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Easter decor. How to decorate your house for Easter
Easter decor. How to decorate your house for Easter

Spring is the time of the year when the biggest Christian holiday comes to every home - Easter, Christ's Bright Sunday. For Easter, you need to start preparing in advance, you will need to work hard on the interior of your home.

Easter home decor is very important. Winter is leaving, spring is coming, so much in the interior is changing. First you need to work on the balcony of the house, and think about decorating the windows.


One of the important elements in the decor of any room are curtains. They are designed not only to decorate the room and windows, but also to protect the space from direct sunlight. This is especially true in spring and summer. Easter decor means removing old curtains made from heavy winter materials and hanging new, lighter ones. Many different materials for curtains are now being produced - they have a dirt-repellent impregnation, and are treated with a composition that prevents the material from fading in the sun. Linen fabrics with the addition of synthetics are most suitable. Organza or sheer tulle will also work.

easter decor

Easter home decor needs to be created using curtains. Before Easter, you can hang garlands made from green branches and artificial flowers on the curtains. It is possible andadd fresh flowers, but they will last for two or three days. Often, for Easter, hares are created from cardboard and decorated with colored paper. Hares are attached to the curtains.

Easter interior decoration includes glass painting. On the glass, you can draw flowers with watercolors, or you can make them from self-adhesive film. Colored paper is also used to create window decorations.

Flowers for Easter

Easter flower arrangements are quite common. Often used daffodils that grow in flowerpots or in baskets. A daffodil can be grown from a bulb.

Willow is a tree whose branches are often used at Easter. Wreaths are woven from its branches, which are decorated with flowers. You can put a bouquet of willow branches in a vase. It is durable, can stand on your window for a whole year.

easter chick

Tulips for Easter will serve as a great decoration, especially if you put them in a vase on the window. Also at this time of the year, lilacs are already appearing, which can be of different shades.


Easter home decorations usually include an Easter tree. Its history begins in the Middle Ages. So, in Western Europe, trees on the street are decorated for Easter, the interior of the room is generously decorated with branches.

Russian society used to have similar traditions too. Easter trees were carried on wagons, they were placed on the main city squares before Palm Sunday.

Easter decoupage

Such a tree is easy to make yourself, it will help to create in yourdwelling easter decor in european style. You need to take a small bucket or pot, put foam there. A wire is stuck into it, which is then decorated with flowers and leaves. You can use willow branches for these purposes.

The main European tradition is Easter eggs, which are hung on a tree with strings. Previously, a hole is made in a raw egg through which all the contents are pumped out. Then the egg is decorated, and a thread is attached to it, for which it is then hung up. Eggs can be knitted, you can braid them with beads.

To decorate the Easter tree, figures of birds and butterflies cut out of cardboard are used. Candies and gingerbread are often hung on such a tree.

Easter candles

It's hard to imagine an Easter decor without a candle. This invention has been very widely used since the 19th century, when paraffin was invented, which is used to make candles.

In order to make an Easter candle, ordinary household candles are also suitable. But it is best to make them from beeswax.

Easter compositions

The easiest way to make dipping candles is to use the material for the wick first. You can take a household cotton cord, you can connect 5-6 white bobbin threads. The resulting threads are wound on the frame, it is made either from a welded reinforcing mesh, or from halves of an ordinary pencil.

Making a candle

So we're making candles to decorate our Easter decoupage. To do this, the wick must be dipped in melted wax, and the wax must be dyed inRed color. This is done with lipstick. You can buy cheap lipstick and drop it into a vat of melted wax to make it the color you want. Aniline dye can be used, as well as egg dye.

And now, Easter decoupage will be ready soon. The candle needs to grow. To do this, take the finished wick, cool it, and dip it into the molten mass. We do this several times, then for cooling we take out the finished candle to the balcony. You can also roll the resulting candle on something flat to make its sides beautiful.

If you want to use the received candles in the temple, they will need to be consecrated. And if you just want to put them at home for Easter, then it is not necessary to consecrate.

Easter Chick

To decorate the house for Easter, you can make a cute chicken. He will greet guests.

To make it you will need: a ball of yellow threads, a ball of orange threads, a wire from which you will make paws, a piece of padding polyester for filling, a piece of felt or leather.

First, you crochet a ring of three or four air loops, while you need to take a thread in two additions. Then the ring is tied with double crochets. When the part is ready, you pull it together and fill it with padding polyester.

Chicken legs are twisted from wire. Well, if the wire for them is rough - this will come in handy. We wind orange sewing threads on the legs. We fasten the head and torso to each other, knit a cone of orange threads and make a beak. To make wings, we knit a chain ofair loops and tie them with 5 rows of double crochets. For the ponytail, we tie a chain of air loops with 10 double crochets.

As an eyelet we use ordinary white buttons, we sew cilia from black felt to them. We attach black sequins to the buttons, which will be the pupils. Here is our Easter chicken ready.

Easter hen

Crafts for Easter can be very diverse. They can not only be knitted, they can be sewn. The Easter hen can be sewn on a sewing machine.

First, make a chicken pattern on cardboard. Then take a small piece of chintz, make figures out of it according to the pattern of a cardboard pattern. Then we fold the two figures right side to the right side, sew them on the machine, while leaving a hole so that this chicken can be turned inside out and stuffed inside.

easter hen

Turn inside out, stuff the carcass with soft cotton, draw eyes with a black pencil. The beak can be made from a plastic part of the corresponding color. The scallop and chicken wings can be made of felt, and we will glue them to the carcass with Moment glue.

In order to make a perch, we take a stick, wrap decorative twine around it, sew our chicken to it. Then such a chicken can be planted on the windowsill in the house or hung from the ceiling.

Easter wreath

Easter decor includes different elements, but the main one is eggs, which symbolize the victory of life over death. Their frame can be considered an Easter wreath.

SuchYou can buy a wreath at the store, or you can make your own. To do this, you will need 3-4 cups of flour, a glass of warm milk, three eggs, three tablespoons of sugar. You will need a teaspoon of yeast, one hundred grams of margarine, one hundred grams of raisins. You can also take powdered sugar and water.

Easter decoration

So, milk and melted margarine are poured into the flour. Eggs need to be shaken and added there, add sugar. Mix everything with flour, as well as sugar and yeast.

Knead the dough. Put it in a warm place to rise. It needs to increase in size by about two to two and a half times.

Divide the dough then into three parts, make long strands out of them. Interlace them with each other, make a ring. Leave to stand.

Gradually the ring will increase in size, and then it needs to be smeared with a beaten egg. Then the Easter wreath is baked at a temperature of 200 degrees.

When your braid is ready, you can anoint it with icing on top, and put a red-colored boiled egg in the middle. This edible decoration will symbolize Easter in your home.

Easter Eggs

The egg is the central symbol of Easter. Variously decorated Easter eggs are considered the main attribute of the festive table for Easter and decoration of the home interior.

Easter decor is often decorated with eggs, but you need to remember that before dyeing they need to be washed and preferably wiped with vinegar. If you want the eggs to have a shiny surface, they must be greased with sunflower oil.butter.

easter home decor

You can dye eggs either with natural dyes or with special synthetic products that are sold in stores. Nothing else is used. For painting use onion peel, beet juice, turmeric, black tea infusion. If you want the eggs to have a pattern, then you need to use plant leaves to get it, you can use bank rubber bands for money. In this case, you get a kind of drawing.

You can try to achieve the effect of "marble eggs", in which case the eggs are dyed with dye, to which a tablespoon of vegetable oil is added.

Original egg decorations

Craftsmen love to decorate chicken eggs with beads, it turns out an original work of art. In this case, the boiled egg must be dipped in melted paraffin, and then beads should be glued to it one at a time. Eggs can also be crocheted, pasted over with different multi-colored materials, painted with a felt-tip pen. Also, Easter eggs are pasted over with pieces of cloth. For this, chintz, chiffon, satin, organza and so on are used.

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