Unusual DIY Easter crafts
Unusual DIY Easter crafts

Easter is one of the most unusual and beautiful holidays. Every house begins to smell of Easter cakes, pies and other sweets. On Easter, it is customary to visit each other and the main gifts on this day are Easter crafts. With your own hands, together with the children, you can make unusual eggs that will become a real decoration of the holiday.

Beaded Egg

For work, you need to purchase an Easter egg blank made of foam, plastic or wood. Such blanks are often sold in art stores. You will also need beads of different colors, sequins, glass beads, tailor's pins, narrow satin ribbons, universal glue, thin tape, toothpicks.

DIY Easter crafts

Applying beads starts from the sharp end of the egg and is carried out in a circle. To do this, the beads are first put on a toothpick or tailor's pin, then dipped in glue and stuck to the surface of the egg. Thus, the pattern is applied to the middle of the egg. After that, adhesive tape is glued to the border between the surface of the egg and the pattern. The egg is placed in a glass or other container for drying. SuchEaster crafts require perseverance and some skill, but the result is worth it. Scotch tape is needed so that the drawing does not drip during the drying time. After a day, the egg turns over, and the adhesive tape comes off. Then the beading pattern continues. And you need to continue from the place where you finished, and not from the other end. Once finished, the egg should dry out again for at least 24 hours.

There is another, easier option for creating an unusual beaded egg. In this case, do-it-yourself Easter crafts are made using tailor's pins with a small carnation at the end. Glue is not required. Each bead is put on a pin, and then the pin, together with the bead, is driven all the way into the workpiece. With this application technique, you can put a bead and a sequin together on one pin, and the workpiece must be made of foam. Easter eggs decorated with beads are difficult to make for a small child. This activity is for adults.

Easter crafts

Easter basket

Such Easter DIY crafts are made much faster. For the manufacture, you will also need blanks for eggs of different sizes, gold paint, a napkin with patterns, glue, scissors, small baskets made of birch bark, decorative straw.

First, we paint small blanks with gold paint and leave them to dry. You can use real, hard-boiled eggs, only then you need to take food coloring and use special glue. What if someone you know decides to try your edible Easter souvenirs?With your own hands, now you need to cut out the patterns on the napkin and carefully separate the top layer.

DIY Easter souvenirs

Then, the pattern pieces are glued to the surface of the egg. Easter bunnies can be baked from shortcrust pastry. Now straw is laid out in the basket, then we place decorated Easter eggs on top and put the baked hare.

Today, everyone can do Easter crafts with their own hands. There are options for real needlewomen and craftsmen, and unusual souvenirs for those who are just starting to master hand made. The main thing is not to take on the creation of gifts at the last moment.

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