Standing poses for a photo shoot: ideas for the city, outdoors and in the studio
Standing poses for a photo shoot: ideas for the city, outdoors and in the studio

Photography is an integral part of the life of any person, because it is the pictures taken on a camera or phone that allow you to capture the most important and interesting moments that happen to people. There are several nuances that you need to familiarize yourself with in order to turn out well in photographs, and one of them is posing. This article introduces standing, sitting, lying down and portrait photography poses.

General rules

Whether the picture is successful depends on the following factors:

  • Correctly chosen location. A photo shoot can be done almost anywhere, but be aware that it must match the main idea of ​​the picture: for example, shooting a series of wedding photos against the backdrop of factories and factories is not a good idea.
  • Facial expression. To find a suitable facial expression, you need to stand in front of the mirror and experiment. You can raise an eyebrow, look away a little, tilt your heador smile. It will take some time, but the result is worth it.
  • Makeup should be natural, not vulgar (this option is valid only in thematic photo shoots). Try out some unusual makeup beforehand to make sure it suits you. When choosing looks for a girl photo shoot, don't be afraid to try something new.
  • Clothes. It is not necessary to wear a new outfit or pick up a festive look. You can take pictures in casual clothes that fit well, look neat, and, most importantly, you like. Choose comfortable shoes and clothes that you can relax in.
  • Poses. To find the most successful pose, you need to experiment in front of a mirror. Try different positions of your arms and legs, change the tilt of your head, turn your body and even take pictures in motion!
Images for a photo shoot for a girl

Portrait photography

Before photographing, you should determine your type of face and objectively assess its shortcomings. Subsequently, you can hide them with the right angle.

  • To visually enlarge your eyes, you need to look at the lens from the bottom up.
  • For owners of a round face type, it will be better to be photographed in profile or ¾ faces.
  • People with triangular faces and small chins look good in low angle shots.
  • To hide the second chin, you need to position the camera just above the face or prop the chin with your hand, but do not lean onher, otherwise the oval of the face will be uneven.
  • If you have a big nose, it's best to look directly into the lens or up while taking pictures, as actress Audrey Hepburn did.

Posing Basics

Our article lists the best poses for a photo shoot standing, full length, etc. Below are the basic posing rules to follow in order to take beautiful pictures.

  • Don't stand at attention, rather relax and take a relaxed pose.
  • Don't hide your hands in your pockets: you will look more impressive if you stick all your fingers out except your thumb.
  • Holding your face with your hand, position the limb so that the palm is turned away from the lens. The hand should repeat the oval of the face, and not distort it.
  • To visually lengthen the neck and emphasize the face, lower your shoulders slightly.
  • Bend your knee a little if you're photographing sideways.
  • Tilt your head slightly to the side while looking at the camera.
  • Smile, because it is a natural smile that can make a photo bright and memorable.
  • Posture should be straight and shoulders straight. A hunched or stooped person will look tired in the picture.
Studio photo session

Whether you choose a standing or sitting position for a photo session, try to position the objects in the photo so that the legs are not cut off in the frame. This will spoil the overall impression of the frame and visually reduce your height.

How to pose for a girl?

Often portrait shootingproduced during a studio photo shoot. In this case, the photographer will help you get a good pose, and we, in turn, present you with a list of the best angles.

  • Look over the shoulder. This pose is suitable for girls with any physique and creates the illusion of ease. The main thing is not to be hunched over. It is very important to have a person nearby who will tell you how to raise your head and straighten your shoulders.
  • When taking close-up photos from the front, don't be afraid to experiment with hand positions. On the pages of fashion magazines you can find many examples of such shots. Often, variations of this pose are used to advertise cosmetics.
  • If you choose the right image for a photo shoot for a girl, the model will look sexy, leaning forward slightly. This will emphasize the forms of the fair sex.
  • Portraits are very dynamic and "alive" if the model is in the background and some object is shown in the foreground.

Posing Lying

girl on the grass

There are no restrictions on the poses for a photo shoot for girls. You can stand up, sit down and even lie down! In order to get a good picture, you can lie on your stomach or on your side, while leaning on your elbow. Another option is to lie on your back with your head slightly turned. Be sure to watch the position of the hands: they should not just lie along the body. Best of all, this angle is suitable for beach photo shoots. Please note that these poses are suitable for girls who are 100% confident in the beauty of their bodies, as allflaws will be very visible.

Seated Posing

We continue to list the poses for a photo shoot for girls. One of the best angles is sitting on the floor, turning sideways. You need to lean on your hands, as if transferring the weight of the body to them, bend one leg at the knee, and stretch the other forward. The curves of the body play a big role in this pose: bend at the waist, tilt your head back a little - all this will make the picture successful.

Standing Posing

Probably one of the most popular model poses for a standing photo shoot is with arms raised up. To make the shot "alive", you can straighten your hair, frame your face with your palms, stretch your arms up.

Another interesting option suits almost all girls. In order to take such a photo, you need to pretend that you do not know that you are being filmed: look in any direction, the main thing is not towards the camera.

Dynamic poses

There are a few more poses for studio photo shoots. However, they can be used in any location, as they are universal. For example, you can take one shoulder back and walk gracefully from the hip towards the photographer. For a natural shot, do not look at the camera.

Pictures in which a person leans on something look advantageous. Numerous variations are allowed: you can raise your arms, tilt your head back, move your leg a little to the side - in general, there are no restrictions.

Poses for a photo shoot in a standing studio

How to pose for a man?

Young people often face the followingproblem: in the photographs they stand in the same position, do not change their expression, making it very serious. The fix is ​​quite easy, the main thing is to get the right posture for a photo shoot standing and sitting.

  • Spread your legs slightly to emphasize strength and self-confidence.
  • Bend your fingers, pretending to hold a stone.
  • When crossing your arms, do not hide your hands.
  • You can put one or both hands in your pocket to add a casual pose.
  • When taking a seated photo, place one ankle on the knee of the other to, again, look more relaxed in the picture.

How to pose for a couple?

If you want to be photographed with your lover, you must follow the main rule: show sincere emotions. There are a huge number of poses for a photo shoot standing or sitting, all of them are united by the fact that the models do not hide their feelings on them: hugs, kisses and smiles will not be superfluous here! You can use any posture. The most successful of them are listed below.

  • The lovers are facing each other, and the girl puts her hand on the companion's chest. These photos are taken close up. You can choose an unusual angle and position the camera above the models.
  • A young man hugs a girl from behind, or vice versa. This posture allows for many variations.
  • There are many lying positions. A guy can hug a companion, they can lie on their back or on their stomach, and also look in opposite directions.
  • The moment of the meeting can also be captured in the photo.Among the possible variations of the frame is the location of the couple in the center of the composition. Models should not look directly into the lens.
Beautiful standing poses for photo shoots

How to pose for a child?

Have you ever wondered why children look good in photographs? This is due to the fact that they just enjoy the moment and do not worry about how to get up prettier and what to wear. To get a natural shot, let the child choose the most comfortable position for himself. The main rule you should follow is to position the camera at the model's eye level.

  • Ask the child to lie down on the ground. One variation of this pose is to lie on your stomach with your head resting on your hands. The baby can be put on the bed and covered with a soft blanket so that he looks out a little. These shots are very homey and warm.
  • Take a picture of your child in his natural environment: let him play with his favorite toys, do his homework, read or draw, for example. At the same time, he does not have to look into the lens.
  • Take some pictures when the model laughs. The position of the child in this case is not important, since the main thing is to catch the moment and capture emotions.
  • Pictures of children enjoying sweets or blowing soap bubbles are very interesting.

Select location

Photographing places can be conditionally divided into three groups:

  • Outdoors, surrounded by buildings, vehicles and people. Photo shoots in the city leave a lot of imagination for the model and photographer.
  • In the studio. Most often, studio shots are taken by professional photographers.
  • In nature, among plants, outside the city. You can find colorful landscapes that make for great shots.
Photo shoot in the city

Photography in nature

There are many poses for a photo shoot in nature, a girl or a man. However, you should pay attention to other important nuances that can spoil the picture.

  • Don't let sunlight hit your face directly, as this will make your eyes squint.
  • Foliage can cast shadows on your face.

Relax when taking pictures in nature. The most advantageous will look poses in the prone position. You can casually touch the grass and flowers with your hands, play with your hair - in general, do whatever comes to your mind!


When going to nature or to a photo session in the city, use the surrounding landscapes wisely. Remember that every season is beautiful. For example, in autumn, bright accents should be made in photographs. This season is the best time to take pictures with a bunch of maple leaves or a cup of aromatic tea. In winter, you can wear colorful hats and scarves to make them stand out.

Photographing in the city

The beautiful poses for photo shoots standing, sitting or lying down in any location were listed above. Now let's give you some tips on how to take pictures in the city.

Model poses for a standing photo shoot
  • Don't "stretch along the line",otherwise the buildings will not become the background for you, but you for them.
  • Use the law of symmetry: if you place the model in the center, and on the sides - buildings, you can get an interesting composition.
  • Take some pictures in public places: cafes, restaurants, museums, libraries. Try to catch a moment when the model is not looking into the lens. Then the frame will turn out "alive".
  • Photo shoots in transport are also very popular. It is best to spend them in the evening if you do not want to draw attention to yourself. As for the poses, they can be absolutely anything.

Thus, there are a large number of poses for filming. However, this does not mean that you need to thoughtlessly repeat the poses listed in our article for a photo shoot while standing in a studio or anywhere else. Remember that photography is a creative process that leaves room for your imagination. You can experiment to get "live" shots.

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