Decorative ball of thread to decorate the Christmas tree
Decorative ball of thread to decorate the Christmas tree

The New Year is coming, it's time to decorate the Christmas tree and decorate the apartment with festive decorations. Once upon a time, there was a tradition in Russian families to decorate a beautiful forest Christmas tree with handmade toys. Mothers with children, long before Christmas and New Year, glued bright lanterns, cute animals from colored paper and cardboard, and strung glass beads for garlands on threads. In our time, manual creativity has come into fashion again, so why not try to make elegant Christmas decorations with your own hands with your children? A Christmas tree with such toys will become even prettier and cuter.

How to make balls of thread

Let's make a Christmas ball out of thread and use 3 very easy ways. First, let's make a beautiful web. We need a balloon, strong cotton threads in bright New Year's colors (blue, red, white, yellow, etc.), PVA glue or paste, petroleum jelly or other greasy substance, a small plastic jar with a lid, a thick needle with a large eye. We thread the thread into the needle, then in the lid and in the bottom of the jar we pierce a hole with a needle and pass the thread through them. Pour glue into a jar, closecover, while the thread passes through the adhesive composition. We put on gloves and an apron, take a ball and inflate it to a diameter of 8-10 cm. Now we will start wrapping it with a thread according to the principle of winding a ball. We wind the thread in several layers loosely, leaving gaps. That's all. We cut the thread, hide its tip, and hang the ball to dry for about a day. Then we pierce the inflatable base with a needle, release the air, pull it out from the inside. It turned out a light balloon made of threads in the form of a transparent cobweb. On one side, sew a loop from a narrow satin ribbon to it, string two or three beads for decoration. Can be hung on a Christmas tree.

A ball of thread

Girls who know how to crochet will easily make lace decorative balls of thread. You will need knitting threads, preferably with lurex, a balloon, PVA glue, slightly diluted with water, a crochet hook, a satin ribbon. Let's choose different lace patterns for knitting round napkins. The pattern is better to take lace and transparent. We knit two round napkins of small diameter (8-10 cm), connect them together in the shape of a ball and dip into the glue. Lubricate the balloon with fat, insert it inside the knitted one and inflate it. The lace will straighten and take the desired shape. Dry the ball of thread, pierce the rubber base and pull it out. Let's decorate the lace miracle with a satin bow, make a loop and hang it on the Christmas tree.

Decorative balls of thread

How to make balls of thread on the Christmas tree in the third way? Any thread is suitable for their manufacture (silk, mohair, cotton, lurex, etc.). Still need plastic transparentChristmas toys or foam blanks for them, a needle and various decor (beads, beads, ribbons, feathers). At the Christmas ball, we remove the mount (the loop by which it is hung) and begin to wrap it with threads from all sides in different directions, creating a dense, even surface. We wind the threads in several rows, very evenly and accurately. In our hands we got a ball of colored threads of the same color. Now let's decorate it. We insert a thread of a contrasting color into the needle and embroider stars on the ball. Along the contour, we sew them with a stalk seam with a silver thread. Decorate the surface with colored beads. The ball of thread is ready! Instead of embroidery, applique is also used, for example, from crocheted flowers and snowflakes.

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