Knitting: crochet baby hat. A Few Ideas
Knitting: crochet baby hat. A Few Ideas

Many young mothers during maternity leave are fond of some kind of needlework. And often prefer knitting or crocheting. It is both useful and free time takes. In this article, we will tell you about how a crochet baby hat is created, what threads and patterns are best to choose, what accessories you can add to the finished product.

crochet baby hat

First of all, you need to select the threads. For the summer, cotton or linen yarn is suitable, for the winter - from wool. Now hypoallergenic acrylic is produced especially for children - it keeps heat well, does not stretch, dries quickly and does not cause allergies. In addition, combined yarns can be found on sale, for example: acrylic-wool, acrylic-cotton, acrylic-bamboo, cotton-viscose.

Which pattern to choose? As a rule, a crochet baby hat for the summer is knitted in openwork rows in a circle. Usually different colors are used, but you can also knit a plain headdress, complementing it with beautiful applications.

crochet hat pattern

Also for the summer you can knit a hat from the sun. First you must knit a simple hat in a circle (openwork or not), then make the fields. To do this, you need to know the rules of knitting a circle. To keep the hat in shape, a special reguilin for hats is crocheted along the edges of the fields. The finished product can be supplemented with a satin ribbon, appliqué or feathers. A knitted hat for a boy can be decorated with applications of cars, planes or tanks. In addition to such a product, you can knit a scarf and mittens.

For winter, early spring or late autumn, it is better to knit a hat in tight rows (columns without or with one crochet) in a circle. A crochet baby hat can be made in the form of some animal - a tiger, a bear, an owl, a monkey, a parrot.

How to knit a hat in the round?

1st row. Cast on five stitches, close the circle with a connecting loop.

2nd row. Cast on three air loops for lifting and knit eleven single crochet stitches in a circle. Close the circle with a connecting loop.

3rd row. Dial three air loops and knit in one loop in turn: first one column, and then two. Finish with a connecting loop.

4th row. Cast on again three chain stitches and continue to knit first 2 double crochets in two loops, and then two double crochets in one loop.

All subsequent rows (about 12) add one column each.

Then knit ten to fourteen more rows without adding. So you get a crochet hat, the scheme of which was describedhigher. After the fun begins - the finished product must be issued.

knitted hat for a boy

For a newborn, you can knit a hat or cap for photo shoots. You will not wear this on the street or at home, but for beautiful photos it will be just right. Threads must be used the same as when knitting everyday hats. The finished product can be decorated with a flower made of beads or polymer clay or other beautiful decoration. Since such a self-crocheted baby hat is only for photo shoots, you can not be afraid that your child will swallow or eat flowers. The main thing is not to leave the baby alone!

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