How to decorate LD inside?
How to decorate LD inside?

A girl's personal diary is a special area where she creates according to her own rules, which undoubtedly inspires the hostess to new experiments with decor, appliqué, colors and textures. There are many ways to decorate a LD inside, we will look at the most popular and reveal the secrets of techniques that not everyone knows about.

For LD decor all means are good

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The use of colored pencils, felt-tip pens, ink, gel or fluorescent pens for writing notes makes the appearance of the diary unique, bright and glamorous. Using scented ink pens is also a great option: a fragrant page will delight you for a very long time. For the same purpose, you can take some perfume and sprinkle the page. The main thing is not to overdo it so that the smell does not seem suffocating. You should not write or draw on such a sheet until it is completely dry, otherwise the inscription will blur.

It is better to avoid school style: underline, highlight in red, use a ruler, write from a red line, indent fourcells… The resemblance to a school notebook makes LD boring, monotonous and dull. Down with the rules - write your speech upside down, backwards (so that the text is read only in the reflection in the mirror - vice versa). Change the size of the letters, handwriting, make mistakes, deliberately emphasizing them in order to focus on permissiveness. The owner of the diary is his own artist, teacher and master. No one will tell you how to decorate LD: here you can create as you like.

Recall the lessons of art

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How to decorate LD to get something super original? Some of the drawing lessons may come in handy, such as decorating the background of the page with a feathered pencil or wax crayon. The background turns any picture, inscription or page into a real work, sets the mood.

Instead of a boring notebook sheet, you can create a whole masterpiece, you just have to arm yourself with any water-based paints and a toothbrush. Surely this technique is familiar to you from kindergarten or art classes in elementary grades. Sprinkling paper with colorful droplets will create amazing patterns.

One more technique - inkblotography, the name speaks for itself. By the way, blots planted on a sheet of paper can be inflated with a cocktail straw, you get a unique pattern with lace and abstract spots. We wait until it dries and write our favorite phrases on a real author's picture.

Also unrealistically beautiful and even fascinating look imprints of leaves (maple, rowan, birch), previouslydipped in watercolor or gouache. And the dried flowers themselves, pasted into the diary, are a special chic, and if they are associated with some kind of event, trip, excursion, gift, then a long memory and reverent storage are provided.

Stamps, rhinestones, hole punches

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Another option on how to decorate the LD inside with your own hands is to use improvised tools that are available in creative stores. Stamps in the form of hearts, wings, unicorns and other cuteness will help decorate your favorite pages, create a background or frame an important note.

Using one favorite stamp on certain pages can be your personal secret to mark the most important events, thoughts or messages. This is a wonderful option on how to decorate an LD inside. Stamping can also be useful for highlighting page numbers or masking outdated elements. Agree - a cloud of hearts looks more interesting than a declaration of love smeared with felt-tip pens to an actor who has sharply stopped liking it.

Using decorative tape, you can frame each page in a special style or divide it into several parts. They are very cheap, and the variety of patterns, prints, colors makes this method just a godsend for fans of originality.

For the most glamorous girls, the answer to the question of how to decorate LD is simple: use rhinestones, sequins, glitter stickers and even nail polish. The latter, of course, is better not to get carried away. And self-adhesive rhinestones, sequins and half beads are created especially forcreative teenagers who love to decorate their reality with their own hands.

Figured hole punches are a wonderful invention that has appeared relatively recently. It opens up unlimited freedom for the imagination of young diary owners. The figures that remain after the work of the hole puncher are suitable for decorating the pages. Miniature stars, hearts, flowers - everything will go into action. These colored paper clippings can create a confetti effect if placed randomly and frequently.

Collages are a wonderful design and the best anti-stress

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Mini-collages, compositions from magazine clippings, photo collages are another great idea how to decorate LD. Firstly, it has been scientifically proven that making collages is very useful for relieving emotional stress. Secondly, magazine clippings, their layout, combination of colors and shapes are real art. This technique can be useful in mapping your cherished desires. And thirdly, collage can be combined with drawing with felt-tip pens, ink or something else, which will lead to amazing results, you just have to try.

It is also worth mentioning tear-off applique (without using scissors) - decoration with scraps, torn elements, pictures from pieces. Don't forget bright bookmarks and origami decor.

How to decorate LD: ideas for the most creative

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When inserting your favorite poems, quotes or excerpts from works into the LD, use a photocopy of the page with the text. Suchpaper can be "aged" with coffee, strong tea, or even "burned" at the edges. Such processing of the manuscript will look bewitching, and a cunningly invented story about how you got such a relic will warm up the interest of your girlfriends.

Some secret records can be sealed with a wax candle and stamps, the main thing is to follow safety precautions so as not to get burned.

Little secrets for great creativity

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If we decorate the LD with our own hands, it will be natural if fingerprints appear on the pages, the contours of the palms, decorated as the owner of the diary wants.

Surprises in the diary can be arranged using hidden pages, secret pockets and windows. The most curious friends are sure to fall into such a trap, so the scope for pranks and jokes is huge.

No one has canceled drawing by cells, anti-stress coloring, the use of materials for scrapbooking, buttons and fabric - these are simple ideas on how to decorate LD, but they are often forgotten. Piggy banks from the most memorable particles of past events look great. They can hold tickets from a concert, a dried flower, a label from your favorite clothes, a candy wrapper given by someone very important…

A personal diary is the best thing that can keep memories of childhood and school years. Time will pass, and he will witness the most interesting moments and events that an adult hostess will probably already forget.

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