Poses for a photo shoot on the street - a good photo for a long memory
Poses for a photo shoot on the street - a good photo for a long memory

Outdoor photoshoot is a new and interesting stage of shooting for every model and photographer. Outside the premises or a special area for a beginner, there are a lot of unexpected and uncontrollable factors. Therefore, outdoor photography requires special attention. First you need to successfully select the mode and lens properties that correspond to weather conditions. You also need to decide on the place and time of day. And, of course, you should think over in advance all the poses for a photo shoot on the street. Then each frame will be exclusive and original. And the work itself will bring only joyful and bright emotions.

Poses for a photo shoot on the street

Some tips for street photography

To make the pictures especially beautiful and bright, you need to follow these simple posing rules:

  1. You don't need to hold your breath or take any tight static poses to look natural and relaxed in your photos. If you completely relax, think about something good and fun, it will be visible even through the lens. And this mood will give the photo itself additional charm and liveliness.
  2. In any case, you can not slouch in every picture. This makes the model rather unattractive. In order to somehow correct the position and posture, you can apply such a simple trick: move one leg back to give support to the spine. This will allow you to stand straight without much effort and at the same time look completely natural.
  3. Many people say that any camera adds a few extra pounds. So, in order not to additionally increase your own dimensions, you should not simultaneously turn the toes of your shoes and shoulders towards the lens.
  4. To give the photo liveliness and ease, you need to choose asymmetrical poses for a photo shoot outdoors and indoors: one leg or arm is bent, and the other is straight, etc. When a person simply stands upright, it looks too static, like as if in old Soviet official pictures.
Poses for a photo shoot in winter

Universal outdoor photoshoot poses

Each landscape and background is individual in its own way and requires a special approach. Somewhere it is better to shoot a general plan, but somewhere you need to work more closely and in detail. But there are some universal poses for a photo shoot in winter, spring, on the beach or in the forest. In any case, they will make each shot successful and interesting:

  • Frame "Defile". This pose adds movement and expression to any shot. You need to tilt your head a little and turn your body away from the camera. There should be a clear feeling that the person is leaving. But at the same time, the head should not be tilted too low, otherwise there will be an effect that you are hiding your face or justlook down at your own shoes.
  • Cross-cross position. This pose gives a charming coquetry to the character. She looks both daring and innocent at the same time. The position looks something like this: one leg is bent at the knee and put forward a little, and the second one just stands straight. Hands can be placed on the waist or hip. In this case, the person directs the body towards the camera.
  • "Triumphant". Such poses for a photo shoot on the street are used specifically to focus all attention on a particular person. The picture, first of all, will appeal to those who love to be in the very center of everyone's attention. To take this position, you need to raise your hands up and spread them, bend slightly and raise one leg. You can also lift your chin and expand your chest.
  • Loose stance with some kind of support. Here you can sit with your legs completely crossed or stretch them out, bend one at the knee. The support can be a bench, a stone, a tree and much more.

Best poses for a photo shoot by the sea

Poses for a photo shoot on the sea

Azure water, beach, golden sand or even smooth pebbles. What could be better for a joyful summer shot? Here you need to take into account the horizon line. And in order to avoid important details of the shooting in the shadows, high-quality reflectors should be used.

It is also important to take into account solar activity and excessive illumination during the day. Therefore, the best time for photography at sea is after five o'clock in the evening. Then the pictures will not seem overexposed. And the water itself willhave rich color.

Such a shooting is remarkable in that the poses for a photo shoot on the sea can be very diverse. At the same time, you can work both far and near. Moreover, the pleasant glare of the waves will play beautifully in the frame.

For this background, poses based on something are perfect: stones, sand, a deck chair, etc. Or the Defile position with a beautiful nymph leaving for the sea and sunset.

Poses for a photo shoot in summer

Summer photoshoot

Summer is a great fun time to get great shots and have fun. You can use absolutely all the surrounding objects as props. It does not matter where exactly the action takes place: at sea, in the forest or on a busy street.

The main thing is to choose the right clothes for the model, the place and time of shooting. If you are staying on a beautiful city embankment, then the Cross-Cross position or any position based on an object will look spectacular.

For a busy street, the “Defile” position or the more static “Triumphant” position is suitable. At the same time, random passersby hurrying on business will be just blurry shadows, and the person in the frame will turn into the center of the Universe.

Interesting poses for a photo shoot in the summer can be rehearsed at home, being alone in front of a mirror, and places to choose in advance. A beautiful shot will also turn out near the textured old wall of a building. You can just rely on it. And the weaving vine will make a great natural prop.

Interesting winter positions

Poses forwinter photoshoot

her photo shoots

Winter is especially beautiful when fluffy white snow is everywhere, and tree branches are covered with prickly frost. This is the time when you need to think clearly in advance about the exposure, positions and photo props.

Poses for a winter photo shoot can be very diverse. Frames where the model leans against a snow-covered tree or sits in a park on a snow-covered bench will look great. You can also try to lie down on the snowy ground. Pictures on the skating rink or in the forest are interesting. Here the flight of fancy is practically unlimited. The main thing is not to freeze.

Shooting in the forest

Photos in the forest should be especially lively and relaxed. Therefore, you should not choose strict, business clothes and do festive makeup. In the forest, it is quite convenient to photograph close-ups - thanks to the shadow of the leaves, the skin becomes almost perfectly even. At the same time, you can choose a variety of poses for a photo shoot in the forest.

Poses for a photo shoot in the forest

You can take pictures half-sitting or lying on any fallen tree or stump. A frame in green grass or among forest flowers will also look amazing. Pictures in which the model is in motion will also look attractive: hiding behind a tree or branch, walking towards a pond, etc. The main thing is to look and behave "naturally".

The most common street photography pose mistakes

When doing any photo work, you should avoid the most common mistakes that spoil even the mostsuccessful and exciting shots:

  1. Choose a new, uncomfortable position or position. Any pose is individual, and it is best to rehearse it in advance.
  2. When shooting outdoors, focus not on the model, but on the background.
  3. When choosing poses for a photo shoot on the street, you should always consider the position of the sun.

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