Autumn decor. DIY autumn interior decor
Autumn decor. DIY autumn interior decor

Autumn decor attracts primarily because it evokes a feeling of comfort and warmth, pleases the eye with calm tones, an abundance of natural materials and textures… Designers and decorators love this style very much, because thanks to it you can easily create a truly atmospheric interior.

autumn decor

It is also important that even beginners in decorating rooms can easily create real art objects.

Autumn decor: images, materials, colors, textures

Natural material is often used to create charming autumn looks. Of course, thoughts about cones, chestnuts and acorns, familiar from childhood, immediately come to mind, but other gifts of nature have long fallen into the hands of designers. Heavy hazel beads, curled acacia pods, pot-bellied pumpkins, amber clusters of mountain ash, dried flowers and, of course, colorful leaves of all stripes - all this is suitable for creativity. You can also create an autumn decor with your own hands from wood material: branches, pieces of bark, beautiful saw cuts, coniferous paws. In this style, the colors of autumn nature dominate. Gold and crimson, muted greens, sunny yellow, amber-orange, coffee-chocolate - this range is the most typical.

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But do not think that autumn-style decor elements are just crafts from the gifts of nature. In our work, vintage lace, burlap and matting, pieces of genuine leather, organza, ribbons can be useful to us … At the same time, we will stock up on decoupage napkins with the appropriate plot, wrapping paper, sheets of music books. Often, corks from wine bottles, cereals and grains, sand, colored s alt and much more are used for decoration. Knitted and homespun items are used for decoration. The minimum set of necessary tools for needlework will help you create an autumn interior decor with your own hands. Therefore, you should stock up on scissors, pliers, a small file, a set of needles, adhesive tape, a glue gun, brushes. The most important thing is to give free rein to your imagination and taste and not be afraid of experiments.

Interior in autumn style

To emphasize the species affiliation, calm colors are used to decorate the premises. Most often, the calm color of the walls prevails, which is complemented by expressive details. It can be wooden and forged elements, reminiscent of a country house or a hunting lodge. Often, autumn interior decor is emphasized by the use of real or decorative fireplaces. Wicker or rattan furniture would also be appropriate.

DIY autumn decor

Decor elements for autumn interior

Details make the mood! What autumn room decor can do without warm blankets with tassels, patchwork pillows, candlesticks with thick candles andbraided wreaths? It is these little things that emphasize the style and allow the designer to realize ideas as much as possible. Especially valuable will be things created by oneself, and not bought in a store. For example, you can easily make such a mobile that will remind you of forest leaf fall:

autumn interior decor

Can you knit? Be sure to tie a blanket or blanket! By the way, this is a great way to recycle leftover yarn. Handmade toys look charming and cute, especially if they are dressed up in autumn clothes or somehow resonate with seasonal holidays. Fall decor ideas are often inspired by nature itself.

Autumn in the camera lens

The beauty of nature is asking for the pages of photo albums. They say that autumn comes to kids, and young lovers, and those who are over … Autumn decor for a photo shoot is often complemented by the same decor elements that are used in the interior. Although nature itself often dominates! To create autumn photos, it is enough to go out with the camera to the nearest park. But professional photographers often create entire worlds against the backdrop of crimson foliage. To do this, podiums are set up in nature with the appropriate props: couches, old suitcases, gramophones … Shawls and fur boas are wrapped around the shoulders of models, and lush chrysanthemums and asters rest in their hands. Children love to be photographed with wooden carts, straw scarecrows, wicker baskets. Organically fit into the photo and animals: dogs, ponies, squirrels.

autumn decor for a photo shoot

You cancreate and autumn decor for a photo shoot in the studio. To do this, use ladders, swings on ropes, rocking chairs, hammocks. The now popular special backgrounds can also come in handy, thanks to which the photographer can easily recreate the atmosphere of a cozy terrace covered with golden leaves, or a cozy cafe where it is so good to hide from the autumn rain.

Kids will love posing in high rubber boots, sorting through garden tools, and of course, tossing handfuls of carved maple leaves up.

We create autumn with our own hands

Where to start the process? The easiest way is to bring natural gifts home, turn on pleasant music and indulge in creativity. If a generous October sun shines through the foliage outside the windows, fantasy itself throws up ideas, and the necessary materials can still be easily collected. Ripe chestnut hedgehogs fly with a roar right onto the city street, and in the nearest park you can get hold of acorns, cones, tassels, tree mushrooms…

And what to do when the November rains poured and the first snow fell? You can’t walk in the parks anymore, and there are almost no miracles left there…

It's time to get designer cardboard, papyrus, sheets from old books from handmade bins. From them, you can cut, for example, the silhouettes of forest foliage and assemble from them such a wreath:

autumn decor what is it

For the base, you can take wire or even cardboard. When working, it is desirable to use a template. Complement the image of a magnificent bow of golden color. With this wreath you can decorate the door, window or hang iton the wall.

Helping kids create

The development of children's creative abilities is greatly facilitated by the joint creation of small handmade masterpieces with them. It's better to start simple. For example, from such candlesticks, for which decor with autumn leaves is used.

autumn decor

To do this, you will need freshly picked maple leaves, glass jars, PVA glue. Even a kid of 3-4 years old will be able to smear the leaves with glue on their own. Pressing them to the jar will also be interesting. For such crafts, textured ropes, lace, twine, threads with beads, ribbons can come in handy. Such elements will not only decorate the craft, but also additionally secure the leaves.

It remains only to revive the jars with candles. And be sure to remind the kid about fire safety.

Autumn decorative items in clothing and jewelry

Updated the interior - take on the wardrobe! Today you can meet the gifts of autumn not only on lampshades and photo frames. Why not save the delicate September flowers? For this, epoxy resin is useful, with which you can make live cabochons, which will later become rings, earrings, gerdans, brooches … Necklaces made of bright orange beads that look like bunches of rowan trees look great in autumn.

what is autumn decor

Autumn decor is also used in clothes. For example, it can be shown in the decoration of the hem of the dress with embroidered oak leaves. The applique on the neck of the blouse looks charming, the motive of which can be, for example, smallruddy pumpkins.

DIY autumn decor in everyday life

decor with autumn leaves

Holidays deserve special attention. For example, for Halloween, you can decorate the veranda or loggia with pumpkins. Although in general, the autumn decor in the house does not require a special occasion. Just as good memories do not require it. After all, golden autumn is a wonderful time, which is always a pleasure to plunge into.

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