Ikebana with your own hands. How to Create a Traditional Japanese Flower Arrangement
Ikebana with your own hands. How to Create a Traditional Japanese Flower Arrangement

Arranging bouquets in Japan is a special kind of art that contains a deep philosophical and symbolic meaning. Each composition of flowers is a symbol of the universe and the Universe. Ikebana, created by one's own hands, is a sculpture in which flowers and plants are means of expression, creating a spatial artistic image. The main thing in it is the form, lines, color and dynamics. In Japanese, ike means life and bana means flower. The basis of the classical composition is necessarily an isosceles triangle, the sharp top of which is directed upwards and denotes the sky, and the other two angles are the person and the earth.

New schools of ikebana that appeared in Japan at the beginning of the twentieth century break traditions and create bold free compositions using the most unexpected materials for this, but the three main lines of the conditional triangle - heaven, man and earth - remain.

Ikebana with your own hands

Currently, when composing the composition of "ikebana" with their own hands, two main options are used:vertical - nageire, when plants are fixed in a high vase with the help of hidden structures made of bamboo sticks, and horizontal - moribana, where flowers and branches are placed in a low vase, pricked them on kenzana - a special needle device.

Japanese ikebana does not use a lot of colors, because it is designed to emphasize the beauty of one plant, to fully reveal its shape and color.

Ikebana from flowers with their own hands

It is possible to create an ikebana flower arrangement with your own hands, but you should not be like a Japanese master and try to convey the deep philosophical meaning that he puts into it. After all, the Japanese have been learning this art for years, contemplating the world and comprehending mastery. A certain slope of each branch and flower, their color and shape - everything has a specific meaning. It is enough for us to know that the green color in ikebana means spring, red means summer, and white means autumn. Equally "talking" are various combinations of plants. So, pine branches in combination with a rose or peony symbolize eternal youth, apricot or cherry blossoms symbolize feminine beauty and grace, iris and bamboo shoots are male plants, meaning strength and courage. Most often, orchid, chrysanthemum, bamboo, pine and wild plum are used in ikebana. The Japanese consider them the most noble plants.

Composing a composition of "ikebana" from flowers with our own hands, we can use plants that are more familiar to us - coniferous and deciduous. The main thing is that the following very basic rules are observed. In a composition where three different plants are involved, withfixing them in a vase, they adhere to the principle of a hidden triangle, the top of which is directed strictly upwards. If there are more flowers, then this principle can be neglected, the main thing is that each of the plants is separate and stands out with its perfect shape and color. To fix the vertical composition in a tall vase, coils of thin wire or small pebbles are used, which are poured in a thick layer. In transparent glass, several multi-colored layers of sand or decorative pebbles become an additional decoration. Do-it-yourself horizontal composition of "ikebana" is fixed with a floral sponge. You can make your own kenzana by stuffing nails into a wooden stand, but you will have to fix it in a vase with a load (for example, small stones) to give the bouquet stability. To create a Japanese ikebana composition with your own hands (see photo below), large, unusually shaped flowers are selected, and they are combined in contrast: white with bright pink, red with green. It is also permissible to create compositions using artificial flowers, fixing them on a beautiful figured branch or snag.

Ikebana with your own hands. A photo

The art of ikebana in Japan is considered a national symbol, an original skill that only those who fully comprehend the soul of the people and imbued with their peculiar vision of the world are able to fully master. We can only touch this art.

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