth layers will already have 4 matches. Laying is carried out in the direction of the heads in the same way as the first 2.
  4. 5th and 6th rows of roofing will have 2 matches each.
  5. Lay the matches flat, fixing each element between the vertically protruding matches of the case. According to the shape of the roof, edit the level of the vertical matches.
  6. Between cavitiesmatches from which the walls are made, place 15 elements. You need to put the matches so that they resemble a rectangle. This will be the door. On a parallel wall, make a window in the same way.
  7. Insert 4 matches not completely into the base of the roof, forming a square. You get a pipe.
features of the manufacture of the roof

In accordance with such a scheme, it is possible to produce not such simple structures, but more complex and larger ones. Large structures can be made from cubes without a roof.

Finished product processing

In addition to the diagram on how to make a house out of matches without glue, a recommendation on how to process the finished structure should be used. Firing at the initial stages is a primitive version of strengthening the base and walls.

To make the match house stronger and more attractive, it is worth making a secondary finish. First you need to make a primer. This composition will make matches safe - sulfur will no longer be set on fire.

ready-made house of matches

Then the matches can be varnished or painted with gouache. Additional decorative elements can be glued to the base. Decoration and processing options depend on the overall concept of the product and the features of its use as part of another craft.

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