Crochet flowers: a master class for beginners
Crochet flowers: a master class for beginners

Knitting isn't called a "hobby" for nothing. Indeed, it is hard to imagine a more exciting activity, especially crocheting: simple, fast and beautiful.

Truly, the hook is a magic wand! After all, with the help of this little magic wand, you can create just amazing things: clothes, toys, jewelry, accessories, shoes, hats, bedspreads, tablecloths and this is not the whole list!

Of course, you can also knit all this with knitting needles, but knitting requires more professionalism than crocheting, everything is more complicated there: there are at least two knitting needles, there are a lot of open loops, you need to make sure that they do not run away, and when crocheting a loop there is only one open, and it is easier to keep track of it.

But, of course, the argument does not make sense which is better: knitting needles or a hook. Here, whoever likes what more, the taste and color, as they say, there are no comrades.

Simple crochet flowers

The benefits of needlework

Crochet or knitting, however, like any other type of needlework, is a very useful activity. It has been proven that women (and sometimes men) are attracted to handicraft opportunities such as:

- first, relax, distract from daily worries, you can say this is a kind of meditation;

- secondly, to show yourself, your creativity, creative ideas, that is, there is self-realization;

- thirdly, the creation of beauty from available materials, because every woman wants to be a sorceress at least a little!

Warmer with flowers on teapot

Flowers are a magnificent gift of nature

Flowers are a wonderful creation of nature, people have always admired them. I always wanted to use such beauty to decorate my clothes and housing: flowers accompany a person all his life.

But fresh flowers are very short-lived, especially cut ones. Therefore, it took a lot of work to figure out how to extend their age.

One option is to make artificial flowers.

What are they not made of! From paper, from fabric, from beads, from all kinds of modern materials, foamiran, for example. You can embroider them with threads or ribbons, make them from any available raw materials, there are a lot of options.

And it's even better to take them and tie them, for example, crochet. Crocheting flowers is an incredibly interesting activity! In addition, it will not require practically any costs: each needlewoman will always have leftover threads, you do not need to buy special hooks either. And knitting such a small thing as a flower will not take much time.

But the pleasure you get from the result of your work is incomparable with anything!

crochet flower

How to crochet a flower?

Soyou need to take the yarn, the appropriate hook, the appropriate pattern and boldly get down to business.

Crochet flowers for beginners fit easily and uncomplicated

For this, a simple scheme is taken, which consists of only two parts: the middle of the flower and the petals (their number is determined by the circumstances).

When choosing yarn for a flower, you need to pay attention to its texture, that is, the thickness of the thread: it must match in different parts of the flower.

Any color scheme for knitted flowers is possible, the main thing is to have a harmonious and beautiful combination.

double layer flower

Crochet flowers: master class

The master class consists of two stages of knitting a flower: the middle and petals.


v/p - air loop;

SBN - single crochet;

CCH - double crochet;

Description of flowers crocheted is usually plain. For example, chamomile.

  1. The middle is knitted from yellow threads. We make a “magic ring”, knit 6 sc into it.
  2. In each RLS of the previous row we knit 2 RLS, that is, a total of 12 RLS should be obtained. Cut the thread.
  3. Connect a white thread to the column to complete the middle, knit a chain of 12 v/p.
  4. We knit 10 CCHs into it, fasten the thread with a half-column to the next column of the middle.
  5. Immediately knit again a chain of 12 CCH, that is, go to the next petal.
  6. So we knit to the end of the row.
  7. The thread from the last petal is connected to the beginning of knitting the first petal,cut and neatly tuck.

As a visual aid, we suggest watching a video of the master class, and then you can crochet flowers even for a beginner craftswoman.

Crochet flowers with patterns

For beginner knitters, you will need patterns by which you can knit the selected flower. In order to understand the scheme, that is, to read it, you need to know the conventions, they are always described in detail at the beginning or at the end of the scheme, so even those who only comprehend this science should not have any difficulties.

And, by the way, in crocheting flowers, master classes like those suggested above will always help.

There are never too many flowers, they can decorate anything.

For example, you can use a crocheted flower on a hat, or to decorate a handbag, blouse.

For a summer hat, you can knit a whole bouquet of different flowers, complementing them with connected stems and leaves. Here, for example, is not a very complicated knitting pattern for a narcissus.

Crochet flower patterns

Variety of shapes

Crochet flowers are so varied that it's amazing what beauty human imagination and skillful hands can create!

Flowers are crocheted in pots, and the pot is also crocheted, they are in a vase, used as decorations for hats, blouses and so on.

Linked flowers can be voluminous or single layer, large or miniature.

You can crochet absolutely any flowers, even irises, poppies are knitted. Only one rosecan be knitted in several ways.

With the acquisition of experience with a needlewoman, real works of art can be obtained.

Crochet flowers for beginners are recommended to knit in a circle, spiral or straight line. The main thing here is to decide which method will be to your liking.

knitted flowers

The easiest way to tie a rose

To crochet a simple flower like a rose, cast on seventy stitches.

1 row: in every third loop, a slingshot of two columns with a crochet is knitted, there are two air loops between them.

2 row: in the middle of each slingshot, a slingshot is knitted from two columns with a crochet, two chain loops and again two columns with a crochet.

3 row: in the middle of each slingshot, nine double crochets are knitted.

This method is the easiest, the flower is crocheted quickly, the rose turns out beautiful, especially if it is tied with a thread of a suitable shade.

There are many ways to tie: with simple single crochet stitches, alternating stitches with an air loop, crab step and so on.

Next, you need to collect the rose on the thread from which the flower was knitted and fasten, after that you can complement your outfit with it: a hat or cap.

How to tie a bell

As mentioned above, crochet flowers are very diverse.

To tie a bell, you need to take the threads of a suitable color, make a "magic ring" and tie six single crochets into it.

In the next row you need to tie twelvesingle crochet.

Then you need to look at the situation: what size of flower is needed. If it is small, then you can already knit several rows without adding.

If the flower should be larger, then an even circle is knitted with increments to the desired diameter, then according to the same principle, that is, without increments, the required number of rows.

Having reached the intended size of the flower, we proceed to knitting a row of petals: skipping one loop, knit three double crochets, two air loops, again three double crochets, skip one loop, again a petal, and so on until the end of the row.

You can knit a green cup for a bell, a middle of yellow or white threads, a stem, leaves: everything you need for a conceived masterpiece.

Using knitted flowers

Knitted roses

Crochet flowers gives just a sea of ​​​​opportunities. You can knit flowers and put them in a vase, you can knit them together with a pot and decorate your home.

You can make a flower on a hat, you can crochet flowers for a handbag, brooches or hair bands, you can decorate a belt or headband.

If you take mercerized yarn, then flowers will come out of simply fabulous beauty, especially if the rows are even and neat, the shades of the binding and additional elements are beautifully selected.

Beads, beads can be knitted into flowers, supplemented with pieces of fabric or any other accessories.

When you learn how to knit flowers, you won't be able to stop!

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