An original composition of artificial flowers as a bright element of decor
An original composition of artificial flowers as a bright element of decor

Made of high quality materials, artificial flowers, herbs and

Composition of artificial flowers

plants are made with such natural precision that it is sometimes difficult to distinguish them from the living original. Therefore, we are increasingly using such decorations for interior decoration, not being afraid of accusations of bad taste and kitsch. The composition of artificial flowers is not only very beautiful, but also convenient, as it does not require care and special attention - it is enough to periodically brush off the dust from the flowers. The advantages of this type of decor are also that a boring bouquet can be easily remade - you can add new colors, change the arrangement of elements, and it will again please the eye.

The composition of artificial flowers is assembled according to the same rules as those of living ones. A decorative vessel is needed to place it, as well as a sponge ora coil of wire to secure the stems. In addition to traditional bouquets, these plants make up other decorative compositions that adorn lampshades, walls, picture frames and curtains for curtains. In a word, composing compositions from artificial flowers is a great way to show creative imagination, because they do not need special conditions of detention, light and water.

Compilation of compositions from artificial flowers

Let's consider some interesting options for this decor. A composition of artificial flowers will be a wonderful decoration, for example, a kitchen wall. To do this, use small stems with small flower heads, as well as imitation of ears and various field herbs. The wall is pre-pasted with wallpaper or painted in a light tone. Then, with the help of small carnations, staples or glue, the selected material is attached to it in longitudinal rows. It is important that the plants look harmonious, and the wall is not overloaded with decor. Such a composition of artificial flowers will revive the already rather boring wallpaper.

Another option. Using bright artificial elements, we will decorate a wall panel or a picture. To do this, we will collect small stems of flowers into a long garland or wreath. We connect the stems together with a thin wire, which we hide among the buds and leaves. With the resulting floral decor, gluing it along the edge, we will frame a picture or an old reproduction. Then we insert all this splendor into a three-dimensional frame under glass. For this work, it is better to choose plants that are not bright, but slightly muted tones, corresponding to the color scheme of the picture.or panel. This is done with a specific goal - to create the impression of light aging.

artificial flower wall arrangements

Another very interesting way to decorate, when wall compositions made of artificial flowers are large panels imitating a lawn or forest clearing, located vertically on the wall. It's pretty easy to do something like this. On the baguette frame we stretch a fine mesh or a piece of coarse matter. We select artificial plants, green twigs, exotic flowers - bright and unusual - to create a spectacular composition. We distribute them on the canvas, completely covering its surface. Among the small inflorescences and buds we insert large specimens, we supplement all this with greenery, herbs and stems. Then, using glue, we sequentially glue all the elements of the panel to the base. Don't want to use glue? Then we attach each element with a harsh thread to the canvas. It remains to hang the finished masterpiece on the wall.

Artificial flowers are an interesting and creative material. With their help, it is very easy to decorate any room.

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